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Communist Party and State government of Vietnam fears patriotism of the people against the China invading enemy will emerge!!!




Theme music simply called patriotism of the people of Vietnam before the context of the Vietnamese nation was invaded by the Chinese enemy in the music video Asian 71, 32 years anniversary Asia music center and not related to any political agenda but concern and fear for the Communist Party and the State government of Vietnam. A thrilling and exciting not only for the people of Vietnam and abroad but also towards the International Community because a government is equipped to the teeth and always exhorted everyone that Viet Nam is a legitimate state and the people of Vietnam always believed in policy of the leadership wisdom and correctness of the Communist Party and the State government socialist, but today when the country is the enemy Chinese invasion, the fear of the people's patriotism rise is actually a strange confusing.

When people's sense of responsibility to the citizens before the catastrophic invasion of foreign states, concentrated to the streets to express patriotism protest the illegal invasion of the enemy, the government tried to prevent everyone, pressure and restrictions citing protests will harm diplomacy between Vietnam and China and request to the State Party and government touches. But in fact, the administration and leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam only promise again and again, while the communist government China continuously attitude and aggression against Vietnam and countries in the region in an unruly, violent and brazen that they hit the end of the map to another map with claims almost the entire East Sea and East China Sea's sovereign China is an act of disregard of international law, but the leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party and the government only endure, only obey and loyal difficultly to understand with  the enemy.

Besides, the government and the party leader also tried to persuade his people to keep in mind the thanks of the Party and the Chinese government for the Vietnam in the past war, but try did not want people to remember to traumatic images mourning that the benefactor China has caused the Vietnamese people in the past and claimed the lives of hundreds, thousands of soldiers and civilians in the their invasion earlier in the Paracel Islands in 1974, the Spratly 1988 and road border war between Vietnam and China in 1979. Typically holiday commemorates the heroic martyrs who died in 1988 in Changsha as the sacred duty to protect islands of Vietnam 146 Navy Brigade Vietnam held on 06 - 01-2013 on the vessel named Khanh Hoa, but prohibits the press reported not mention the word "China" when it comes to the aforementioned traumatic events.

Irresponsible actions, irregularities and suspicious of the leaders of the Party and State of Vietnam government that claims to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of their Vietnam indicative form of unnecessary reliability. In fact, opinions, attitudes and actions of their recent shows, the Communist Party and the State government of Vietnam completely has not sided with the people of Vietnam, and the Vietnam Fatherland that nearly tilted the enemy China. In the minds of the leaders of the Party and the government does not see China as the aggressor should be condemned, it is necessary to oppose the contrary also see China as their benefactor, a great maintenance support and solid for their power that speech on the first day of 2013 of a senior officer in the army, Lieutenant General Nguyen Chi Vinh, Vietnamese Deputy Minister of Defence expressed the views of the Vietnam government on the parties in the East Sea, South China Sea as well as lectures on of Colonel Tran Dang Thanh Associate Professor Dr Political Academy DOD leadership to block the Party Committee, Party Propaganda The political, student management, delegation. Youth of the Hanoi University-College is the most obvious and powerful demonstration. Vietnamese people, we can not continue to stand look at the country of Vietnam falling to dehydration. Right as the call of music Truc Ho, millions of Vietnamese heart will merge into one voice and determination to stand up for the mountains and rivers, to protect the people of Vietnam and the Vietnamese homeland of our dear . "Wake up to go... dear fellow dear .....".


HCMC authorities banned disk Asia 71

Ảnh bìa của bộ đĩa Asia 71

The product of Asia is prohibited inside the territory of Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City government has ordered to strengthen inspection on the city to ensure that the public can not have access to the latest product labels Asia based in the United States.

This is the disk bearing number 71 celebrates 32-year anniversary of the label. Contents of Asia 71 is a concert program in late November last year at the Long Beach Performing Art Centre in California.

It is worth noting that this music was only released on Friday 11/1, but the city government has directed drastic action to prevent disk close on 10/1.

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Vietnamese overseas,

'Strictly Treatment'

Newsletter on the website of the city People's Committee said on 10/1 that the government 'has directed the departments function and the People's Committees of districts to promote propaganda, mobilizing people to common hand of Asia 71 discs originating from overseas'.

Accordingly, the district on the city be required to 'strengthen the inspection process strictly to print, store and distribute save this music discs'.

So with this command, its latest disc, Asia become 'banned' in Vietnam's largest city that nobody is allowed to sell, store or see.

Early response of the government that they are very concerned the negative effects for the government that this music can bring.

Program Content Asia 71 of 23 items that most of the songs by the singer's love of centers performing familiar. These love songs are mostly unrelated to politics.

However, the highlight of this program is item 21 - item with Asia introduced in the promotional trailer. It's a song 'Zhao hearts' by Truc Ho musicians, executive director of the Center for Asia, composing.

This song in favor of campaign signatures calling for human rights in Vietnam, called 'Million hearts, million voice'.

This song by the orchestra choir, including musicians Truc Ho along with singer Mai Thanh Son, Quoc Khanh Nguyen Khang, Dan Nguyen, Lam Nhat Tien Nguyen Hong Nhung (singer from Hanoi recently joined the Asia), Lam Thuy Van, Y Phuong, performed with the choir.

'Do not neglect'

Pictures of the trailer shows the artist in white uniform shirts printed with hearts and the words 'heart million, million voices'.

Specifically, the chorus of this song called:

"Make love Vietnamese homeland. Let know be pain the pain of people. Nam Quan, Hoang Truong Sa, 1000 years in northern enemy, How homeland will? "

"Make love Vietnamese homeland. Stand up the offsprings of pairy and dragon. Do not neglect. Do not ignore. Million hearts with the next step. We are the Lac Hong. "

Pictures of the trailer shows the singer presented the song very eloquent, very enthusiastic applause pacemaker of the audience.

The heroic atmosphere of the song is fanning the purpose and patriotism in every action the people of Vietnam.

Nhạc sỹ Việt Khang
Asia firms ever popular two songs 'My Vietnam is where ?'
and 'Who are you?' of musicians Viet Khang

Founded in 1981, Asia in the first recording to video release in 1991 and so far has released the video to the 71.

The product of Asia more or less political praised the Republic of Vietnam regime, honoring the soldiers, monks of South Vietnam, condemning the communist regime, raised the situation of the country present and urged the people to stand up against the government.

Political topics

In the past, Asia had a political topics such as: The letter from the battlefield and tranquil Xuan, Xuan ground, Dreams, I did not die I, Love song after gold-Musical 30-year war, journey in search of freedom, miss Saigon  ...

Asia is also the company has choreographed two songs 'Who are you?', 'My Vietnam is where?' of Viet Khang musicians who are authorities in the countries 'propaganda against the State' with two songs mentioned above.

The products of Asia were local authorities labeled 'reactionary' but can still be found in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

The Asia ago still can be easily found in the record store in Ho Chi Minh City if customers require even a pirated copy.

However, rarely does the government ordered the strict control of a tape drive products as for the disk number 71.

A record business in Ho Chi Minh City told the BBC on condition of anonymity said that the current disk Asia 71 is not present in the city.

However, according to this person, now he's getting a lot of orders from customers but still not have but the press published (insulting) so much'.

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