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Update on the trial of 14 young Christian patriots in Vinh City, Nghe An Province




Court hearing of 14 Youth patriotic Catholics and Protestants on morning 08-01-2013 in Vinh City, Nghe An province, as claimed by the communist government of Vietnam is an open court trial openly. However, like many times in the past, words and actions of the Vietnamese communist authorities did not go together and the events that happened right in and out of sessions court today proved honest and clear about what is called: "public trial" of the Vietnamese communist government socialist ways. We postpone it comes to the practical nature and the validity of the trial, just picture the people to attend the court was police, civil defense forces and groups of thugs hired by the government crackdown , arrested and brutally beaten that expressed the real nature of the "public hearing" today.

Indeed What's the Vietnamese communist authorities fear while people attending the trial in an orderly way and in a spirit of respect for the law? If in the name of justice and respect for the truth to bring the criminals to trial, Why the State must concern the presence of the people to the size of the trial? Moreover this is a public hearing why to use force to suppress and beat people when they attend court? In fact, the above question has a clear answer from the government and the act of brutal repression of the police force, civil defense forces and the thugs black society today has indirectly that because the justice belong to the people, belong to young Catholics and Protestants who the State of Vietnam are brought to trial on charges of alleged "conspiracy to overthrow the government," according to Article 79 of the Criminal Code of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Everyone knows that Social Vietnam Country, Vietnam is now becoming increasingly unstable and turbulent due to rampant corruption in the government apparatus to push the country's economy to place severe recession than ever of all and also cause turmoil within the party and government. However, the leader of the Vietnamese Communist Party and the government still does not admit that just winding couple declined and again and again to deceive public opinion, cheating people promising enough that is amended, which is overcome .... in the spirit of serving the interests of people and the interests of the country .... but then as long as this shortcut when the confusion, the continued corruption, continued negative and finally when people protest immediately capture them on charges of "propagating against the regime" What is the plot to overthrow the government "any" advantage of Freedom and Democracy infringement of interests of the State ... "but in the end, no one against the regime, and no one came to overthrow the government or infringe upon the interests of the State as allegations from the government, but only the whole staff State of violating the interests of the people and of the country only.

Vietnamese people today no one against the regime, anti-party or anti-government, but the real that they're fighting and protesting is the wrongful act violates the law and contrary to the Constitution of the Party and Vietnamese communist state government today. Who is the cause of instability and the current turmoil? and who was the one who pushed the country to the brink of trial, the people or the government? if have to bring to trial, the court session today literally have heard the officials who' in corruption and betrayal of the people and country rather than 14 patriotic young Catholics and Protestants above . The leaders of the Party and government at all levels has wrong action as wrong and as their need bright, even more deeply on the wrong path do not escape. One theorem forever unchanged that is, where more violence, persecution of the opposition, the resistance will increase. Perhaps, the leaders of the Communist Party and the State government that Vietnam will be the people who know this better than anyone else. Therefore, the increasing suppression of the people, the day End of the Vietnamese communist regime will be only with each day, each hour and each month.



Update on the trial of 14 young Christian patriots in Vinh City, Nghe An Province

Thông tin cập nhật về phiên tỏa xử 14 thanh niên Kitô giáo yêu nước tại Thành phố Vinh, Tỉnh Nghệ An

Ladies and gentlemen

This morning, 01/08/2013, communist authorities held a so-called "public trial" trial 14 young Catholics in Nghe An Province People's Court in Vinh City, Nghe An Province.

Not only arrest, detain patriotic youth with forms of terrorism and kidnapping in the communist state and held them for nearly a year and a half, but today's way of organizing the trial also showed the "chief means shining" (Nguyen Minh Triet) of the Vietnamese legal system looks like.

Offers you the news from the trial of 14 young patriots in Vinh City this morning.

Invite you to listen to interview Father Nguyen Dinh Thuc in place are "public trial". Click the triangle button above to listen. Any updates on the trial at the end of this sum. Press F5 to see the update.

These people were brought to trial before the trial of evil and darkness today include: Ho Duc Hoa, Dang Xuan Dieu Le Van Son, Nguyen Dang Minh Man indicted in Clause 1, Article 79 of the Penal Code with alleged 'overthrow activities'. Others are prosecuted in accordance with paragraph 2 of Article 79, charged with one count of 'overthrow activities' include: Nguyen Dinh Cuong Nguyen Van Browse Nguyen Van Oai, Nong Hung Anh, Nguyen Xuan Anh, Ho Van Oanh, Thai Van Dung, Tran Minh Nhat Nguyen Dang Vinh Phuc and Ms. Dang Ngoc Minh.

