Thursday, 09/01/2014

Tàu đánh cá của ngư dân Việt ở tỉnh Quảng Ngãi.


Vietnam Fisheries Association against the decision of China on East Sea

Tàu đánh cá của ngư dân Việt ở tỉnh Quảng Ngãi.
Mr. Vo Van Trac , Standing Vice Chairman of Vietnam Fishery Association , said the Association on behalf of the local fishermen will send the protest about the decision to ban fishing in the East Sea of China .

Yesterday , a new command from Hainan provincial government issued , effective on Wednesday 1/1 , requiring foreign fishing vessels to local authorities for permission before fishing or exploration in 2/3 of area sea ​​area , which China has disputes with several countries , including Vietnam .

Mr. Ngu told VOA Vietnamese Language on Thursday 9/1 .

"Tomorrow [ 10/1 ] we will have a text sent to the Foreign Ministry to express their opposition . The Chinese do is wrong and a violation . We will object to this , and suggest that violations must be ceased . They banned to somewhere but also if the prohibited place on Vietnam's sovereignty , how we can agree . "

Under the new regulations , all foreign fishing vessels entered the area of jurisdiction of the Hainan must have the permission of the Chinese authorities .

Former Deputy Minister of Fisheries Vietnam , said Vietnam Fishery Association will mobilize fishermen continue to work harder and fishing , despite China's ban .

" They forbid , accounting for two thirds of the East Sea , is of course including fishing , sovereignty of Vietnam . Prohibition so of course affect the production of fishermen , fishermen 's lives , especially the protection of national sovereignty . Obviously it affects . We will explain to propagate and encourage fishermen fishermen on the organization of production . Country is ours , fishery is ours , let's keep producing . Most important is to educate fishermen to master the rules for fishermen reassuring . "

Vietnam has not officially voiced on Beijing's decision , while the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan have voiced objections Chinese action affirming sovereignty over some islands in the East Sea .

Philippines also recently announced that they are exploring new regulations to clarify the Hainan province of China issued .

Expert on the Vietnam issue , Professor Carl Thayer , said that China's new decision will cause tension in the East Sea .

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