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Protest letter about the trial of 14 patriotic citizens in Nghe An on 08 and 09-01-2013 of Father Nguyen Kim Dien group



Dear all fellow Vietnam and Christian brothers and sisters. Please help spread.
We sincerely thank.
Father Nguyen Kim Dien group

Protest letter about the trial of 14 patriotic     
     citizens in Nghe An on 08-09-01-2013

           Father Nguyen Kim Dien group


            Dear fellow Vietnam and abroad,
            Dear brothers and sisters Christian (Catholic and Protestant),
            Dear democratic governments and international human rights bodies.

            On 08 and 09, January in 2013, the Communist government of Vietnam has open court hearing 14 patriotic citizens in Vinh City, Nghe An Province, under Article 79 of the Penal Code, crimes " activities aimed at overthrowing the people's administration ". The trial ended with a total of 83 years in prison and 42 years probation for them. Case, the trial and the verdict has caused extreme anger public opinion at home and abroad. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the U.S. House, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Reporters Without Borders, the Committee to Protect Journalists, Union of Vietnamese Catholic Communications, Stanford University ( California) ... has voiced strong opposition to this action of the communist authorities.

            In defense of justice and responsibility with political obligations citizen, Group Father Nguyen Kim Dien we stated as follows:

            1 - Pole condemned the Vietnamese Communist government has serious violations of the law over the incident involved to themselves and their families 14 patriotic accused. Starting arrested the wrong law: kidnapped gangster style, do not notify the family, in order to cause a general terrible panic attack. During detention, did not they get the legal advice of lawyers, the moral support of the family, most of them psychological terror. Almost to the day of the hearing, did not notice and invited many of their relatives, so that they feel abandoned in the trial.

            In the second day of first instance is declared "public", but outside the court, the government mobilized thousands of police, civil defense, thugs blocked the defendants' relatives from far away, deprived of banners , dress, their cameras, restrictions on many freelance operation, using loudspeakers breaking rot prayer groups, even detained and assaulted and seriously wounded a number of people, not to mention the media tools have slandered and insulted the crime by the accused. Inside the court, the body of 14 citizens minimize the presence, who were kicked out of the courtroom; defendants not reply in accordance with the will and the truth, the lawyer did not fully expressed and not excuse the judge and the prosecutor noted the recommendation (such as return profile for additional investigation ...)

            2 - Pole condemned the Vietnamese Communist government has trampled on human rights and civil rights over the contents of the indictment, the trial and the verdict. Away from the fact that the defendants have contacts with Viet Tan, overseas study method of non-violent struggle, leadership skills, computer safety, some then joined the party and is equipped with facilities such as phones and laptops, audio and video recordings, as well as from the fact that several defendants paste the slogan "Vietnam's Hoang Sa and Truong Sa", defending land rights protest for justice, writing online articles promoting democracy and multi-party pluralism, to the streets against the communist Chinese invasion (in the indictment), the Hanoi government has provided all of them on charges of "activities aimed at overthrowing the people's administration"! ?! This is a blatant violation of the right to freedom of association and type of association, the right to freedom of speech and political activity of citizens, and is an arbitrary ascription, irrationality and disregard for public opinion.

            In addition, the authorities always slanderous mouth Viet Tan is an organization that "dissident exile terrorists", when everyone knows-and the U.S. government also recognizes-party nonviolent struggle. In fact, the Communist Party was the one who often advocated terrorism, killing life memory previously tens of thousands of innocent civilians in the building of "socialism" in the North, in war invasion South to the use of violence to overthrow the legitimate constitutional Republic of Vietnam, and this is killing the lives and future of millions of landless farmers in the one-party dictatorship, oppression and exploitation.

            3 - Extremely condemned the Vietnamese Communist government has continued to make the law, the courts and the police, the press stuff for the party. Outside the courtroom, the famous secret police forces (with the support of the civil defense forces and thugs), instead of the court for protection order, has the task of suppressing the people, especially family and friends of the accused in a cruel and wicked (as in how previous political trial). In addition, the press force the state, rather than presenting the truth and defense of justice, blindly follow the directives of the Communist Party propaganda to slander the accused, driving and poison public opinion. Inside the courtroom, the district evaluation and assistants are complicit with police investigating and procuracy prosecutor, disregard for the provisions of the law and the provisions of criminal contempt when the statement of the accused and the plea of ​​lawyers, to sentenced by a judgment has been available from the above, namely from the Politburo. This is the type of response of the communist party before Call to enforce human rights under the Constitution of Vietnam that many citizens made on 25-12-2012.

            Judicial policy variables all forces, the police, the press as a separate tool for the Communist Party to suppress freedom and democracy, strengthened autocratic political dictatorship over the trial unfair, unjustified and infamous that only makes international law useless, the people panic, social chaos, just as thick profile crimes of the communist party and the long indictment of the entire Vietnamese people in the future!