Of these, eight people lay under the GP Vinh

Prior to trial, with the children, parishioners, his family, parishioners of the parish you were on trial as well as the surrounding parishes was determined to hit the road, wave was ignored CS Nghe An flipped many topics in this dirty, serious illegal to suppress and held them.

"I'm not guilty to Vietnamese authorities want to jail or anything, just as you like". (Paul Minh Japan)

Since yesterday afternoon, Nghe An authorities have mobilized mass forces prevent vehicles from all over, especially from Hanoi and parishes victim was taken to court this morning. They terrorism drive, harassing the family as well as those prepared on the way to court this morning. The car number plates Hanoi from Truong Son Street junction Yen Ly also blocked at rough. Also yesterday, at the corner of the street, outside of Nghe An Province People's Court, the camera and sophisticated equipment to be installed, prepare for the hearing, which is unusual for the court usually .

Information said:

Since early this morning, at nearly 2 am, some people in the hotel was surrounded by requiring review and unlawful arrest, Blogger Nguoi Buon Gio, Nguyen Lan Thang was surrounded at 158 ​​Nguyen Thai Hoc, asked to search luggage and belongings unlawful. At 3 am, a man named Viet Dung was arrested by the police for no reason on Ha Huy Tap ward, the arrests in this non-uniform, rank and who is not worthy.

"I did not do anything contrary to conscience should be whether the authorities have used corporal punishment and severe judgment against me, the government is trampled good moral life of thousands of people in Vietnam and it is the story of them, they have to take responsibility. " (F.x Dang Xuan Dieu)

5:30 minutes, the car carrying the relatives of the victims on trial police had been forced to stop enforcement in town, 12 km from Vinh City. All parishioners gathered prayers loudly. In the car with their parents Mr. Ho Duc Hoa, parents of Nguyen Van Duyet, mother of Mr. Ho Van Oanh, mother of Nguyen Van Oai who has over 70 years of age, they go to court the approval of the court Security technology projects on trial "public". Then the police forced the car to stop, do not go forward, they had to walk simultaneously even if the distance is too far.

Despite the difficult to prevent and suppress the communist authorities, numerous parishioners parishes still to judge whether blocked, split odd places. They can not go by car because of the block, they have to walk, sometimes all the way up to tens of kilometers long.

News from the CTV Danlambao, TNCG said, to 7h15 this morning, there to the 100 people standing in front of the court, where the trial takes place "Public" inside.

Meanwhile, all over the streets of Ho Chi Vinh were stopped by countless layers police, civil defense, and those who do not the uniform style gangsters. All the pictures that show the "chief means" and the transparency of Vietnamese law is.

Information that the police force and the army had been asked to live in a state of fighting 100% on these days in Nghe An. The dirty way games are permitted despite laws to prevent people to attend the trial Court "Public". But the laity and the people still do not hesitate to smooth cold, hard to come by to attend the trial, or at least communicate with the victims inside.

8h17 ': Doan Yen Dai has been brought to court

8h22: Doan Yen Hoa went to Vinh Bus Station, 1km Court.

8h40: A delegation from Dalat in the army and police buildings hundreds of people stop. Then split this union.

In the so-called outer court trial, loudspeaker is open all the capacity to city "traffic safety".

At 9: Father Nguyen Dinh Thuc to communion with the faithful here and was provoked to suppress.

Now there are more than 200 people gathered Minh Khai Street, near Court, but they were blocked by the fence. While stopped they continue toward trial to communion with the victims.

The passersby looked at court with contempt and disdain for the police staff, police and thugs to stop those who attended the trial, "Public".

The following information from TNCG page said the situation where the trial:

10h05: Right now at 119 Minh Khai situation is still very tense. The police pulled his team carried away - not to pray with the faithful father. Parishioners are very protective father.

10h07: SOS: Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoa, his mother Pet Nguyen Dinh Cuong was assaulted by police and to to brakes City Hospital.

10h15: We now have more Fr FX Dinh Van Minh and accompanying people, civil defense, police and thugs mess with two priests Father JB Nguyen Dinh Thuc and Fr FX Dinh Van Minh. Please everyone pray for the father.

10h18: Joseph Pham Ngoc Quang is coming along with his father and his father. Father Nguyen Ngoc Nam of Thuong Nam parish has to accompany two priests and people.

This is an image of Nguyen Thi Hoa, she is his mother Nguyen Dinh Cuong attended
public hearing but was civil defense, police, thugs treated like this here

Nguyen Van Chinh, people to see public trial but was
civil defense forces, police, thugs arrested and beaten bruised all face.

