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Democratic 8406 block of condolence on the death of Hoang Tien Writers


    Block 8406 on Freedom and Democracy for Vietnam 


        Condolences on the death of writer Hoang Tien. 

            Block 8406 we are pleased to sad news: because of advanced age, illness, writer Hoang Tien died at 0 hours and 50 minutes, on 01/28/2013 in Hanoi, at the age of 81. Memorial service will be held from 13 to 15 hours, on 02/01/2013 at Funeral - 354 Hospital, Doc Ngu Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi. Then taken to a crematorium in the Radio Universal incarnation of Van Dien cemetery, Ha Noi.

            Writer Hoang Tien was born in 1933 in Hanoi. He was against the French troops, then move in school and graduated from the University of philology 3rd University of Hanoi. His teaching, writing, writer, writer Member of Hanoi, Vietnam Member of the writer, Lecturer the Film Hanoi.

            Some of his works are: The Darkness and the Light (of the story) 1958, Dew thaws (stories) 1963, my Hanoi (novel materials) 1983, The moon-faced woman (novel history) in 1991, there's another Ho Xuan Huong (essays, criticism and introduction), 1992, script writing and revolution beginning of the 20th century (study), 1994, over sacred mountain river (2010), Nguyen Van Vinh, the life and career (research), ...

            Hoang Tien is one of the writers who spoke early on about the tragic situation of the country, about the profound injustices in Vietnamese society today. From the 90s of the 20th century, he had the article fighting for freedom, democracy and human rights in Vietnam. Thus, the communist government, through the police, have all been persecuted and harassed him for decades such as: tracking, stalking; stormed the confiscated computers and documents democracy; several times to the house or invite him to police headquarters for questioning; prevent him from going to the Conference of the literature in Taiwan ... But all the evil deeds of the Vietnamese police are not subdue him.

           Writer Hoang Tien is also one of the original 118 members of Bloc 8406, since when the volume is set on 8/4/2006 so far. With a pure heart and life white bar, casual, non-profit, he's always been friends and colleagues and friends democratic trust, respect and affection. His departure is a great loss for the democracy movement in Vietnam and leave said grief wisdom of the people's heart.

            On this occasion, the members of the Bloc 8406 both at home and abroad would like to send my condolences to the family writer Hoang Tien on this great loss. Career there - We are here, pray with people going to the final victory of the democratization of the country! Writer Hoang Tien farewell! Hope you sleep thousand collection!

            In Vietnam, January 30, 2013.

            Board of Bloc 8406: 

1 - Father Phan Van Loi, Hue, Vietnam.
2 - Engineer Do Nam Hai - Saigon - Vietnam.
3 - Professor Nguyen Chinh Ket - Houston - United States.
4 - Ms. Lu Thi Thu Duyen - Boston - United States.

            Same sign: Dr. Nguyen Dan Que, Movement for Human Rights, Saigon, Vietnam.
            With the communion of Father Nguyen Van Ly, a veteran Tran Anh Kim, writer Nguyen Xuan Nghia, and many other religious political prisoners are in prison communism.

               Remembering writer Hoang Tien 
                                             Dr Pham Hong Son 


            Hoang Tien writer, was born in 1933 in Hanoi, after a period of illness due to cerebral vascular accident and renal failure, died at his home at 00:50 on 28 January 2013. Writers recounts family Hoang Tien's gone very active and at peace, the spirit of Buddhists.

            Writer Hoang Tien funeral will be celebrated at the funeral home 354 Hospital, Doc Ngu Street, Hanoi, 13:00 to 15:00, on 01/02/2013. According to allergens, the body will be cremated at Radio Universe incarnation of Van Dien and tro will be interred in the cemetery Yen States.

            He told friends, Hoang Tien has turned into a mainstream writer who publicly dissent because Mr. Hoang Tien love his friends, his frustrations because saw his friend (Ha Sy Phu) falsely imprisoned a severe in the early 1990s.

