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The second day of the trial for 14 young patriotic Catholics in the city of Vinh in Nghe An of Vietnam and the unjust judgment than for them that the people of Vietnam and the International community outrage



Court hearing 14 patriotic young Catholics in the Vietnamese city of Vinh in Nghe An province ended with extremely heavy sentences and full of injustice that the people of Vietnam and the International community to feel outrage and pressing. What happened in the last two days of the trial in the Vietnamese communist government declared a "public trial" to see the particularly serious nature of human rights, truth and Justice Party which and local authorities in Vietnam trampled a gross and flagrant.

But the patriotism of the patriotic young Catholics in court today in particular and the people of Vietnam in country in general during the rise and more excited than ever. All fear has really been full of back and people head high walking in the pride of a citizen indomitable tenacity in front of hostile action and frenzied repression of the bloody communist atheist and inhuman. Increasing repression, the patriotism of the people as rise. Beaten, tortured, harassed, arrested, imprisoned by the communist authorities increases, the resistance from the patriotism of the people as much. This proves that the desire for justice, the desire for Human Rights, Freedom and Democracy of the Vietnamese people across the country is growing.

We, the people of Vietnam patriotic, patriotic Catholics always wishes to see the willingness of the Vietnamese communist regime and loyal patient with the non-violent peaceful struggle in the spirit of love from God. However, what has happened in the past shows that the leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party and the government still does not cooperate, still not really interested in people's legitimate aspirations and interests of the country nationalism. Therefore, we, the people sincerely recommend  to the leaders of the State of Vietnam that, the patience of people is limited, and although love humanity is unbounded but if the Human Rights and the heart patriotism of the people continues to be despised and trampled roughly like today, we fear that a revolution similar to the "Arab Spring Revolution" in the Middle East countries and North Africa before will outbreak in Vietnam in the future is would be difficult to avoid.



The second day of hearing for 14 Christian youth patriotic

Ngày thứ 2 của phiên tòa dành cho 14 thanh niên Kitô giáo yêu nước

Ladies and gentlemen readers

A day went by so-called court of first instance in Nghe An Province People's Court trial 14 young Christian patriots took place. With the details that Queen of Justice reported to you, is clearly what happened in and around the court.

It's a jungle behavior, humiliation and pain humiliation of the communist authorities ago sheet patriotism, said of the Vietnamese people. In contrast, the same attitude is despicable disgrace before the invasion of those in power in this country.

A trial in the form of publicity but has mobilized thousands of police, civil defense, and even security forces to protect, prevent people from attending court. A public hearing, but the fingers of the dirtiest blow was brought competing to suppress the people. A system of government "shining right means" salt to the front of the world with forests of people and sticks to prevent people's rights, a very simple and it's right to public trial. That was the main dam at the mouth who always claims not embarrassed that "Vietnam is a law-governed state", even as Vice President that it is "Vietnamese democracy democratic thousands of times higher bourgeois ". All these things, if standing in front of this court, will become humorous examples that can be affirmed is not a country, territory.

A trial that took place, the police, the police as well as all the apparatus is mobilized legal and blatantly trampled, bloody repression People like normal, arrests of tourists visiting and resting at hotels, motels suppressed as not.

This trial was held to coincide with the three Chinese warships mobilized to intimidate the people of Vietnam, Saigon port in the impregnation of the press and the authorities, for fear of popular angry. Also time to welcome the ships of the invaders into the sea, dozens of fishing boats of the fishermen have not been on the Paracel Islands, the territory of the country to avoid the storm.

The reason for this court held, in part because these young patriots stand up shouting Hoang Sa and Truong Sa of Vietnam and China Down invasion.

Perhaps this country's history, have never had a state apparatus degenerate coward cowardice have minions for foreigners its blatantly as this era.

Unfortunately, that mode, it is still shackled, is heavy yoke on the top and on the ancient Vietnamese people.

Also in this trial, the victim is put on trial those who dare engage sacrifices for the community, for the nation, for the country. Them feel see thah peace, peace before the enemy attacks have been inflicted upon them. They went to court serene, calm and smiling. The smile of confidence it has emerged that they are the winner.

Although life is full of difficulties, communist prison door before they expand. But they still pride to hear, believe and next steps. By the simplest thing is they have a heart of faith. Almighty knows what they need and what they are suffering.

We will continue to update the information on this hearing today, so that readers can see the nature of the Communist trial.

