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Do Minh Tuyen

No party activities ... quietly abandon the party and publicly defected out of Vietnam communist party is expressed patriotism, love ethnic homeland ... bravely to fight directly with the wrong today and long-standing from leaders' ranks of the party and the Vietnam communist Ruling ... which had no choice but to modify. A matter of deep concern for the leaders' ranks of Vietnam communist State today ... but not only creating excitement in the ranks of members the Vietnam Communist Party, those who still have a conscience and human morality, the wrong perception of the party and the dire status of our Vietnam country  today ... but also a tremendous consolation to fellow Vietnam in whole country ... especially for those who's living in the suffering both mentally and physically abused by the authorities and put to the road with no way out. 

Action of expelled Party to Pham Chi Dung after advice him to withdraw his applications from party unsuccessful  is only an action to recover a little the face of the Communist Party Vietnam ... that can not stem the wave of publicity and silently leave the party from many communist party members Vietnam today ... inherently profound discontent with the actions and paths full of wrong policies of the party leadership and the ruling class in Vietnam today. A regime no longer trust by people and even lost all confidence in colleagues are members of the Communist Party of Vietnam ... seems to indicate that the signs of the end of a regime is near ... and its existence only depends on to the thought and the final decision of the leaders of the Communist Party and State Vietnam is how ... rather difficult to avoid. 

For many past decade, since the communists came to power both the South - North Vietnam, the leaders of the ruling communist party in Vietnam from this period to another period ... still cavalier self contentment ... keep on manipulating political power and political storm over in Vietnam without any significant obstacles ... although often still face opposition from all classes of people in Vietnam and abroad. However, this is a great danger that the first time the leaders of the party and the ruling class in Vietnam can feel ... because it has been quietly flourishing in the heart of the ruling apparatus ... right in the heart of the Communist Party's ranks Vietnam as they were aware that communism, and the communist regime of Vietnam lull them during many decades past ... only aim reinforced the power to serve own interests of the leaders of the party and interest groups ...rather than meets the legitimate aspirations of the people and serve the interests of ethnic homeland. 



Pham Chi Dung was Party expelled 

Update: 08:17 GMT - Thursday, 26 January 12, 2013 

Mr. Pham Chi Dung has ever criticized to mistakes Party and Government 
Inspection Commission of the Party of HCMC Party has announced expels Party  to freelance journalist Pham Chi Dung yesterday 25/12.
This statement was made about three weeks after he applied for withdrawal party in 5/12. 
However, Mr Dung said he had not received the expulsion of this party and said the Communist Party of Viet Nam 'is melting from the inside'. 
Replies BBC on Thursday 26/12, Chi Dung Pham says "Afternoon 25/12, they invited me to the party to enforce discipline members by reading the expulsion of the Party." 
"But then I said that I did not violate anything in the charter party as well as the relevant documents and suggested to them allow me do not get the decision". 
"They told me that propagate views contrary to the party line, and I found myself not considered violations, not spread those views." 
He also said earlier, on 18/11, Party for Development Research Institute HCMC also conducted a meeting to review the violation of his Charter Party. 
"They held me under review two issues: One is to speak and write the way and contrary to the views of the Party, and two are spreading the material over the Internet as opposed to paths and viewpoints of the Party." 

Prevent 'Quitting the CCP?

Mr. Dung also said that the expulsion was waiting with him "very fast". 

""I'd rather be a free citizen to be able to have more social responsibility is as a party member but have no idea at all." 
Freelance journalist Pham Chi Dung
"I remember before, in case he Kha Salary Ngai, former deputy editor of Liberation Saigon, Party newspaper of HCMC, it took two years to get out of the Party." 
"But then they allow him from quit the party citing loss of confidence in the party, but not expelled." 
"For the writer Pham Dinh Trong, one of people to sign petitions 72, then in 2009, he also raised a number of points of disagreement with the party." 
"After during to campaign him to withdraw application failed, they sought to expel him from the Party, but his time between filing for withdrawal until expelled is also 5 months." 
Meanwhile, his case again "too fast, there is no precedent, just go away within 19 days." 
He said that this action of the government is to "stem the tide quit the party, quit the Party" today. 
"According to a 2012 report of a Party authority, there's 36-40% of party members not party living." 

'Disintegration from within'

Mr. Le Hieu Dang, Former Vice-President HCMC Fatherland Front, also just stepped out of the Party
"It is a reality that the party has to deal: Be lost confidence and signs of disintegration from within." he says. 
Freelance journalist said before declaring the expulsion, the government has campaigned him to withdraw his application to quit the party . 
"People try to suggest that I should not to quit the party because in the party is in a position to contend with the negative issues such as corruption that are often raised me." 
"But I told them that we were waiting for the conditions to fight in the Party throughout the years. Yet these opportunities and keep getting smaller until disappearing and not appearing more chance to do so" . 
"I'd rather be a free citizen to be able to have more social responsibility is as a party member but have no idea at all." 
In 5/12, Mr. Dung has heart letter to quit the Vietnamese Communist Party on the grounds that "Everything that the Communist Party can act as 'comprehensive leadership' in at least a quarter of a century through has made me, as well as many other members, went from disappointment to despair of reason and emotion. " 
Mr Pham Chi Dung, Doctor of Economics, served as officers of the Board of Bar Commissioner main internal security HCMC. He is the son of Mr. Pham Van Hung, former Head of Organization the HCM City Committee . 
After Mr. Dung and veteran Party member Le Hieu Dang, doctor Nguyen Dac Dien - another social activist in Ho Chi Minh City, has also decided to abandon the Communist Party. 


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