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New Decree 92/2012 of the Government on Religion ..... aims to control, monitor and restrict religious freedom in Vietnam




Vietnam's communist government increasingly strict measures to control, monitor and restrict many aspects of the right to religious freedom of the people by issuing new decree (92/CP/2012) in November 2011 to replace Decree 22/2005 detailing and guiding the implementation of measures Religious ordinance takes effect from the date of 01-01-2013. Although the written ordinances of religion and government regulations on the right to religious freedom has been clearly stated in Article 70 of the Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam, but the Vietnamese communist authorities from time to time tried every way to trample, to prevent and control all religious activities of people through the harassment, cause the difficulty and interferes with the Pastoral operation of  Religion. Especially for the beliefs of the people living in remote areas of the border provinces and the Central Highlands of Vietnam where many ethnic minority keep belief in Protestants and Catholics.

Before the prospect of religious faith to increase and thrive in the community, especially for the Catholic Church and the Protestant, the religion so long often the Vietnamese communist authorities considered achievement and the traditional "Anti-Communist" the most intense and the oldest and always in strict control, limited to the lowest of all religious activities and Pastoral. Governments at all levels always expressed shy and fearful to thoughts against the government that can be formed and developed extensively, growing in every annual religious activities of the community before the show confidence of people for the dignitaries of the Church and the spiritual leaders of the Religious. Therefore, in recent years, in addition to continuous promulgation of Decree detrimental to religion in all religious activities, government at all levels perform many acts of fraud and the vile tricks with many dignitaries of the Church as used the thugs attacked brutally Father Nguyen Quang Hoa diocese Kon Tum caused serious injury, or libelous to discredit and seek ways to transfer Archbishop Section Ngo Quang Kiet of Hanoi to elsewhere, an act of blatant interference in the internal affairs of religion ....

Decades, since communists took power in both South-North of Vietnam,  Religion has always been dominated in every way. Not only that, the atheist communist always propaganda about religion as a type of drug addiction, paranoia and towards the behavior is said to be superstitious, or even contrary to injunctions of God .... In fact, this is just the brazen sophistry way of the Vietnamese communist authorities to cover up their vile sins against the Church and religion, also for living beliefs of the people. We all know, Religion and Religious faith is always direct people to the healthy thoughts and actions better, more holy. Religion is always a dose of tranquilizers to ease the pain and misery of people, of humanity, regardless of creed or religion. Therefore all the wrong perspective and behavior detrimental to the religion and beliefs of people from the communist government of Vietnam or anywhere in the world deserves to be condemned. We are determined to fight against all thoughts and acts hostile to religion whether any purpose.


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Organization Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) based in the UK on 2/1 issued a statement expressing deep concern about the vague nature and limits of the Decree 92/2012 of the Vietnam effect force earlier this year related to the right to freedom of religion and belief.

Hanoi Decree was issued in November last year to replace Decree 22 in 2005, detailing and guiding the implementation of the Ordinance on measures of belief and religion.


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CSW organization said the new decree the conditions for registration of religious activities including many limits on religious activities contrary to the commitment of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights of citizens  that Vietnam has signed, especially clause 18 relating to freedom of belief and religion.

An official in charge of promoting religious freedom in East Asia under the CSW told VOA Vietnamese language:

"Organization Christian Solidarity Worldwide, along with many others has long called on Vietnam revised amendment to Decree 92. We recognize the need to have specific decrees and ordinances of religion Vietnam, but we believe that this Decree in order to control religious organizations and their activities instead of protecting the right to freedom of religion and belief. Actions to control religious activity is infringing serious fundamental rights of man. "

According to human rights protection activities, Vietnam's Decree 92 is a step backwards compared to the previous Decree 22 of 7 years before.

Organization Christian Solidarity Worldwide, along with many other organizations called on Vietnam revised amendment to Decree 92 ... Action control religious activity is a serious infringement of fundamental rights of the human ...
Organization Christian Solidarity Worldwide CSW

Lawyers Nguyen Van Dai, a dissident is well known and is also a Christian struggle for religious freedom and human rights in Vietnam, commented that the regulations on the registration of and religious activities in Decree 92 is contrary to the freedom of belief and religion has been defined in Article 70 of the Constitution and in unaccordance with the practice of the religious organizations in Vietnam. He cited a provision in the decree requires religious organizations to conduct religious activities stable over 20 years from the date approved by the government social religious activities, register for religious activities.

Organization Christian Solidarity Worldwide called on the Vietnamese government to ensure that the right to freedom of belief and religion are fully protected by law.

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