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Do Minh Tuyen 

Prevention and elimination of corruption is not only the aspirations ... is an extremely important job and necessary for society and the country of Vietnam today ... but also the stinging problems in society so long ... in the context of rampant corruption in the country ... and deep roots in the machinery of government ... but to be tolerated and covered up by the big power of the communist government in Vietnam ... that the incident occurred at the Center for the protection of Children with Disabilities in Ha Giang Province last December, 2013 ... is one of many corruption cases which have been ignored ... has proved the most clear and specific. Please see: 

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People proved skeptical that ... if not heavily convicted by the "Death sentence" ... think about Duong Chi Dung agrees to bear testimony of criminals behind with the senior leadership position of the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam, Lieutenant General Pham Quy Ngo or not ... and then , whether serious case of corruption  said above of the officials the senior leaders of the State and of the several ministries involved will be dealt with strictly under the law ... or final, will be high evaluation but touch slightly ... or will be ignored for reasons of political stability ... or because "the common era" ... such as case of corruption happened recently at the Center for the Protection of Children with Disabilities in Ha Giang province of Vietnam. 

Issue which public opinion inside and foreign special interest and concern is for the current one-party regimes, the Vietnam communist party in retention policy totalitarian rule ... to acquire all the power in the hand and manipulated the Judiciary, Executive and Legislative ...  as well as Congress ... agency which is considered as the most powerful in country ... lead to the party leaders and state  are sitting on laws ... even dominate the State Constitution ... , is how to ensure the impartiality and fairness of the law ...? Public opinion is now focusing close attention to all the details of the current era corruption cases ... about the fate of the official leaders of ministries and government who's in corruption ... particularly for alleged bribery a hefty amount of money from the character number 2 of powerful of  police Ministry, Deputy Pham Quy Ngo. Hopefully, the fight against and eradicate corruption existing of communist country this dictator ... will be a real fight as the wishes of the people of Vietnam ... rather than status inconsistency between words and actions as they have ever done ... and survived so long in Vietnam.



Duong Chi Dung 'Gave Mr. Ngo 500 thousand dollars' 

Update: 07:27 GMT - Tuesday, 7 ladder 1, 2014 

Duong Chi Dung open many new details after being sentenced to death 
New details have emerged in the afternoon sentencing hearing in the trial of Duong Tu Trong when the witness Duong Chi Dung testified that ' gave $ 500,000' for the reported secretly person. 
Before that, Mr. Dung declared the reported secretly person gave him news to flee on 17/5 2013 is General Pham Quy Ngo , Deputy Minister of Police.
Both Dan Tri Newspaper and Nguoi Lao Dong reported detail of this declaration of Mr. Dung, but did not cite real name Pham Quy Ngo that writing a 'brother'. 

Visited twice

According to Dan Tri narrative, the witness Dung testified that he and his wife visited the spouses 'brother' after receiving summons to the Ministry of Public Security Service for consultation on trade of floating dock 83M in late April . 
Lieutenant General Pham Quy Ngo was Chief Security Committee investigating specialized Vinalines case of Duong Chi Dung . 
At this time 'brother' was vacationing in Tuan Chau, Quang Ninh province, and have to wait to see Duong Chi Dung, according to testimony in court which be cited again Duong Chi Dung at that time declared that, he " had gift for the brother"
To night 2/5, that is, a fortnight ago when a decision to prosecute detained, Duong Chi Dung came at home  'brother' again. This time, he testified that he took with him ' bag contain money envelope' to gift the brother'. 
'This brother' said Mr Dung using the trash mobile card to contact him. 
Page  said the amount that Mr. Dung gave Mr. Ngo in Tuan Chau is $ 10,000, and in Mr. Ngo's own home is $ 500,000. 
Dân Trí reported that 'this brother' communicated with another official from the Ministry of Public Security was investigating Vinalines but this character did not hear the phone. Then son of 'brother' took Duong Chi Dung to house of this character and 'giving gift'. 
Unknown Duong Chi Dung declare the name of ' officers' of this Ministry of Public Security as well as the amount of money taken or not but the Dan Tri did not specify . 
Witnesses Dung was Dan Tri quoted is to mobilize some money from many places to give the 'brother', including $ 200,000 from brother in-law plus with over $ 100,000  available at home ... 
Although the Dan Tri did not say clearly who is 'brother'  but said details like this character arrived 'Thai Binh', or house of the Pacific Ly Thuong Kiet building . 
These details the Nguoi Lao Dong reported relatively is nearly like Dan Tri. 

