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Batch International Human Rights strongly condemned violations of the communist government of Vietnam through heavy sentences and wrong for 14 Vietnamese patriots young Catholics




Many countries around the world such as the United States, France ...... and many International Human Rights Organizations simultaneously criticized the human rights violations of the Vietnamese communist authorities after condemns and wrong for 14 patriotic young Catholics in the full scandalous court  on last 09-01-2013. Right to freedom of expression of the people of Vietnam are Vietnamese communist authorities trampled rudely blatant and becoming more serious not only a general review of the International Community today but also the very fact that the people of Vietnam the country need to know, especially for those who are still not fully aware of the inhuman and immoral nature of communist government of Vietnam.

According to communist ideology and is guided by the ideas of Ho Chi Minh to form a socialist country well, in that the Vietnamese people will inherit a better life, prosperity and happy to live in a country ruled by law with a fair society, civilization and human rights are respected. But during the last tens of years since the communists came to power in both the North-South, where happiness is not found, no warm clothes where rice is not that just shows all the tragic loss of life than tears of the people, while government officials have always overindulged , lavish living and pleasure, despite the poverty and grievances of the people, despite rampant corruption and poor country . The human rights are ongoing trampled, land assets seized an illegal coal that petitioners complain everywhere that's all what the people of Vietnam are inherited decades under leading by Communist Party of Vietnam Communist leaders embraced socialist and Ho Chi Minh Thought!!!

Tragic situation and a mixed instability of the country of Vietnam today is the most powerful demonstration of the undeniable failure of the so-called communist ideology embraced socialist and driven by moral thought and Ho Chi Minh. And that's the main reason why more and more ideas for reform, for multi-party pluralism .... A very simple because the people's confidence in the Party and government leaders was no longer available. Just as they absolutely do not believe that, under the Vietnamese communist regime, in a country of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam, people will have a good life, there will be a fair and happy society. And all that has happened in Viet Nam today to see, all the thoughts and feelings of the people of Vietnam so long as the facilities and fully consistent with the current state of the country on today. Vietnam's communist government to immediately stop all wrongdoing to the people if do not want to face pressure from the International Community and the increasing powerful resistance of  people in the country.


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Vietnam international criticism of prison for 14 young Catholics

U.S. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland.

Tra Mi-News

United States and the protection of human rights organizations around the world simultaneously condemned the Vietnamese authorities on the level of up to 13 years in prison for 14 young Catholic activists. Nghe An Province People's Court on 9/1 found guilty of these youths 'activities aimed at overthrowing the people's administration' as related to Viet Tan abroad.

On the day of 9/1, the U.S. State Department has voiced deep concern before the Hanoi sentenced to 14 activists because they were exercising freedom of expression of citizens.


The trials of 14 young Catholics: 'The court is not objective, the judgment is not convincing'

Vietnam sentenced to 14 Catholic, Protestant crime 'subversion'

The judgment of the VN for 14 Christians was criticized

Vietnam chase a female student for a story to Facebook

Committee to Protect Journalists speak out about abuses in Vietnam to blogger

Vietnam trial 14 Catholics and Protestants

The trials of a series of young Catholic activists came after Hanoi arrested dissidents actively promoting religious freedom and human rights in Vietnam, lawyer Le Quoc Quan, the accused 'tax evasion' and stick to a total of 22 years in prison for blogger Dieu Cay, Ta Phong Tan despite the strong opposition of the world.

U.S. State Department spokesman, Victoria Nuland, said:

"These sentences together with the arrest of bloggers and a human rights lawyer on 27/12 is part of a trend very worrying human rights in Vietnam, arouse serious doubts about the commitment of Hanoi with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. "

U.S. State Department spokesman said in some cases that the United States government concerned and are still raised with the Government of Vietnam blogger Dieu Cay, Ta Feng Tan, AnhbaSG, and 14 young Catholics has was sentenced to a total of more than 80 years in prison on 9/1.

These sentences together with the arrest of bloggers and a human rights lawyer on 27/12 is part of a trend very worrying human rights in Vietnam ...
U.S. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland.