Interview with Father Nguyen Dinh Thuc at the place of trial

11h40: Court temporarily stay, there is no information about what happened at the trial "Publicity" but ... deal closed. We will update when possible

12:15: News said this morning there were 11 victims to be questioned in court, after the initial procedure, the Court has read the indictment for each person. The victims were interrogated one by one, they all made it clear that we do is innocent, patriotic, anti-Chinese invasion and for ethnic communities and country. With patriotic spirit and the work that they have absolutely no crime.

All of the victims said in court his innocence and what they do, based on the law of Vietnam immediately, the job for the love of the fatherland, the people, to protect territory, Customs is completely innocent. Also Court and Procuracy want to convicted them under the command of the Communist Party, those found guilty will be held accountable to the nation.

News also said the victims in court wearing normal clothes, attitude refreshed, excited to be witness to the Truth - Justice - Peace and the voice of the people, of every person to Vietnam before the so-called People's Court tyranny of the devil.

Information also added that all family members, relatives rare to be in court today have seized the phone and are limited. Things have to get supplies to the recent victims in the camps, the victims do not get. This is inhumane actions of the Vietnamese government for the victims in the past. Paulus Le Van Son, the family sent clothes do not suit before the court.

Pictures of people to watch the police stop to the trial "Public" this morning in Vinh City:

14h: Information from Vinh City said: Currently the following people go to Vinh City stay at arrested in Vinh City police including: Nguoi Buon Gio, Nguyen Lan Thang, Truong Van Dung.

Police are recorded in the statements of these people. Replies in the records of the City police Vinh Truong Van Dung said: "I am determined to catch me here is illegal, write to".

Also, this morning is Viet Dung arrested in single unprovoked, the prosecution asked about the shooting, he replied: "In this no signboards film, photography, can not catch me taking a picture here" . Surprisingly, the answer is very "blunt" own characteristics Vinh City Police and Vietnamese police: "There is a sign area banned, that is all." Course is Vietnamese did not accept and after drowning they had to release him.

15h 40: The trial went on, outside the Catholics remained in communion with our brothers and sisters in the closed-door trial "public". Many people have been civil defense and police caught the beating, persecution.

Forces blatantly questioning anyone passing through the area Building

Catholics continue to court, where his brothers and sisters

Police officers and beat people to attend court

Suppression, beat parishioners outside the Court

Communion with the victim in court

Hanoi Catholics over distances of several hundred kilometers into communion with the victim

City police, three people are still being held and interrogated. But catching them is illegal, so they did not abide by the unreasonable demands of the police of the city of Vinh. Truong Van Dung affirmed: The arrests without proper documentation, command, there is no legal basis when resting in the hotel in Vinh City is a violation of law. Police did not record anything but their testimonies recorded in writing. All are signed.

A few quick thoughts of readers Dong Lac from Vinh city sent to us:

Talking with us to attend the trial of the young patriots this morning in Vinh City, Nghe An Uncle Q in the South Ward told us.

I now already over 70 years old near the ground away from it then, before I also resistance against American troops. When ask your have ngghe know what the court today rejected answered without hesitation; "I have read and heard a lot about the trial that the final judgment is' propaganda against the state all right 'but I call them patriots. Actually I do not understand the government now (They) think again, because the play goes on again and this plays the same content without getting bored? Did not they have anything newer?

In fact if you think about the words that your Q says that we see what is happening in the Gulf at this time but especially at the hearing this morning. According to your Q by not only this court dated 08.01.2013 Where previously there are many other court and not only in Vinh that in many parts of the country.

It is important that we see where the same purpose but with different tactics, the government (they) have the same results as propaganda against the state alone. It's funny for a country that government of the people turned against the people, then the rights of the downtrodden people, the truth is distorted justice are obscured. Hard to find on earth a state where people do not enjoy the minimum rights prescribed by law for them. The 1992 Constitution stipulates that the rights of citizens in Article 69 of the 1992 Constitution stipulates that "Citizens have freedom of speech, freedom of the press; any right to be informed; Meeting may association, demonstration according to the law. "

Funny place for a society where those who hold pocket and enforcement of these fundamental rights. So where is the right of citizens gone? if the old Chi Pheo exclaimed in despair, "Who gave me honest?" but now people also question who is protecting the interests of the people, the people will be like when they are not be protected?

With the old one with the old policy rhetoric by the earlier they are doing more and more is on the other. Police Vinh suppress the hotel stay the night "At more than two hours this morning 8-1-2013 ... When the trial was not to the opening hours of the police, secret service security Vinh opened sweeps in the hotel-motel room and searched intercepted the road for switching camera snatching, robbery attempt to prevent in any way for people to court is called a public trial of a government teacher and the hushed ".

Then, according to Ms. Bui Thi Minh Hang final conclusion was "Perhaps they fear people go to court and then leave the state, the party which" reactionary "all.

