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Do Minh Tuyen

Coercing people's land by force ... so long has always been a sore and heartbreaking issue in Vietnam society  ... when corruption in the land sector raging out of control ... pushed many people to family dissolve ... even fall into captivity confusing and deplorable . On 28-11-2013 collective past while party leaders , leaders and MPs excited before passage of the 2013 Constitution of the State ...which was said as to be modified according to the will of the people ... and concentrated of intellectual elite of the nation ... while the majority of Vietnamese people at home and abroad and the International Community has expressed disappointment before the new constitution 2013 above , which is considered a sham democracy farce ... only aim to consolidate power and serve for private interests of the interest groups , government leaders ... rather than serving the public good as well as practical needs and national emergency and the nation.

Heartbreaking images of the illegally seized land by force to people in the past ... Now, again be continuing and falling down the heads of miserable people in Xuan Thanh commune, Nghi Xuan district , Ha Tinh province of Vietnam. The use of force to take over people's land to serve for the construction of a golf course ... It is the consistent policy of the Party and the State through land law in the new constitution in 2013 ... is like this ... ? the thing that the leaders of the Communist Party and the State of Vietnam called as land requisitioned for the construction of civil works serving national and community benefits ignoring the legitimate aspirations of the people just to build a golf course ... huh ? national interests , community interests is not seeing ... that only see the people in Xuan Thanh commune, Nghi Xuan district , Ha Tinh province Vietnam ... in pain and groaning before electric whip vindictively and batons cruelty from the security forces, police ... whom is said to be the people's police ... by the people and for the people that serve ... !

The big benefit getting from the land sector in Vietnam for so long has really has covered the conscience of the leaders of Vietnam Communist State ... and it is also easy to understand why there is too much problems on land law , fill gaps and wrong ... that still has been the State of Vietnam National Assembly passed easily with high votes really be surprised . The leaders of the Communist Party and State Vietnam really do not see and do not understand the unjust, the suffering of the people ... do not understand , do not see the paradox and wrong exist in the Constitution ... in land law ... and as well as in real life of people today ... or in spite of everything and willing to confront people by power to maintain and protect the privacy interests of the individual and his family ... ? To ever , the people of whole country just be really awake ... actually realize the true nature and the true human of leaders ruling ... as well as the true nature of the communist regime and the entire apparatus of the current State government today . Let's stand up strong consensus reclaim the right to life and right to the legitimacy of each one of us ... and resolutely  force the authorities leaders to consider all the practical benefits of the people before the action ... to no longer see the heartbreaking scenes happened in the past and as present of the people in Xuan Thanh commune, Nghi Loc district , Ha Tinh province, Vietnam .



Clashes of land coercive in Ha Tinh to make a golf course

Update : 11:39 GMT - Thursday , 12 January 12 , 2013

Mobile force mobilized in the large coercive on 10/12
15 people were arrested for ' opposing duty ' in the enforcement of farmland to build a golf course in Xuan Thanh Nghi Xuan district , Ha Tinh province Tuesday 10/12 , to coincide with International Human Rights Day .
The people here accuse Nghi Xuan district government compensated many times lower than the ceiling price , and at once decided not allow people seeing the price agreed with investors as well as to meet directly investors .
They also said in the coercive today 10/12 , people were crowded police force actively attacked with electric batons , leaving several seriously injured .
Meanwhile , Mr. Phan Van Dan , head of Nghi Xuan district police was quoted by Thanh Nien newspaper said " when authorities are on duty , then hundreds of people have used dangerous weapons stormed obstruction , clashes with force functions " .
"Although 14 households have received compensation but still hinders the work of clearance for that other monies are not adequately supported . Of the 15 who had been arrested there was 3 of 14 this households , "he said .


"I feel painful and ashamed because was not speaking up the voice of the people"

A journalist on the condition of anonymity
A local journalist watched the incident from many years wrote to the BBC asking for help and saying " I feel painful and ashamed because was not speaking up the voice of the people" .
" North Central Plains area is very narrow , only a year and looks to be two crops of rice in government decree allowing only using 4 % of agricultural land in all projects , not just golf ," this anonymous journalist said .
" So that in this case , almost 100 % of agricultural land was confiscated , people completely lost productivity tool ."
" Besides , the government also does not provide for civil compensation Pricing ceiling , illegally arresting and beating people who claim savagely , threatening , seducing , and attempt to measure people's land grab . "
The source also said that during the enforcement date 12/12 , Ha Tinh provincial government also mobilized the motive force of the city of Vinh . This force was then actively attacking people , forcing them to fight back and some people were seriously injured after scuffle .

Many people who prevented the coercive offer has been arrested

'94 Thousand FOR A square meter '

Resort Project  and golf Xuan Thanh was Ha Tinh Provincial People's Committee for approval in early 2008 , with the area of land use planning is more than 110 hectares , however many households here said, they are not adequately compensated .
Ms. Le Thi Nguyet , a representative of the households here told the BBC that was going to sue for past four years .
"Now the entire protective forest  they have leveled off, the land of the people than 83ha , has protective forest land , agricultural land has also lost at all, " she said .
Ms. Nguyet said in 2009 , Nghi Xuan District People's Committee of the compensation of just over 19 million / perch 500 square meters of land .
Meanwhile , a journalist for the BBC requested anonymity said the current price ceiling would be over 170 million.
After the government's Decree 69 was born, the district administration has refused compensation under the new provisions of the decree , and the police used force to prevent the people of the province to the complaint , Ms. Nguyet said.
" But after this , the DPC just raise more money from 19 million to 35 million a perch on 500 square meters , " she said .
"Now the entire protective forest they have leveled off, the land of the people than 83ha , both the protective forest land , and the agricultural land has also lost"
Le Thi Nguyet , representative households
However, because prices are still too much lower than the ceiling compensated price should continue to be protested by Ms. Nguyet and many other households .
" After nearly a year later , in August 2013 , the new DPC invite people to receive support phase two , a total of three times to be 47 million / perch " .
" Then they threatened to the children are remote going to school of people who's party's being admitted or are studying in school everywhere in country , force them phone to family told their parents to receive compensation . "
Ms. Nguyet recently just also said , a local reporter was threatened by the district administration when come there to find out the incident .
" Recently, a journalist turned entire of protective forests and put people to meet CPC , was Mr. Pham Cong Tuan, chairman of the commune threatened and chased back , " she said .


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