Editorial Board Queen of Justice

4 am: Visit the laity Yen Hoa parish originated but were stopped by police in Nam Dan, venue about 18 miles. Do not just stop at the bus station, police mobilized scattered along the road to prevent her children catch the bus. Despicable act first in the second trial.

Father Jos Pham Ngoc Quang has invited all her children Yen Hoa parish, where 4 Youth was brought to trial in the case of his parish to their accommodation to the conditions to attend the second trial . Father Jos Pham Ngoc Quang saw the first day of the public hearing has been performing and competing stars.

Separate group from Da Lat Lam Dong from Parish Ngoc Long, 100 km road has to pass the motorcycle away from the cold because they have experienced the car will stop along the way.

8am: Union Parish of Vinh Yen Hoa was in after a remote distance between the cold wind and rain.

The Nghe An enhanced government security forces, civil defense crowded than yesterday, closing the block all the corners, the entrance to Vinh City in order to prevent people to the public trial.

Currently, the nearest building with some parishioners between the siege of police, civil defense and thug.

8h15: bracelets Area, the intersection of Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Hong Bang, Le Hong Phong:


Nearly all the people passing by the Devil Triangle region were the rigorous testing of the traffic police. This is an image of the key up in the middle of the road to prevent any movements in the lines at Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street.

The gas station, how about 500m court, dressed up closing in the middle of the road and the beginning of Nguyen Thi Minh Khai.


8:30: As had been arrested by Police block should not give in Vinh City truck today, relatives of Student Group Tran Minh Nhat organized bike on Vinh with the distance of nearly 100 km from the parish Ngoc Long, home of Japan. They go under the drizzling rain and cold smooth. Now they were present in the area near the courts, the Group has more than 30 people.

About 500m away from the court, all the shops are closed by oral command of the police, including the sticky rice, bread.


 9h05: Whether a public hearing, but people who do not have access to a court, traditional speaker instead of the content evolution of the trial, it is more open, with a huge capacity for program the "birth plan".

Every entrance to the Court stopped

This is a travesty that the government of Vietnam is often used in cases heard those petitioners, teachers unfairly or who have patriotism. They are not any tricks to prevent, suppress, use thugs threaten those who intend to follow the trial to send the summons, detention is not for people to attend the public hearing declaration.

9h55: Currently, the relatives of the victims are being forces hunted not function until near the court.

As noted, today, outside crowded police forces, police, civil defense ... there are dedicated car red sea military remote stop "track" trial.

The actions of the government of Vietnam through the "manufactured" this court say anything? We are a walk from far away to observe the attitude of the people of Vinh City, the story is interesting.

Certainly all those who are interested in monitoring the trial know, but the people of Vinh City many today feel bewildered and vaguely employment eclipsed all of the Vietnamese authorities. The people around the Court in contact with us today expressed disappointment and complaining about life, their work turned upside down by the way do not like none of the party and the state. Many people ask: "If they are guilty, the trial was publicly let people know that vigilance and struggle, who would go up to them as role steal like that."

A man huddled cold because of the cold and watched the police dense, annoyed: "I do not understand why nowaday there's many reactionaries!, state is glory that to give birth many reactionary, should consider back themselves ".

The guests away to Vinh, bewildered at the sight of police terrorism, civil defense for trial. A visitor from Binh Duong Vinh, asked a people, be answered is today treated those who followed terrorists, he laughed: "I do not see terrorism, but look at the police, civil defense and the army watch this city, already seen enough air terror. "

Weather today in Vinh City very uncomfortable, re numbness should parishioners and people go to court to clump together in order to get warm. Suffering body of her mother and sister who have been courageous witnesses to court today, they have a major crime especially love the country, love the people, so that today not only have they had to before the hearing of the devil, that the family, they also have to accept the hard difficulty. But above all people face, almost nobody shows a trace of worry, fear before the verdict was heavily recommended for the child in court.

That comforted observers who worry them. Looked at her, her mother calmly and coolly before this court, we remember someone saying: "When people boldly entered the prison, which is the end of the regime".

Parishioners have the old cluster to get warm in the eyes of cloud cover security

Yes, the view today, before a series of terrorist measures of the government are competing, organized by the people's money and dog team dense, thugs ready to hand regardless old lady, women or children deserve grandparents, parents or our children but people still resilient, do not fear, we find true statement on release and is shown in this country.

