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PEOPLE OF THAILAND AND CAMBODIA go on a March to ask Prime Minister resigned and disbanded GOVERNMENT ... WHAT LESSONS FOR VIETNAM ... ?

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Do Minh Tuyen

While Thailand 's capital Bangkok is being paralyzed by tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets demanding Prime Minister's resignation and political reform in this Kingdom ... inherently profound instability and conflict lasted this ... then in Cambodia , the oldest national junior of Vietnam communist State is also facing serious condition prior equally before the wave of protesters up to half a million people ... demanded Prime Minister Hun Sen resignation and to the National Assembly election ...that the opposition had accused of fraud during the electoral process . The reason why ... and any lessons to be drawn for the country and people of Vietnam ... ?

In general , people in both countries Thailand and Cambodia are deep dissatisfaction with the current government Ruling ... with accused of many signs that the abuse of power and corruption in the current system of government ... and   particularly in Cambodia , is regulated by the Constitution is a constitutional monarchy ... but ruled the people and govern and administer the country under dictatorial ways no different from Vietnam ... led to deep resentment and simmering in the hearts of people throughout the decades ... and the uprising of hundreds of thousands of people broke out today in protest against the government ... Implications of course is hard to avoid .

Meanwhile in Vietnam today ... under the repressive dictatorship of the ruling Communist Vietnam ... rampant corruption dragged the economy of country to place severe recession ... Social unrest and discontent in people's mind is more rise day and day . However, still can not conduct the march scale frantic as people in countries such as Thailand and Cambodia today ... even in point is said to be the most sensitive in the history due to the State China 's communist government aggression and malice invasion of Vietnam's islands ... ? Why ... because the people of Vietnam more cowardly than citizens of friend countries ... or due to repression , oppression from the government to the people is not enough ... seriously ?

Well , not like that . Compared with the Kingdom of Thailand and Cambodia ...  the Vietnam people is much more suffering  ... and also lost a lot more ... from the physical to the spiritual ...  from land property to life ... and even basic human rights which are considered as the freedom of the human default that anyone born in this world are implicitly inherited ... also located in the supervision and strict management of the communist government of Vietnam. So why ... ? The only reason that is nobody leading ... no opposition parties to mobilize the people to exercise the protest marches with large scale . This is the fear of the ruling elite in Vietnam today ... and that's also the reason why the ruling communist party firmly refused to accept democracy and pluralism , multi-party ...  though in mind they know that it is the only way to help prevent corruption ... help social stability ... create a fair society and a country of peace and true prosperity .


Monday, 23/12/2013


Cambodian street demonstrations demanded Mr. Hun Sen resignation

Hàng vạn người ủng hộ đảng đối lập ở Campuchia xuống đường biểu tình đòi Thủ tướng Hun Sen từ chức.
Tens of thousands of opposition supporters took to the streets in Cambodia demanded Prime Minister Hun Sen resignation .
Tens of thousands of opposition supporters took to the streets in Cambodia  demanded Prime Minister Hun Sen resignation or reorganization of parliamentary elections .

Cambodia National Salvation Party , a coalition of opposition groups , today vowed to protest every day until Hun Sen announces resignation or new elections held .

They urged Mr. Hun Sen to imitate Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra of Thailand , who dissolved parliament last week and decided to hold pre -term elections period.

Opposition leader Sam Rainsy and his deputy, Mr. Cream Sokha joined the protest said that the National Salvation Party was attended by half a million people .

Prime Minister Hun Sen has more than 28 years in power and his party has a majority in parliament after controversial elections in July .


Monday, 23/12/2013


Activity in central Bangkok  condensation because of protesters

người biểu tình chống chính phủ tuần hành trên đường phố Bangkok hôm Chủ nhật 22/12/13
Anti- government protesters march in the streets of Bangkok on Sunday 12/22/13
Ron Corben


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