            About dissidents, democracy activists about 10 years ago, 20 years, although young and old, North or South, can not forget his thoughtful, enthusiastic Hoang Tien. Almost any "incident" happened to his friends, saw appearing sharing, support of "Hoang Tien, Writer, Address: A 11 420 Thanh Xuan Bac Ha Noi." - the information invariant under all posts by Mr. Hoang Tien when he aligned protest action illegal, unjust government.

            But relatives of the young people arrested for protest voice mode at the beginning of the 2000s in Hanoi certainly never forget the image of a small skinny old man with Chaly motorcycle stormed slanted, sometimes filter poles alone or with a few other tools, home visits, sharing, social mobilization in the air almost closed Lowland - the mobile phone is also rare close by Chaly now.

            Remembering Mr. Hoang Tien - a writer, a dissident, and above all, a religious person with a disposition to do good, confirming the expression of power - As Vietnam Bamboo Tree respectfully posted verbatim reports excellent about funeral General Tran Do that Hoang Tien written nearly 11 years ago:

                          Applause in a funeral 

           Whose Funeral is that strange? Please answer, it is the general's funeral writers Tran Do was held on 14-8-2002 at funeral of Defense 5 Tran Thanh Tong.

            Lieutenant General Tran Do is a revolutionary veteran, has held various important positions in the Party and State apparatus as well as in military institutions, the final years of the Party, the government considered dangerous element, and police cause more troubles.

            So his funeral people are interested. Capitalism is supposed to take. People pay attention to leadership behavior with his funeral?

            He died from 9-8, but the newspaper reported and television very slow. Until the day the new 13-8 Press reported, and evening TV on her 13-8 broadcasters on new news reader funeral. She still wore colored flowers every day, do not wear black mourning. Such urgent news, the remote provinces, including many comrades, colleagues, and his fans can not keep up, because tomorrow 14 funeral.

            14, from 8 am to start the holiday visit. But people who love him Do in Hanoi and other provinces close to Hanoi in time. They individuals or groups. Not that the senior officer in charge, or mass organizations visited. Looks like with the directives of the Board Secretary (who speak of the Politburo) and send the body mass funeral, limited participation.

            The wreath font Extremely mourn Lieutenant General Tran Do was stopped from outside the gate. To abandon text Deeply mourned and the rank of lieutenant general. Questions, the people of Funeral explained: "We're only following orders" (!)

            Wreath of General Vo Nguyen Giap words: "Extremely mourn Lieutenant General Tran Do. Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap" also was stopped, put in a waiting room outside the gate, and suggested edit (with professional brothers fix them). Mean you have to give the words Deeply mourned, and the rank of Lieutenant General, General, only Vo Nguyen Giap visited Mr. Tran Do. General secretary is Mr. Huyen, opposed. Conversion affair, both parties must consult with his superiors. Each party downstairs a bit. Finally wreath: "Mourning Lieutenant General Tran Do. Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap." Maybe (it) is the only wreath keep nearly intact his visit. But when the speaker Funerary call your name people visit again called: "Pinwheel of Vo Nguyen Giap visited Mr. Tran Do."

            Those who waited in the funeral home, heard the, are whispered talk. Mr. Kim Son, a revolutionary veteran, participating in the NLF, unbearable move pushed Funerary Board. The rank of General Vo Nguyen Giap is by Uncle Ho. Who dare to arbitrarily deprived? Why are you doing this nonsense? Wreath general issues, which he misread as meaning?

            The rank of Lieutenant General Tran Do, too, want to deprive the decision of the parliament or the president. Journalism is still a lieutenant general, which funeral leave. What not to do! Clearly drum hit reverse sweep trumpet!

            Say to wreath of upper-General Le Ngoc Hien Tran Do, also drop the comrades. The guidance above for that, Mr. Tran Do was expelled from the party, it is no longer called comrades. But they were wrong, according to the command of the army, from Private to generals are addressed together as comrades. Le Ngoc Hien uniform, wearing the rank of upper stately minister, to visit Tran Do, which also introduced the speaker is Mr. Le Ngoc Hien to visit Tran Do.

