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Legal ambiguity of the Vietnamese communist government in turn imprisoned patriotic voice of Vietnam




He Vo Viet Dzien 41, a Democratic Activist in the latest in a series repression of the communist government of Vietnam to voice dissent in the country in recent years. Vague laws of the State of Vietnam turn away from the democratic voices of dissent in the country despite criticism and opposition from public opinion the people and the International Community. While the State government exhorted the people's comments in the draft amendment to the Constitution by the State in the future, but on the other hand, human rights violations, contrary to the provisions of law, contrary to what some have been issued in the current Constitution and the international commitments of the State of Vietnam on human rights, so taking the advocates to amending the Constitution mean anything anymore. At all is only initiative forms of sham democracy to deceive the public, deceiving people and deal with the gaps in the current state only.

In fact, the communist government of Vietnam not only did not improve its poor human rights record, but also are currently increasing persecution of people in the country, as well as continue to trample human rights harshly and more blatant. Communist Party of Vietnam and the Vietnamese communist state government more clearly show the nature of their impotence and weakness in the management and administration of the country, forced the Vietnamese economy fell into recession and severe recession and making Social and Political situation is becoming increasingly unstable country. Social instability, unstable country, unrest among the people and even instability in the ranks of the Party and government leaders at all levels, from local to central, everywhere filled with uncertainty and anxiety . People are worried about the increasing government harassment, oppression, or persecution ... the government fears the people in the country to stand up to overthrow the regime, overturned oppressive as what happened in some countries in the Middle East and North Africa. Internal leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam and the State leadership, mutual fear leads to fighting and struggles each other for power control ... In general, in front of the Vietnamese people and the International Community as a picture competitive integrity of the Vietnamese people and the country unstable.

Continue to pursue the policy of repression people and willing to trample human rights system to protect one party rule. maintaining the communist regime in the form of socialist, as well as power protection and benefits for himself and his family from the leaders of the Party and State is an unwise choice and not wise. On the people side, continue to endure and acceptable sacrifice all aspects from material to humans is not possible way acceptable. We can not continue to be our eyes to look at every family, every friend, fellow brothers and our blood because only patriotism, love of the nation, anti-corruption, anti-negative against evil and against the aggression of the enemy defense which must in turn entered prison an unreasonable like that. We do not advocate violence, we advocate to peaceful struggle, nonviolence, but that does not mean that the State Party and the government want to do whatever they want to catch one is arrested. Hong Kong people, the people of Taiwan are the tiny island has a small population and is closely related to China, there are certain constraints with China, but also can make the demonstration protest to scale up to hundreds of thousands of people, we, a sovereign independent country with a population of over 80 million people, why can not do like them? let the hearts together to make the painful loss into action to dispel oppression, overturned tyranny reclaim human rights, the right to life and the pursuit of happiness for ourselves, for our family and for our fellow Vietnam that were atheistic communists robbed since they robbed the authorities in both South-North Vietnam.


Vietnam: Add a person convicted of a crime "overthrow activities"

Ông Võ Viết Dziễn bị kết án ba năm tù cộng với ba năm quản chế (DR)

Mr. Vo Viet Dzien sentenced to three years in prison 
plus three years probation (DR)

Tú Anh

In a brief hearing on Monday 15/01/2013, Vo Write Dzien, 41 years old, was Tay Ninh court sentenced to three years in prison plus three years of probation on charges of "activities aimed at overthrowing the government people. " Last week, 14 youth and students were court city of Vinh punished by the heavy sentences for similar crimes.

According to the AP, a democracy activist has been sentenced by Vietnamese government to three years in prison as part of crackdown advocates. Nguoi Lao Dong newspaper controlled by the state, said Mr. Vo Viet Dzien was court Tay Ninh accused of "activities with the aim of overthrowing the people's administration".

According to the newspaper, Vo Viet Dzien many times to Thailand and Singapore to attend training courses organized Renaissance Vietnam on media propaganda techniques, base building, doing for the members of organizations in the country.

According to the newspaper, Mr. Vo Viet Dzien arrested at Moc Bai, Cambodia-Vietnam border radio during transport means in Vietnam.

Vietnamese authorities believe that the activity is a "reactionaries name" because "flyers entice people demonstrated against China, disturbing". This action may also be considered a "national division".


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