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A senior official of the Communist government of Vietnam, said Dang Xuong Hung , Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam , former Vietnam consulate in Geneva - Switzerland (2008 - 2012) ... in an open letter to his colleagues from Switzerland dated 19-01-2014 declared he had defected Communist Party of Vietnam since Oct, 2013 ... to begin his engagement to the way to fight for human rights in Vietnam ... and asks Democracy for Vietnam homeland . What and why more and more members of Vietnam Communist Party , who has held the important position and the high level of bureaucracy in the State of Vietnam ... relinquishes the Communist Party of Vietnam ... ?

No longer have anything to argue or debate ... image directly above shows us the Vietnam Communist Party , the political party only leading legitimate State Vietnam so long now has no credibility in the eyes of the people and officers and members of the communist government this totalitarian . Nearly 40 years , under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam ... Vietnam society , Vietnam country and people of Vietnam ... where have gone ? and the real life of Vietnam people now is like ...  under the dictatorship leading of the Communist Party of Vietnam ... according to communist ideology and thoughts of Ho Chi Minh, in period of transition to the so-called " Socialist " ... ?

In addition to driving the boat of country closer on the brink ... with a society , a country unstable in all aspects including Political, Economy , Foreign Affairs , Culture and Social ... Communist Party of Vietnam has successfully built a socialist paradise with economic recession and dwindling ... with a society full oppression , injustice and chaos ... with an apparatus of government full corruption and behave to the people  rudely and immoral ... despites the law and national constitutions ... defying international law and despite the human moral conscience ... while be  cowardly and full of confusing before the invaded enemy ... !

That's the cause ... is the real reason that more and more people are frustrated , take a deep belief to ruling Communist Party in Vietnam ... to come to a decision to leave the ranks of the Communist Party of Vietnam . Phenomenon to give up party  now is deep concern for the leaders of the ruling party currently in Vietnam ... but is excited for the democratic activist and Human Rights in Vietnam ... thus , people in Vietnam and abroad has sparked hope that one day ... under growing enlightenment , as many from the Vietnam government officials at all levels ... and members of the Communist Party of Vietnam ... Vietnam country will have the opportunity to innovate ... will have access to real democracy , and the people of Vietnam will truly escape the misery of poverty and misery today.



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" ... I'm not so much interested in the content of your presentation in Session periodic review report global this time . I know you guys are the best Vietnameses in this type of report writing and you have been granted the approval meticulously before you hit the road . The other says you can not be .... "

Open Letter send to those who attended meeting of the Universal Periodic Review of Human Rights in Vietnam took place on 02.05.2014 in Geneva - Switzerland .

Geneva , dated 19/01/2014 ,

Dear friends ,

My name is Dang Xuong Hung . I served as Deputy Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam , has ever served as the Vietnam Consulate in Geneva - Switzerland (2008-2012 ) . In 10/ 2013 I abandoned communist party of Vietnam to begin the struggle for democracy and human rights in Vietnam .

The first thing I would like to express with you : I stood up against the Vietnam Communist Party , does not mean that I am against you . I really sympathize with you . I was with you and I believe one day you will join me . We , the people of Vietnam , are all victims of communist Vietnam .

I understand the concept you are interested bring good things for the people of Vietnam . But by the invisible ties that sometimes you have to act not as you want . Every action and words you must follow the guidance of the Communist Party of Vietnam. I and you are located in such circumstances .

Currently, Vietnam's communist party chose to go against legitimate aspirations of the people of Vietnam . They are determined to maintain totalitarian regime , ignoring the demands of democracy and human rights for the people of Vietnam .

I'm not much interested in the content of your presentation in Session periodic review report global this time . I know you are the best Vietnameses in this type of report writing and you have been granted the approval meticulously before you hit the road . The other says you can not be .

The evidence of human rights violations in Vietnam always abundant , but you held the fullest . What most people are interested in your attitude in this Session .

The interest lies in the hearts and minds but want to get the mind in the morning , should be made out by the attitudes and actions .

Have you got the heart to love the people and the people of Vietnam , you should be manifested by action . That you should listen attentively , fully record and report all honesty what the outside talk about human rights in Vietnam . You should do this with the most sincere and your mind demand .

You should not pay attention to petty acts that you have done this a long time , as is to send people lined up early to make way for the registration of a discussion of some of countries which uphold for Vietnam like Laos, Cuba . Deprived of the opportunity of the countries concerned , the desire to comment on human rights in Vietnam in session .

You should not collect all the documents distributed by the Group , as the Group Mr. Vo Van Ai , then thrown into the bodies' trash , stripped of the right to access information of everyone . You do not send people for obstructing or causing the loss of attention to the activities of the delegation and abroad to fight for human rights in Vietnam .

Such actions must not be the direction of the country that is self " initiative " of yourselves , with the desire to be " public records " in " performance " for the protection of human rights in Vietnam. I think , when times is changing , then you will be into the criticism .

I'm looking at this Session you will act in accordance with his conscience . You would certainly be welcome .

People are the most valuable on the planet . Humans have a strong reach in the struggle to protect the rights of all human beings . Human Rights Council launched an initiative Universal Periodic Review of human rights is also located in this goal .

We are citizens of Vietnam , as well as a global citizen . Your role is huge for the future of the people of Vietnam . Especially when Vietnam was elected as a member of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations .

A time to be honest , we would not have to take the cover falsehood .

I know you 've " lost " Tet to prepare for this meeting . As Year of the Horse Armor , I would like to wish you a new year good health , happy and full of bright hearts for a comprehensive reform to our country Vietnam .

Dang Hung Xuong
Geneva , Switzerland

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