General Ngo refusing

Photographs of A World article at 11: 08 on date 7/1 
During the sentencing hearing Duong Tu Trong, former deputy director of Hai Phong police, on charges of "organizing others escaped abroad ', the witness Duong Chi Dung revealing the name of person reported secretly for him ran away. 
A few newspapers reported that this person is the Deputy of Police ministry Pham Quy Ngo, but most of them was later removed information . In the hearing  afternoon, most of the network newspapers to say the real name Pham Quy Ngo although there are some like Dan Tri, Nguoi Lao Dong were recording a 'brother'. 
For his part, noon Tuesdays 7/1, Mr. Pham Quy Ngo was denying involve Mr. Duong Chi Dung fled with VnExpress Electronic Press. 
This newspaper quoted Mr. Ngo said: "I am not related to flee of Duong Chi Dung . Dung bear testimony is his story, the agency responsible for the investigation is to clarify this." 
The trial hearing Duong Tu Trong crime "Organizations others fleeing abroad" as defined in paragraph 3 of Article 275 of the Penal Code opened on 7/1 in Hanoi. 
Mr. Trong was in hearing with six other defendants , in which most of them are former police officials in Hai Phong and an object was known as 'the visible Wanderer '. 
Mr. Duong Chi Dung, former chairman of an Executive Council Vinalines, who was sentenced to death three weeks with accused 'Embezzlement' and 'intentionally break causing serious economic consequences', appeared with wife in brother's trial as a witness. 
Reportedly according to the newspapers in the country, Mr. Duong Tu Trong firmly denial while all other defendants in the case have pleaded guilty. 

Who gAve news?

However, information is most notably in the Duong Tu Trong's hearing is the testimony of Duong Chi Dung about the identity who told the news his private prosecution and arrest led to fled his journey lasted nearly four months then. 
At the sentencing hearing for himself in December, Mr. Dung did not declare this reported person although was asked by the judge with reason 'sensitive' and 'have informed to the investigating agency then'. 
"Till at about 05:00 pm or 06:00 pm on 17/5, I was staying around on vehicles, Mr. Ngo (Pham Quy Ngo) called me and announced 'Prime Minister approved for arrest me, I should avoid for a moment'. He then said continuing is ' you turn phone off please.."
Duong Chi Dung testify in court 
The network newspapers running commentary of trial Duong Tu Trong as 
VnExpress run title 'Duong Chi Dung declared the person who gave news of prosecution  ' and the Dan Tri article titled 'Duong Chi Dung is open' brother ' reported secretly'. 
Notably is the network newspaper A world belong to affiliates Council Information Science and Technology of Vietnam with headline ran: "Duong Chi Dung declared Deputy Minister (Police) Pham Quy Ngo gave the news to escape." 
But even then, the name Pham Quy Ngo was given away from the title , shall be replaced by 'a brother', and disappeared in the narration. 
However, Pham Quy Ngo names have remained in the path of the article 
Mr. Pham Quy Ngo was a member of the Party Central Committee, Lieutenant General, Deputy Minister of Police and served as the General Director of the Police Department crime prevention. 
The A World quoted Pham Chi Dung declare as follows: "Till at about 05:00 pm or 06:00 pm on 17/5, I was staying around on vehicles, Mr. Ngo (Pham Quy Ngo) called me and announced 'Prime Minister approved for arrest me, I should avoid for a moment'. He then said continuing is ' you turn the phone off please'. Then, I fled at night 17/5. " 
Tuoi Tre newspaper reported more details, is Mr. Dung 'around near the house of' brother 'in Ly Thuong Kiet street, Hai Ba Trung'  but does not mention the name of this 'brother'.

'Denial guilty' 

Mr. Pham Quy Ngo has been promoted to senior lieutenant general in July last year
For his part, defendants Duong Tu Trong, former Deputy Director of Police Administrative Management of Social Order (Ministry of Public Security), former Deputy Director of Hai Phong Police, has denied charges of indictment as indicated, the reports in the country said. 
According to the indictment after receiving news nearly to be prosecuted from brother is Duong Chi Dung , Mr. Trong and with trusted subordinates in the Department of Public Security Hai Phong as Vu Tien Son, Deputy Head police investigate crimes violation of social order and Nguyen Trong Anh, officers of this office, Hoang Van Thang, officers of the police investigation environmental crimes discussed plans to hold for Mr. Dung to flee. 
These Police officers were then coordinate with the other defendants, including those who are being hunted on smuggling as Dong Xuan Phong, officials Hai Phong Customs Department, and even a 'head of Wanderer ' port area as Tran Van Dung, otherwise known as Dung Bac Can to implement the plan to take Duong Chi Dung to Ho Chi Minh City, from which escaped to Cambodia to find the way to the U.S. 
Actions in the indictment the defendants' culpability is' extremely serious', 
'Culpability organized' and 'significant difficulties' for Vinalines investigation. 
According to Vnexpress is except of defendants Trong, all remaining defendants 'admitted prosecuted content is true'. 
In addition, the defendants are implementation details process of Mr. Trong to direct  arranging for Duong Chi Dung fled like. 
However, defendants Trong is known as 'not admitted nor denied' the defendant's testimony Vu ​​Tien Son, whom declared to be assigned by Mr. Trọng  as a focal point in communicating processors Dung flee. 
If sentenced as guilty, Mr. Duong Tu Trong must face with penalty from 12 to 20 years in prison. 


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