            4 - Warmly welcome the patriotic spirit of the 14 accused. You, despite the difficulties and threats to themselves and their families, has embarked on the path of non-violent political struggle to promote country ownership of citizens, in order to build a society justice and civilization, freedom and democracy, is in line with the Vietnamese Constitution and international conventions on human rights, as well as to meet the aspirations of the majority of the people. The heart of a democratic regime has suppressed opposition to monopoly, has exploited the people of the country to private pockets, the attitude of commitment you demonstrate a high sense of civic responsibility and a love passionate for justice, national and Ethnicity. Another commendable thing is that you have been actively involved in relief activities to show love and communication activities to proclaim the truth of a society full of hatred and deception because the means and Communist regime.

            5 - Warmly welcome bright mettle of the 14 accused. Went to the heart, and the history of the statements in the prison and the court: "I am not guilty Vietnamese authorities want to jail or anything, just as you like" (Tran Minh Nhat) - "I do not do anything contrary to conscience should be whether the authorities have used corporal punishment and severe judgment against me, the government is trampled good moral life of thousands of ethnic Vietnamese and that's their , they must take responsibility "(Dang Xuan Dieu) -" Only Christ is the hope, love and truth "(Nguyen Van Duyet) -" I do not identify myself with any crime and aspirations are just the require treatment right people, true crime, the basis of the law "(Le Van Son) -" My Method for the Vietnamese people there's nothing wrong "(Nguyen Van Oai) -" May the social Assembly may be truth and justice. I am very comfortable in this trial, accept everything that this mode suppression and accept all the punishment as long as justice and truth are present in the country of Vietnam "(Tran Minh Nhat) ...

            6 - Warmly welcome to the courage before tyranny and communion with the accused of relatives and friends. Although harassed and hindered in every way before the trial, despite intimidation and assault style so in the first instance, relatives friends of the defendants have shown a spirit of courage before tyranny by large buildings, a peaceful manner by accepting violence to the police thugs assaulted, held a deep belief in Divine Justice balanced by gathering to pray at the side of the road, a communion destination with the defendants in a multitude of banners on the wall and places his hand: "We support the young Catholics and patriots", "We will be with you", "Strong message of solidarity victory "," devil is afraid of the light. " In particular, the defendant's mother Nguyen Dinh Cuong Secret Service had been dragged out of the building when she said: "You have courage, do not fear anything"!

            Earlier, courage and communion were relatives of the defendants expressed in Call to send to the public on 08-01-2013: "For live their Christian vocation to our loved ones actively engage in activities such as protection of life and communication for the truth, fight for justice are supposed to help the poor ... in the spirit of the Beatitudes in the Gospel, "as well as through petition addressed to the Bishop Paul Nguyen Thai Hop on 24-12-2012: "We trust that our children have engaged in life, help others follow the call of God and the Church. Children we have teamed up with many people now to do good and does not do anything wrong to jail. This is an unjustly, an arduous but our children are suffering because of the light of the Gospel. And so we can not be silent, leaving innocent children and good. "

            Petition with nearly 2,600 signatures are waiting in the wake of the Diocese of Vinh Pastor and president of the Justice of the Peace Commission of the Catholic Church because of the 14 accused, 11 are Catholics and 9 members Diocese.

            Final: Vietnam is in a severe economic downturn makes people's life more things stand, the victim party cadres looted social oppression caused more chaos, the disaster of China Communist invaded islands, invasive domestic import makes Ethnicity increasingly at risk of being Chinese, many citizens (including 14 accused on here) has zeal and courage to stand up to help rescue the social renewal of the country, defense. But instead of listening to their voices, to receive their contributions, the communist party and the state callous blatant slander, suppress cruel, unfair treatment in prison, despite the protests of the people and the world.

            Therefore, we pray to God for all Vietnamese compatriots at home and abroad courage and perseverance to fight for justice and truth, for democracy and human rights in the homeland, and time given to the party and the communist authorities light and grace of conversion to disastrous consequences extremely aware they are causing to our country and Ethnicity as well as for themselves and their families.

            Done in Vietnam on 12-01-2013, in the week of prayer for 14 fishermen Catholic of 2 parishes Con Se and Con Nam, the Diocese of Vinh, was killed on the night sea 30-12-2012 for attitude irresponsibility of the authorities and rescue forces in Quang Binh Province.

            Group representatives Father Nguyen Kim Dien:
            - Father Peter Nguyen Huu Giai
            - Rev. Peter Phan Van Loi
            - With the communion of the Roman Rev. Father Thaddeus Nguyen Van Ly is in the Communist prison.

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