            Lieutenant General Nguyen Hoa uniforms, badges, medals and also take full circumstances as above.

            Wreath of Haiphong brothers democracy is "Extremely respected and missed medical Tran Do. Companion in Hai Phong" be changed to "Dear visiting medical Tran Do. Companion in Haiphong." Personal wreath Vu Cao Quan, along Haiphong Group, entitled "Virtual Regards veteran Tran Do. Old soldier Vu Cao Quan" trapped. Controversial for a long time, there is no phrase deeply mourned, not lieutenant general or comrade, no grammatical mistakes on Vietnamese, so there is nothing to fix, one fix is ​​correct, please. It was only then also.

            The wreath pattern with text, recorded tapes "garlands of Nguyen Van An  visit Tran Do", "wreath of Le Duc Anh, visit Tran Do", "wreath of ONA  visit Tran Do.. etc. .. Do not see a wreath of Nong Duc Manh.

            We noticed more than one event gold letters on a red background problems lieutenant general, general, famous generals, etc. could not be removed for embroidery with yellow stick'm on a fabric. Which highlights the picture of democratic tools, schools, long-suffering to the ground to stick to hook up, embroidered eight letters of gold "Humanities the Minister. Requisition integrity". Parties under the name venerate. Head of delegation is instruments Le Simplified, then the Hoang Minh Chinh, Le Hong Ha, Pham Que Duong, Nguyen Thanh Giang etc., over his twenty. People gathered to watch. Photography. Filming. Calling by mobile phone, please confiscated. Then do not see anything. Everything has gone smoothly. Confiscation picture particular protagonist is odd, also bothered here. More democratic instrument have true surround image. Police use of force, to diffusion.

            Specific groups of people hold back only by root. Many groups after registration in advance. Board of Funeral causing particular difficulties for standing under the trees, the sun chang chang, but beauty is thus, all this off the top of the top to admire, talk about the expansion (s). Picture of the researchers Tran Khue arrest from Saigon sends out:

           Công thần không làm phách
            Danh toại chẳng cầu nhàn
            Bút thần vung mấy độ
            Ðáng mặt đại nghĩa quân. 

            (We note that the poem have the words of Phach and Do. Name is Ta Ngoc Phach, name join the revolution Tran Do).

            Photo spread of the poet Bui Minh Quoc arrest from Dalat sent out, his brother Bui Minh Duc nearly 90-year-old, veterans against France, on behalf of younger brother bring:

            Vì đại nghĩa nhân chân, thân mấy độ trần thân
            Tướng dẫu không nguyên giáp, hồn vẫn vẹn tình dân. 

            (Roughly translated: The true because large means, the body several times buffeted fiction no longer in armor, his mind still full of the peole love).

            Image expansion of scientific doctoral Ha Si Phu also on probation, from Da Lat sent out, written in kanji, by instrument in calligraphy group Cao Thom made:

            Văn võ tung hoành, trung tướng phong trần, thế sự song kiên song trọng đảm.
            Bắc Nam xuất nhập, đại quân tế độ, hùng binh nhất trượng nhất đan tâm.

(parallel sentence above is Tran and below is Do. Lt. Gen. Phong Tran is the general difficulty, could understand that Mr. Tran was named lieutenant general. Army is the army life saving, ie NLF South . It mentions Mr. Tran is deputy commander of southern liberation. therefore sentences can be roughly translated as:

            Van martial horizontal vertical, Mr. Tran was promoted to lieutenant general, the life of two shoulder to shoulder great responsibility; 

            In the North-South, in and out General Do lead liberation army, to save the country a Truong Son stick, a red heart). 

            Background group of Cao Thom on large format paper backing to 3 letters of the word "Vi Dan Tam" (heart for the people), with subtitles in Han verse praising general Tran Do. Mr Tu Sot with silver hair head, calligraphy group Cao Thom constantly explain to people clearly means:

            Vô tình vị tất chân hào kiệt
            Hữu độ phương vi đại trượng phu

            (That is: Living accidentally (as all means MACKENO (Mac-ke-no) now), not the masterpiece people. Righteousness (for the people and the country) worth of calls as hero).

