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Democracy, the key only help society stable, developed country and its people will always be prosperous and happy




Democratic protests image to the form size and number of attendees crowded up to the number of 50 thousand people took place just before the New Year 2013 in Hong Kong, a tiny island nation with a population estimated at not up to 7 million people in 2006 and is one of two Special Administrative Region of China under the control of Beijing and was returned to the Chinese communist government in British hands since 1997 has made no Few people have astounding and expressed their admiration before the resilience and a strong Democratic desire of the people of Hong Kong. Although only a tiny Special Administrative Region and completely dominated by China, but the existing strength and courage in the hearts of the people of this small island is truly extraordinary that does not pen could describe.

We maybe have not forgotten the rare event by the media and international media agencies refers to the last day 12-12-2012 on a 15-year-old high school student in Hong Kong, Hoang Chi Phong, who's known as a young leader of the movement Scholarism which was established in mid-2011 has raised a frantic protest rally on 29 July, 2012 with the number of participants exceeds 100 thousand people make Hong Kong government leaders to step back before the intention to impose the "patriotic education" of China and then decided to cancel the plan said on 07-10-2012. What makes for a 15-year-old student has national patriotism deeply like that? and what was simmering in the hearts of the  Hongkong people that made them to overcome fear in the hearts together again and again to the streets to express their legitimate aspirations without hesitation or indecision?

Well, would like to say to people that, above all things come from patriotic and democratic desire of the people of Hong Kong. They were aware of the true value of the two words "democracy" and turn that desire into a reality in the life of every person. Look about them we feel inferior and ashamed when their place as the country is in the control of the Chinese government that they still have plenty of courage and the courage to confront. While our Vietnam, a sovereign independent country and completely not affected, dependent or controlled by the Chinese government, but it can not compare with them, can not be formed soon even just one percent of the participants to the streets to protest as they once did. The reason why? Patriotism of the Vietnamese people inferior to them? or we do not have more desire Freedom and Democracy as the people of Hong Kong .....? or perhaps the brave and courage we can not compare with them?

Please answer that, hundred times, thousand times is not that the underlying cause which is apathy and indifference in the hearts of many of us for community, for society and the country is too large and that is the only thing that leads to a lot of people are afraid and cautious before the pain of others when themselves, their families and their loved ones do not fall into the painful situation miserable as government harassment and repression. In fact, the consequences of the human rights being trampled, Truth Justice contempt contempt and is completely above bad impact on the safety of people in this society, in This country to spare no one, who contend that the victims of tomorrow will not yourself, your family or your relatives? Especially in the current period, the enemy invaded China is a brazen aggression and malice greatly expanded their territory and territorial waters that are targeted to the most territorial and our territory of Vietnam, during the Vietnam State leaders proved incapable, weak and difficult to understand, the risk of dehydration is quite possible in the future. Until then, the people as one, and as no one can escape from the bondage of misery for the Chinese foreign millennial history that pain is still there. The only thing that can help people avoid to face with the destruction that is together to overcome our own fears to reclaim human rights, reclaim the Freedom and Democracy that have been robbed and never succumb before the violence as what the young student Hoang Chi Feng and hundreds of thousands of people in Hong Kong have shown in the past


Tens of thousands of Hong Kong people took to the streets demanding democracy

Biểu tình đòi dân chủ tại Hồng Kông, ngày 01/01/2013

Protest for democracy in Hong Kong, on 01/01/2013

Tú Anh

Today, on the first day of the calendar year 2013, approximately 50 000 people in Hong Kong protest Executive leaders Luong Chan Anh resigned and improve democracy request 15 years after the British handover of the mainland.

According to AFP, tens of thousands of people in Hong Kong, 50,000 according to the organizers, took to the streets on New Year's Day 01/01/2013  condemned Hong Kong leader Luong Chan Anh `implementation of the policy of Beijing. A student named Billy Li said «need to continue to express concerns, although everyone can see the situation more serious every day». The protesters carry paintings of Luong Chan Anh with form of succubus and evil. They shouted slogans «Give back people's right to universal suffrage '.

Luong Chan Anh was most `electors in a 1200 Committee elected a majority of pro-Beijing in March 2012 at the Executive Leadership. The majority of Hong Kong people see the `election demonstrates the hand of Beijing's intervention in the internal affairs of Hong Kong.

Although Hong Kong to maintain freedom of speech, which the Chinese people in mainland China, but in fact, the Chinese government to control political activities in Hong Kong make locals more reaction time resistant to many forms of protest hunger strike.

In today's protests, a spokesman for the protest movements of the Civil Human Rights Front declared that they want to promote Luong Chan Anh resigned so that quickly free elections.

Beijing pledged to allow elected leaders to direct the Executive and freedom in 2017 and elected to the Legislature in 2020, but many Hong Kong democrats doubt China swallowed promise as each violation committed in past.

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