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World continued interest in the Human Rights situation increasingly worse in Vietnam today



World continued interest in the human rights situation which is getting worse in Vietnam. The report "Freedom of the World 2013" by Freedom House organization listed in Vietnam on a list of 47 countries around the world do not have freedom in the field of freedom of Political and Civil liberties citizens have been reflected in a clear and correct about the deplorable human rights situation in Vietnam today. Series of the arrest, detention and conviction wrongful serious violations of the law, the Constitution and the Criminal Procedure Code of Vietnam's communist authorities to dissent voices in the country in recently not only contrary to international commitments of the Government of Vietnam on Human rights and the International Covenant on civil and Political freedom, but also a great challenge for the Vietnamese people, for the International Community and for the world of human progress.

Since it came to power in both South-North Vietnam, Communist Party of Vietnam and Ba Dinh Hanoi leadership for himself the right to sit on the laws and Constitution of the State through the application of Article 4 of the Constitution as a sacrosanct institution led to the leadership of the State and Party leaders disregard the law and increasingly slipping. deep in the wrong and sin despite the State constitutional law, despite international law and human moral conscience. Corruption rampant in society pushed the country's economy into recession and a serious crisis to make society unstable plus use violent behavior oppressed people at random from the government levels makes the plaintive cry of the people echoed everywhere and increasingly lose their confidence in the government led to the protest, an unwanted confrontation with the government which is a true panoramic picture of the people and  Vietnam country today.

Prior to the current unrest, instead of considering myself and listen to the voice of the people, the leader of the Vietnamese Communist Party and the government to choose how to deal with people throughout the country that decisions to protect and maintain the existence of Article 4 of the Constitution, as well as increased activity repression and human rights abuses in Vietnam today is a clear demonstration of specific most. Communist Party of Vietnam and the Vietnamese communist government can not keep a hand obscures the sky, can not continue to underestimate the pressure of the International Community and especially can not underestimate the resilience and love intensity of the people. The leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party and government is in time to change your thinking to match the demand of the people for Human Rights and Global Democratization trend today. On the people side, also is in time to choose for themselves the right steps and more active in the claims for human rights, rather than continue to endure and endure as they have ever endured for many years.



Freedom House: Vietnam is not free of political rights, civil

Freedom House's annual report

Trà Mi-VOA

According to the report, "Freedom of the World 2013" by Freedom House recently announced, Vietnam continues to be rated as country where has no any freedom in the field of freedom of political freedom and civil liberties of people.

Annual Report of the protection of human rights organizations based in the United States shows that Vietnam is listed among 47 countries that have no freedom even beyond the list of nine countries considered is the lack of freedom the world's worst including North Korea and Syria.

In the field of political freedom, Vietnam was rated the lowest point in a scale from 1 to 7. On civil liberties, Vietnam's score is 5/7.

Sarah Cook, senior analyst in the field of internet freedom and East Asia in the organization Freedom House, told VOA Vietnamese language:

"Vietnam's overall score was the same as many years ago, and we feel Vietnam is increasing tendency to suppress the fundamental rights of citizens, with recommendations to strengthen government's internet management, with the blogger was arrested and sentenced to heavy criticism state or reflect corruption. People's freedom of religion continued to be limited to 92 decrees detailing on religious belief into effect earlier this year. The important Freedom House report for it clear annual assessment, the freedom of political and civil rights of citizens in all countries in the world ranking and score can help people from compare the situation between the countries. We hope this annual report to pressure the government to change for improvement when looking at his score in comparison with other countries. "

Vietnam is considered there is no freedom in all the organization's 2012 rankings include "Freedom in the world", "Press Freedom", and "Internet Freedom".

Freedom House said the crackdown on activists network, say critics, bloggers, and social networking sites in Vietnam, particularly increased since 2008 to date.

Freedom of the World report by Freedom House published an annual survey since 1972 and ranked 195 countries and 14 territories around the world. This report is often the policy makers, the media, international corporations, activists and human rights defenders reference to track the trend of democracy, noting the progress or retrogression of the State of civil and political liberties of citizens.

Source: Freedom House Report/VOA Interview

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