            Heard the news,Mr. Do just died, the police asked to search, without a warrant. Ms. Do protests. Police threaten the, forcing two sons to the police station, causing stress. Finally the family must submit 5 barrels books of Mr. Do. Everyone heard indignant. Excessive! People are mourning family embarrassment. It's cruel!

            12 hours 15 minutes, the memorial service began. About ONA representative is Mr. Vu Mao director. Mr. Mao has mentioned background, hometown, date of birth, revolutionary processes involved and positions that Mr Tran Do assumed. Part two, he said sorry that Mr. Tran Do in the end of his life had made serious mistakes ... Part two is not long, but the hall quietly. Such as compressed air, suffocating. 

            To the family to reply, Mr. Thang, the oldest child of Mr. Do, after feelings about his father, and after thanking all the old people, grandparents, uncles, brothers and sisters. .. to attend the funeral, the last words of last meeting the sentence: "I on behalf of the family for permission not received word of the representative of the Office of the National Assembly" (I have never had such a thing, funeral rejected from the words of the ceremony!!??).

            As a store of explosives was triggered, the hall clapped ran up unwelcome. Cheering and applause emerged as to, incredibly long, as the fireworks. The continuous phase is higher, bigger, longer, more resonant echoes all the way in the roof of the funeral hall. It felt like the roof of the hall about to turn around. Many screams of tune, you hear clearly. Brief words cheers! protest! stupid! Real people! ... and the applause of thunder loud as thunder. 

            These aggregates memory in the hearts of all the pent up from morning to now have the chance to explode. I had to climb on a chair, put his hand over his ear, tilted her head to listen. Someone shouted, his voice like a mountain, hands held up and pointed at the black frame with the words Funeral Tran High above, below is a picture of busts of plainclothes him: "Who let them away from the words Deeply mourned. They are not deeply mourned, but we deeply mourn ... " 

- They are really the group who eaten bread is soon forgotten. 
- No General Tran Do and our brothers, how are they today. 
- Death means is the end, no one is going to criticize the dead person before the coffin. 
- This from the old to modern never seen. 
- Which was sure who is right, who make wrong? The judge is the people. 
- They vilified on national traditions. 

            Here, there, roaring scream, yell: group of betrayal people!, betrayal of Ho Chi Minh way! Counter-culture! The proposal of the Political severely punished!

            Someone whispered: "This is the direction of the Politburo."

            Shout: "Lying! Politburo wise, do not do something stupid like that. Say that is not true ".

            Someone shouted: "Long live Tran Do!".

            Plainclothes security personnel surrounded the people too impatient, prevent. A voice asked: " Where's Vu Mao? Where's Vu Mao? ".

            "He's running! Back to the car! "Thank goodness for Vu Mao. He stood with flowing face, in gray, bewildered. Does anyone urging, he's just resuscitate, in hurry up to avoid behind to getaway.

            Fortunately for the funeral. The anger of the large block in this hall, but if to caught Vu Mao already, do not know what will happen.

            Democrats all know to restrain. A few days before the funeral, the security agencies sent someone to search specific to that attitude. Specific fear of abusing democratic forum account, rob the microphone, causing stress. The specific information for the police. Only the ignorant minds think so. Those who love him, who want to disrupt the funeral. It was at the veteran, the veteran revolutionaries, burning anger, the democratic his calm, trying to dissuade, not any extremist attitude.

            Who knows. Anger immediately calmed down. Funeral again. Everyone stand turns out the team as a way to honor wore white tuxedo carrying the coffin in the funeral home cars were parked in the middle of the pitch. At this very sunny!

            Some foreign reporters who enlist interview, recording someone who still was not anger.