Both City Vinh quiet, expressed severe frustration when communist authorities in a state of fighting, just because some patriots in the trial court. It was the judgment of the righteous, they have expressed their fears in the form of imposing martial seems. Video around the court:

We can not approach the Court, but the information we received and reported to you yesterday afternoon, we are confident that these young Catholics have the mental stability, comfort pretrial weird and shameful. This represents the spirit of "Do not be afraid," the Lord has advised when they do things justice.

10h20: Outside the court, the parishioners and people are still holding up banners panels in the children, the young patriot.

With a trial of a few patriots, Vietnamese authorities have mobilized thousands of police, soldiers, security and civil defense. Try asking the Vietnamese people's money to spend for this crowd to suppress the person to the court is how much? The cluster is divided public money, would not like to state media falsely accused who is facing the dock today to protest against the Chinese invaders to get the results. And they were newspapers, radio, communist officials accusing is "receiving protesters". Oh, poisonous snakes tongue.

Very familiar with the kind of "mass spontaneous ... money" of the party and the state.

Share exchanging coins sin

Pictures of children in court yesterday by the press he is posting

Inside, a public court hearing closed, and outside, instead of using loudspeakers, screen content to let people know how the trial for the people to be wary of "reactionaries", on the other hand, the by the authorities to open the speakers at full capacity in order to disguise their covert criminal action in the court. Video outer court:

giấu hành động tội ác vụng trộm của họ ở phía trong tòa. Video phía ngoài tòa:

10h47: People are more and more crowded. According to our observations, the police force enough components are broken into the top 20, they begin to areas where people are present. Is this a sign of warning about persecution, arrests without cause? We continue to monitor the crime took place their next?

Video: Pictures of people outside the Court: Innocent, innocent, innocent:

Video: Hình ảnh người dân bên ngoài Tòa: Vô tội, vô tội, vô tội:

One of the most dramatic elements not only for the person to the Court, but also the people around the court area as well as along the way, despite severe repression and brutality, but the violence did not make the laity here faltered.

They boldly entered and communion with them is to carry the cross in the trial of darkness, evil and the devil.

If in the main they do not have faith in justice, that justice is on their side, he will not be a driving force pushing them overcome any threat, so scared to come here. They won the traditional fear that the party life raged in this country decades.

11h20: The trial ended the morning, will continue this afternoon at 13h30.

In court: According to the new Queen of Justice received this morning mainly oral arguments of the attorneys and the Procuracy. In court today, defense lawyers have 5 to 12 victims, the victims do not have a lawyer and defend themselves. Although lawyers have given the evidence and arguments to refute the charges of the Procuracy of the accused, but also as we can predict the pocket for the trial has often happened in this country. Procuratorate rejected even though there is no evidence and legal arguments.

The defendant has the final say, Paulus Le Van Son has the following to say: Thank you family, old mother has taken care of nurture, apologized to her for the days of sick mother did not care for her mother. (Paulus Le Van Son did not know her mother had died when he was arrested not the at last mother). Thank you, aunt and his friends have to take care of sick mother instead of paint. Son, self-determination is not any crime and aspirations are just the require treatment right person, true crime based law.

But Nguyen Van Browse said loudly Court: "Only Christ is our hope and truth."

This afternoon, the hearing will continue at 13.30.

Afternoon 9/1/2013:

After hearing this morning, many people with intense emotion upon hearing the final words of the victims as Le Van Son, Nguyen Van Browse, and Paul Nguyen Minh Japan has to say as well as the following : "I would like to thank my parents, family, friends brothers attended the hearing. May the Vietnamese society with truth and justice. I accept everything that this mode suppression and accept the punishment as long as truth and justice are present in this country. "

Though even in this trial, as darkness covered, whether in front of people is about the vast dark and demonic voice screaming as the judge, but we believe in the dream of the siblings will true one day.

1330: For the transport of the victims to the Court:


Sea transport of the victims of 37A 000.39

13h40: start trial courts, do not know for what reason they had to deceive people attended the hearing 15h started hearing this afternoon? On the other hand, Mr. Ho Van Luc is the brother of Ho Duc Hoa were present by invitation of the court and was on hand to attend the hearing date from yesterday but this afternoon, the courts and the police refused to him without stating the reason. Cover is an act of blatant violations of the law of the court Nghe An and police.

One person said: "Ask, courts and police are law enforcement agencies, but also blatantly trampled the law, what is the definition of a government?" But I know this question is redundant, because the answers are available and it is about food and water every day in the communist regime.

