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Annual report of the International Human Rights Organization - Human Rights Watch (HRW) on the situation of human rights in the world in 2013 which refers to the systematic repression of the State of Vietnam government to voice any domestic dissident



Annual report of the International Human Rights Organization - Human Rights Watch (HRW) in New York on 31-01-2013 on the situation of human rights in the world in which the Vietnamese Government said "systematically suppressed the right to freedom of expression, association and peaceful meeting and suppress those who speak to question the policies state "reflects an honest and clear about the status of human rights violations is becoming worse worse in Vietnam. And whether anyone in any part of society that dares to disagree with ideas or acts of government are considered to cause adverse impacts to the power and the unique leadership position of the State and the Communist Party of Vietnam are listed in the element "reactionary" by calling the government's current and most are accused of crimes under the 88 "propagating against State "or 79" conspiracy to overthrow the government "....

The repression of peaceful voices of dissent in the country's local authorities in Vietnam and systems become increasingly sophisticated. Vietnam's communist government always citing national security reasons vaguely to arbitrary oppression, harassment and illegal arrest people regardless of the law, the State Constitution and international law, as well as whether the human moral conscience to protect and cover up wrongdoing and sinful government officials. Articles 88 and 79, two things about the interpretation of a vague and nonsensical the regular Criminal Procedure Code by the communist government of Vietnam to use such cards to suppress and punish the Vietnamese in country who dissent with the government and also the best and most effective shield to protect the unique position of leadership of the Party and State governments Vietnam's communist dictatorship.

Although often criticized condemnation by international , but the Vietnamese communist authorities before and after following as one continues to ignore public opinion at home and abroad. Moreover, the persecution of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion are increasingly tend to increase and become more intense that the severe sentence for dissident bloggers and dozens of young Catholics and Protestants in Nghe An in the past are the most obvious evidence. Human rights in Vietnam are increasingly trampled harshly and blatant than ever by government so that the United States government, a national alliance of Vietnam and is the only potential counterweight may be opposed to the Chinese Communist government that Vietnam expectations in solving the sovereignty dispute in the East Sea had to cancel the US-Vietnam Human Rights Dialogue in 2013 which was held every year between the two countries because of human rights performance bad and incompetent from government of Vietnam in recent years.


VN 'systematic oppression'

Blogger Dieu Cay say not guilty in court on 28/12/2012

Report by Human Rights Watch (HRW) said the Vietnamese government "systematically suppressed freedom of expression, association and peaceful meeting and suppress those who speak to question the policy water ".
Annual document on the situation of human rights organization based in New York announced on 31/1.

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Human Rights Watch accused Vietnam of "arbitrary arrests of activists, isolated detention for a long time, not for them to meet their families or access to legal resources, torture and prosecute them before the courts have political impact. "

They were "imposed heavy prison sentences with the vague crime of infringing upon national security."

Factional fighting

HRW said that "Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, and General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong and President Truong Tan Sang vying for control of political economy, leading to a struggle for power is still continue "

"However, there is no party to speak or show signs towards commitment to ensure human rights."

Congress Details China Ocean prompted the Prime Minister of "resign culture" HRW cites as an example of that at the surface, personal speech, the press, the political "freedom".

But there "repression hands" with those who "speak the limit, or dares to mention the critical sensitive issues such as the state's foreign policy toward China or question the exclusive right of the party ".

On 5/8 last year, more than 100 people marched by bicycle to promote the rights of gay, bisexual and transgender for the first time. The event took place peacefully.

But that same day, more than 20 people were detained for "disturbing" while marching in Hanoi against China's policy in the East Sea.

Laws 'vague'

Viet Khang musician is one of those
imprisonment under article 88

HRW further criticized in 2012, the Vietnamese government used the Penal Code, "vague" to jail "at least 33 activists and arrested at least 34 activists of different political and religious" .

In addition, at least 12 human rights activists were arrested in 2011 are still in detention have not been tried.

The report of the trial drew attention as the trial of the three blogger Nguyen Van Hai (Dieu Cay), Ta Phong Tan, and Phan Thanh Hai, or two British musician Tran Vu Binh and Vo Minh Tri (stage name Viet Khang ) treatment under article 88 of the Criminal Code.

In the section on international partners, the report said relations "complex" China "played a key role" in the internal and foreign policy of Vietnam.

"For China, the Hanoi government committed to friendship, but on a domestic, they have to respond to the criticism that the government has no adequate response to China's aggressive expression for the Paracel and Spratly archipelagos are in dispute. "

Relations between Vietnam and the United States "continue to develop" the United States is the largest export market of Vietnam.

However, Human Rights Watch said the U.S. policy makers have expressed that "failure to improve its human rights record will limit the degree of closeness in the relationship between the two governments."

Brad Adams, Asia director of Human Rights Watch, said: "Last year it was an awakening for the countries as the government of Japan still does business as usual while Vietnamese citizens often long prison sentence because of opinion expression. "

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