            Who went to the cemetery Hoan Vu (cremation) is in the car. I was slow should hearse out of the gate, I was still in the yard for motor bikes. Met his wife Ngoc Hoang Minh Chinh, asked me if I go to the cemetery? I said, going by motorbike. She advised me to go cars, support tired. The car he is up. I rushed out the gate, the convoy went away. To meet the particular democrats who stand  at the top of the gate. Asked to know that, the car was very large place, but the driver refused to open the door to them up (by police driving). A insular behavior. They decided to hire taxi.

           On the Dr. Nguyen Thanh Giang vehicle identified in a general way: "They are a very stupid way, and and all to every detail." Journalists colonel commissar Pham Que Duong laughing Systems: "Joke ! Nothing! ".

            Fast taxi run, sticking up funeral convoy. Indeed, many cars are missing, bearing 80B. Number plate is in the police, many people know. Two passenger cam-pinion full garland visit, wreaths outside were peeled off the tape letters. Be insular again!

            Plan cremation is complete, return to the Department of Defense, the funeral was almost 3 pm. We take the car out, exhausted, as hot as the sun. Invite each other on refreshments for take power tomorrow is put the remains cremated and kept by the Thai Binh.

Came home in dark, saw few veterans welcome the beginning of the road to ask about Mr. Tran Do funeral. Turns out this story at the funeral lunch was stationed out loud in public. People hide how! Cover how the mouth of the world! And afternoon news of the British BBC news headline coverage of the funeral. Both  voice of Mr. Thang and thunderous clap of thunder sounded. Fast! Earth together under one roof.

A few closing words: 

Early the next morning (15-8-2002) we focus at 37 Ly Nam De, Pham Que Duong, to travel the Pacific to complete the full meaning. Undercover police had to stay in front of the gate, for from 5 am.

We call the taxi, yes 6 am and 30 am on the road. Looking to travel was on the 7th. His father taught us: "Do not go on a 7 and do not go back on a 3". We know that this trip will encounter obstacles.

Were right, the distance over 100 km to the specific country four times the yoke away. Police traffic control papers driving, vehicle safety, security for travelers and pilgrims are assured. Also investigating a car accident, the driver fled, one of 300 the company's taxi. This paint, should our police have to do duty, would be sympathy. Time to prevent vehicles longest is in Thai Binh, took almost 2 hours. To where it was 1 hour 30 pm, funeral lowering blood done. A total loss of more than 7 hours to go well over 100 km distances. People are eating. Etiquette rural relatives near and far flock to east.

            We burn incense, offer sacrifices at the altar of the family and Mr. Tran Do altar. Had to sit down to eat, blow, a grave burn incense before this afternoon.

            To meet children of Mr. Do, we enlisted learn the police to search the house and took away 5 barrels books. They have answered evasive, unclear, as if afraid of something. Meet Mr. Thang the oldest son, who were said to be excellent question yesterday, today nor charming talk, like avoiding the question. Maybe last night, the agency where they work have pressed them. Well, sympathy for the children. they need to work, their lives is so longer.

            To know more, there are a total of 220 funeral wreath in Hanoi. The words were taken out, the family just keep seven tapes. Families reclaim 5 funeral book, some torn pages.

            Is petty gestures!

            Mr. Tran Do tomb is located next to the tomb of mothers. It is his will. This is the village cemetery, each family is a frozen land, to bury loved ones in the family. He has returned to her village. His tomb is also very normal, every grave here. Here lies the peaceful and warm heart. We believe that Mr. Tran Do is very serene. Remembered a verse of someone:

            Sống tranh luồn cúi vào ra,
            Chết còn xí cả (cái) nhà mồ to
            Phải là những bậc anh hào,
            Sống thiêng - chết lại đi vào trong dân,
            Mả to bia nhớn chẳng cần...

            Những ngày tang lễ ông Trần Độ
            Hà Nội, tháng 8-2002
            Hoàng Tiến, nhà văn.
            Địa chỉ: Nhà A 11 Phòng 420
            Thanh Xuân Bắc- Hà Nội.○


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