Police of My Tho town (Dong Thap) using fists and electric batons broke the female student teeth.
Recently, two policemen Thanh Loc commune, Vinh Thanh district, Can Tho was sorry Tran Van Thao (live at commune) and my family because of his beating when he was in traffic violations. Two police also claim to make up medicine compensate that caused error by them. However, because the family is not satisfied  because of saying that the participate in the Thao beating also including police deputy chief of this commune, not only the two policemen. 
According to allegations of family at 11-10-2013, Thao drove motorcycle on the way to his home met police Thanh Loc commune in the opposite direction. Because Thao not wear helmet should police required to stop the motorcycle but Thao fled. Pursued to a fork, Thao urgent turned motorcycle so fell down . Commune police rushed to beat and took him to the commune police headquarters to work. 
Tran Van Thao with bruise being hit in the chest. Photo: G.TUE 

Also according to the present family. When took him to headquarters, commune deputy police beat, punched in Thao, then for a distant relative of Thao (who happened to pass through the office) bringing Thao home, giving motorcycle back... At dawn 12-10-2013, family has taken Thao to hospital for treatment of a back injury status, chest. 
Regarding the incident, Ms. Gian Thi Huong - Thanh Loc commune Chairman admitted when Thao fell down, police have used the baton to beat Thao. When putting Thao to the headquarters, a policeman slapped Thao, then allowed family to act as a guarantee to get home. 
"After inspection district police verification, identified two policemen participant to beat Thao should commune reviewed and made pending discipline. Two police officers has apologized directly Thao family and agreed to pay compensation medical costs "- Ms. Huong said. 
Regarding the family denounced the deputy chief commune police participant to beat Thao , communes was insufficient basis for this assertion. However, considering  responsibility of deputy chief this commune police is patrol leader, commune led the criticism responsibility.
Recently, Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Thanh Long -  police chiefs My Tho town (Dong Thap) confirmed that Nguyen Minh Tam, member of the town police used  limbs and electric batons beat  a female student. "The competence of the president's handling of the town but he was busy going to school should not handle" - Mr. Long said. 
On 27-12-2013, after joining in party of class, Huynh Thu Nguyen O. (12th graders Continuing Education Center Cao Lanh district) with you T. came to The Charity  of General Cao Lanh Hospital (T. orphans, bring up by the charitable group) to ask  money for the school payment. Do not getting money, T. quarrels, loud with the persons here and was taken to the town police station . Waiting for friend outside too long, and nearly comming for studying time should O.  asked Mr. Tam: "When do you just settle?". Mr Tam said: "Here I shall have the right, as long as treatment is treatment, not treated also is alright, not be asked." Seeing the answer like that, O. responded back was Mr. Tam  slapped in the face, punched in the mouth, kicked in the private parts, lashed electric whip into the body ... 
Then O. was taken to the emergency hospital with the result that O. a broken tooth, cracked four adjacent teeth  and polytrauma over her body due to beaten.