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Noble heart and outspoken of female artist Kim Chi should be expanded to all classes of people in the country




In countries around the world for so long, a citizen who was received the State leaders reward is not only an honor to be proud of them, but also a spiritual encouragement extremely great for personal or group which received praise above. Particularly in Vietnam today, the female artist Kim Chi categorically denied point-blank to suggestions made reward profile of Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, is truly a rare and very strange from the front far. However, the reason that artist Kim Chi offer to refuse his offer reward Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung is simple and comes from her noble soul that has made  people nationwide from admiration and touching. Action proud female artist Kim Chi should be replicated in all classes of people in all areas including intellectuals, writers, artists, science and engineering .... in general for all Those who really are struggling for the current country.

Besides, resolute behavior of the female artist Kim Chi is seen as a hard slap directly at the face of Vietnamese Prime Minister, who was the public opinion in the country condemned to make poor country and each disciplinary conference in the extraordinary meeting of the Executive Committee of the Party Central Committee Vietnam in Hanoi ago. Furthermore the artist Kim Chi had time to take part in the battlefields of up to 10 years and has contributed greatly to the Vietnamese film industry in the role of a communist revolution which show that not all communists agrees with the inhuman behavior with people, the manage and run the country in a weak and scandalous of collective leadership of the Party and the communist state government today that herself artist Kim Chi today and the revolutionary party veterans, retired officers and generals even those who previously held senior leadership positions State expressed and voiced during past time.

Viet Nam country, Vietnamese Ethnicity and Vietnamese people today need so much patriotic hearts and think of the people as the aforementioned practical heart of artist Kim Chi today. We hope that more such noble hearts are shown in the country and through the highlights today, we hope that the leaders of the Party and the government of Vietnam consider myself to understand why his people increasingly lose faith in state leaders, government leaders, as well as increasingly appears protest of all classes of people most of from the intelligentsia and the youth Student. If the Communist Party of Vietnam lead country well, and if Vietnam's communist government manage and run the country well, why most people throughout the country have proved to be non-compliant with the Party and the government in many areas. Especially violent behavior of government to people and relations full of confusing with the aggressor China. If continue to see people as enemies and in the eyes of government every protests voice  are "reactionary" is in the future, even the  comrades and possibly their relatives will also become a "reactionary" as misconceptions and superficially of the leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party and government today.



'Reject praise of Prime Minister Dung'

Artists Kim Chi (left) and members of the ensemble

Artists Kim Chi, who has participated in many major film on the Vietnamese revolution, has refused to reward profile artists of the Prime Minister saying that Mr. Nguyen Tan Dung "are doing poor country, suffering people. "

She told BBC Vietnamese, "to be commended Prime Minister, I do not want that."

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Prior to that, Ms. Kim Chi was Vietnam Cinema Association suggested records to suggest Prime Minister commended, but she sent a thank you letter to the association, at the same time indicate the reason for denial.

"I do not want my home to be signed by a leader country who are working poor country, and suffering people. For me, it was a very hurt their feelings hurt.

"... Colleagues are interested, talented praise the true honor," she wrote in a letter to the Film Board.

'Making People suffering is guilty'


 Ms.Kim Chi said that a number of the Prime Minister
operators are rejected by 'the world'

Actist Kim Chi said the prime minister has made her distrust, and as citizens, "have the right to like or dislike, but do not like it, do not get".

Explain what the prime minister made her unhappy, she said, "the world and everywhere against some of the acts of the prime minister".

"For me, who as leader of the country that makes rich people happy, I appreciate, but whoever does not do that, I do not like, do not appreciate, praise me I'm not happy."

When asked if she is afraid of being affected themselves making this letter, the artist said, even when people make accident to her "death", it does not scary because "I live right, for kindness."

"Life is never live for righteousness will be extremely difficult, for the dignified, true to his heart, not everyone is supportive."

"I can not believe the prime minister personally, but I believe the general, there are many good things."

Ms. Kim Chi told there are many cases arrested, jailed, "said another voice," "but that protection is the voice of justice," which is whether artists should do well towards good .

"As an organization, has the right, the more upright living, model, but a suffering sinners population."

Artists 'communist'

I do not want in my house signed
of a leader country who are working poor, do
People suffering. For me, it is a great loss
hurt their feelings hurt. "
Elite artist Kim Chi

Cast of Saigon Ranger said each field for 10 years, "not afraid to die with bombs" are now considered all the "light as a feather."

After graduating from the first class cinema, in the North, Kim Chi to apply on the battlefield as soon as the time the fight was to times of stress, then she thought that places the Truong Son mountain singing cultural need "to believe the revolution alive."

"I speak, I'm genuine communist artists, and for now, my heart is the heart of a communist hope this country will integrate better with the world, rich more, and people are not suffering anymore. "

Expression of the famous acting career, Ms. Kim Chi said that the famous is "ephemeral of all", "I was lucky enough, my teammates who goes forever on . "

"... There are people who until now remains is not taken, this makes me very anxious grief. His people as well as all youth who have consecrated without anything. "

"Our youth bring their blood to regain the country, until now I'm still proud of my beautiful life."

"But young people now, some of them do things that no longer includes a reference to the self-esteem, I feel very stupid, very stupid."

"But the media are responsible," actist Kim Chi says, in part because the media talk about or that were brought up, so "they mistook it for fame."

The letter to the Vietnam Cinema Association refused to file the certificates of merit from the prime minister, Kim Chi says artists do not want posted online or to provoke anyone, but by a close friend of the family wished to apply for to put on Facebook, and she was not afraid of it.

Artists Kim Chi recent drama series Nhung dua con cua Biet Dong Saigon and also known as the wife of director Hong Sen, known for films such as Nuoc ve Bac Hung Hai, Canh Dong Hoang va Mua Gio Chuong.

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