It's all knew. Watch some clips of you stopped to see the disgust and shame of security, the government of a country. Why in the name of legal representative which behave STREET CAT scoring like that, the only by shame this government more than "civilized and uncivilized culture"? "

From very early relatives of young Catholics Vinh blocked by police on his way to attend the hearing.

They do not have anything newer? Arrested patriots ago they were more and more is on the other, causing difficulties, terrorism spirit, persecution of the families of the victims they do. Was a play that was performed to take very many times the same content no more What's New? Or more? This we hear more and order. "

16h15: SOS Security, civil defense, police, thugs continue the crackdown and arrests. They have arrested three youths, including his brother Nguyen Dinh Cuong Nguyen Dinh Cuong. Thus, not only the poor mother was beaten under emergency in the hospital with her son also was violently beaten and then taken away, now we do not know where they took three people. For civil defense, security, police, thugs dense, every people they have 3 to 4 security guards, police, thugs stick side.

SOS Police, police bloody suppression of the people outside the trial. Many people fell off between his mother Nguyen Dinh Cuong, the victim was beaten very painful to the hospital and was taken into police areas.

The situation is very tense.

16h46: Police beating people  - Nguyen Thi Hoa in injury to emergency, Dang Xuan Cao for preventing acts of police brutally beating people, and also they beat and arrested, unknown whereabouts. This is a child less than 18 years old but already resentful of the hooligan actions of the police and was arrested.

Three others were held from morning to now in Vinh City police are Dealer Wind, Nguyen Lan Thang, Truong Van Dung still in custody was not released. Invited to hear Mr. Truong Van Dung told the story captured:

Although suppressed bloodshed, but outside court, parishioners as enhance stronger spirit of communion, the faithful and the people, including those outside the religion was determined in communion with you children in distress in the building. People's spirit of her children is very high.

A review of a reader in Vinh City, where the trial is going on:

In fact, and from the judgment of the people, the government of Vietnam has met with resilience as well as an understanding of these TNCG. Since even temporarily, nor TNCG & TL healthy, who does not declare anything, who then refused to plead guilty, they even deny the defense attorney by simple they always claim to wealth crime. Thus, at the hearing today, the more it is these young people more clear. So, from this morning to, Nghe court did not dare open the speaker to the people monitoring the case "public".

Who have little understanding are sure not too many people unfamiliar with his infamous role for Pocket trial like this. However, this infamous government's increasingly sow discontent for every citizen.

The sign of the strong and persistent middle of these young people is a strong evidence for the end of the regime.

Information said there were other young men were arrested in addition, Dr. Nguyen. Yen Lac parish sn 1993 and Mr. Cao. My Xuan Parish was arrested.

Photos in court on Tuoi Tre

Youth Newspaper wrote: "In the 14 defendants have three students studying at the university, three directors of construction companies, commercial and Limited. Hundreds of officers and soldiers of Nghe An police to protect hearing. "

In fact, in addition to not hundreds, the numbers must be thousands of police, security and civil defense mobilization.

17h30: Currently Vinh City police are playing games, put three people trafficking Wind, Truong Van Dung, Nguyen Lan straight back to the hotel to "check in" with While this morning 9'30 them for two Human dozen shock to arm the police took three people to the tp Vinh disregard for the law. Bloggers and PV are under cloud to monitor them, see what they are playing games next.

17h45: We have just received news: Anh Nguyen Tien Sy lay parish Yen Lac, Nam Linh commune, Nam Dan district, Nghe An province has been detained by police since morning and had just been released. It is worth noting that immediately after release, he fainted. Currently he is in a hospital emergency of Vinh City area.

18h: the end of this afternoon's hearing, we will update the situation this afternoon's hearing.

According to the new Queen of Justice received from the relatives of the victims. This afternoon, Procuracy continue reading the indictment and proposed projects for the victims. In it Paulus Le Son recommend the heaviest sentence of 15-16 years in prison and five years probation. Dang Xuan Dieu proposal sentenced to 14-15 years in prison, Nguyen Van Hoa suggested sentenced to 12-13 years in prison. Like this morning, this afternoon in front of the court, all the victims were confident and assert their innocence. Attending classes or any training courses, can not be considered a crime.

Think, the victims have said very correctly and expose the conspiracy of the Hanoi government in condemning some people to go to school. If the school is guilty even if they learn anything, let alone learned about the "violence" on the old Ho Chi Minh City each for French Colonial School, a school specializing in training "free space sale of water "- call it the Communist Ho Chi Minh whether guilty or not? This is a dirty game sentencing innocent people to avenge them how despicable alone.

The narration trial today to temporarily adjourned. Thank you to all you readers, CTV has enthusiastically taken timely information to readers of this trial demon.

Queen of Justice

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