14 Catholics and Protestants accused of 'activities aimed at overthrowing the government' (photo: thanhnienconggiao).

14 activists that many of these are Vietnamese bloggers are accused of being members or participate in activities with Viet Tan, a political organization fighting for democracy in Vietnam. Hanoi accused Viet Tan is a terrorist organization, but the U.S. government says there is no evidence that Viet Tan advocating violence.

U.S. Embassy in Hanoi Vietnam urged immediate release of this activity and all other prisoners of conscience.

Together on 9/1, co-chairman of the Vietnam Human Rights Group, U.S. Congressman Loretta Sanchez, a statement clearly state human rights abuses in Vietnam is a challenge to the conscience of the world, making international outrage and demonstrate Hanoi not accept dissent.

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez.

Rep. Sanchez suggested the U.S. government must act immediately before the ongoing violations of human rights situation in Vietnam. Ms. Sanchez said it would continue to urge Congress to exercise the administration of President Barack Obama against human rights abuses in Vietnam.

The international protection of human rights organizations say the judgment of 14 young Catholics is trampling on justice and action in the framework of heavy-handed crackdown on more of Hanoi for freedom of expression .

Amnesty International said that interprets the work of 14 young people was plotting to overthrow the government is unfounded. Last year, the Vietnamese government has intensified repression of the voices criticizing the government and peaceful activists. Amnesty International predicts judgments of 14 young Catholics in 2013, this trend will continue this year.

According to Human Rights Watch Human Rights Watch, the case of the 14 peaceful activists is a further evidence to demonstrate the tyranny, tyranny of Hanoi to the people and to the world that those who seeks to protect human rights is a threat to the state.

Committee to Protect Journalists CPJ points out that the harsh judgment that excessive levels of Vietnam in ready to suppress independent journalism world. CPJ calls for the Hanoi government to reverse the decision to release 14 young activists and all freelance journalist jailed for fraud crimes related to national security.

According to statistics in 2012 of CPJ, Vietnam ranked sixth in the world in the list of countries jailing journalists worst.



Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights concerned about the judgment for 14 social activists in Vietnam

Văn Phòng Cao ủy Nhân quyền Liên Hiệp Quốc lo ngại trước bản án dành cho 14 nhà hoạt động xã hội ở Việt Nam  Date 11/01/2013 - United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights has expressed concern at the conviction and imprisonment of 14 political activists in Vietnam for alleged subversion.

In a brief press conference in Geneva, a spokesman for the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), Rupert Colville, said there were 14 activists convicted on 09.01.2013 in Court Supreme People's Court of Nghe An province, Vietnam, for "subversion" under article 79 of the Penal Code.

Rupert Colville, spokesman for the Office of the 
High Commissioner for Human UN rights. 
Photo: UN Photo / Jean-Marc Ferre

According to OHCHR, the activity alleged to have been active as a member of a political organization known as the Viet Tan. It is known that the Vietnamese government see this overseas organization as a terrorist group.

The operation received from 3 to 13 years in prison, with three of them received a 13 year prison sentence. All were arrested more than a year before the trial.

"Although Viet Tan is a peaceful organization fighting for democratic reforms, the Vietnamese government still considered as a 'reactionary organization,'" said Mr. Colville. "None of these activists accused of participating in violent activities."

The spokesman also expressed concern at the fact that the judgment be given only after two days of trial, and said that this latest sentences- plus the detained human rights lawyer Le Quoc Quan late last December as evidence that the critical voices in Vietnam [government] limit.

"We ask the Vietnamese government to reconsider the use of the Criminal Code to imprison those who criticize his policies, and consider that the arrests this case violate the right to freedom speech and freedom of assembly in Vietnam, "Mr. Colville added.

Source: Population Review


France condemned the treatment 14 human rights activists in Vietnam

Thanh Phuong

  French Ministry of Foreign Affairs today 11/01/2013 just a statement condemning the Vietnamese government heavily sentenced 14 activists Catholics and Protestants in the trial in the city of Vinh two days 08 and 09/01 .

French Foreign Ministry spokesman Philippe Lalliot reiterated that: «The Government of Vietnam has made similar decisions in recent months». For him Lalliot, such decisions «serious violations of human rights, particularly freedom of speech and freedom of association».

French Foreign Ministry spokesman stressed that the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, to which Vietnam. On the other hand, ASEAN Association has also adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to promote respect for human rights in Asia.


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