14h02: At this, in Vinh weather is becoming colder in addition to that it was raining heavily. Police and security forces have staked out positions. The police and plainclothes thugs also gathered in groups.


14.30: The amount of police, civil defense after being split the spot this afternoon, now has many times the number of troops, east multiply the number of followers and people to attend court. They rummage and search anyone near them stood.

The examination of citizens regardless of boys, girls, young and old, women and children was made blatantly between daylight like a herd of wild animals is playing finger after blood feeding. Never had this situation happened so blatant and despicable.

The court today has attracted the attention of many components of society, the laity as well as international media. In particular, religious organizations, human rights and the government.

Just before the communist authorities to trial presentation, the Vietnamese Catholic Union Communications issued a press release stating:

"Many international organizations have signed the petition letter include organization Human Rights Watch (HRW), the Southeast Asian Press Alliance (SEAPA), the Southeast Asian Press protection, Confederation of Human Rights South, Center for Vietnamese writers in exile unions and organizations of Catholic Action to abolish torture (ACAT), the Italian organization for legal protection media (MLDI), electronic fund border (EFF) ... Recommendations request immediate release of the 14 people confirmed they are the social activities as well as the withdrawal of the charges against them. Recommendation letter said: "These individuals are simply exercising free speech, freedom of assembly and association of international law they are guaranteed."

Recommendations 2nd letter of the human rights organization reiterated previous recommendations letter, the human rights organization said that since then, the situation of the 14 young men were not improving but getting worse , with four people convicted unjustly. While the rest without the help of lawyers.

Moreover, the writing of the majority of patriotic intellectuals, including Bishop Paul Nguyen Thai Hop, Bishop of Vinh, Vietnamese people ask the National Assembly to cancel Article 88 of the Criminal Code Vietnam for "propaganda against the Socialist Republic Vietnam" and Decree 38/2005/NĐ-CP of the Government dated 18.03.2005 "defined a number of measures to ensure public order." Since Article 88 of the Penal Code provides a fuzzy on charges of propaganda against the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, in fact stifle freedom of speech has been Vietnam's Constitution and the International Covenant on Civil and main value recognized and guaranteed.

Before the unjust arrest of 14 young men nearly two years, the Vietnamese Catholic Union Communications Communion, Prayer, and share with the youth of suffering, along with the family of brothers was arrested unfairly shield, we severely condemn and denounce before the international public opinion acts of oppression and unfair arrests. We ask the Vietnamese communist authorities:

1) Drop immediate 14 youth of the Catholic Church and the Protestant Church was persecuted unfairly and illegally detained them ..

2) Stop the persecution of the Catholic Church and other religions. To ensure the security of places of worship of all religions.

3) strictly respect the law by the government of Vietnam issued.

4) Absolute respect for Human Rights and Religious Freedom under the Charter of the United Nations said.

Faith in God, we earnestly invite Vietnamese hearts united in communion, sharing, and accompany the victims and their families in particular, Ethnic and Vietnam in general in the context of this injustice. "

14h 45: Laity to the court distracted by hostile forces and bloody, odd split them into small groups, with a group of parishioners no weapon in his hand, they still resolutely sat anxiously waiting and clinging the outer cylinder:


At 14h20: Some people go through the square, where the statue of Ho Chi Minh (court security technology about 1.5 km) and stop shooting immediately, civil defense forces, the police and thugs rushed to arrested and taken to the camera.

Although Nghe An authorities to mobilize all forces for repression, arrests relatives of the victims and the people attending the "public trial closed" but that does not make the people here discourage press. They have to find other ways to express the will of communion with his victims by pasting images, banners, slogans and around Vinh City area.


Banners and pictures of the victims around the city of Vinh, denouncing the crimes to the authorities

15h: alarmed by the actions despicable, barbaric and trial darkness, the devil was laid bare by the media, Nghe An authorities are mobilizing the police, civil defense and security frenzy Contents examination of arrests of recording media, recording, filming of the people.

But, the action is just a miserable bike. Nothing can hide the truth. By truth as fire, it will flare up and burn the devil, darkness.

Justice CTV Queen is very hard in this unequal battle. Please pray for them. You can send words of encouragement and pray for them in the feedback section of the Queen of Justice.

15h 38: Many of the police and civil defense problem was introduced to many parts of Vinh City, CTV Queen of Justice has seen them face close during gaze and scrutiny of many parts. But they lack the basics: popular, so the CTV Queen of Justice still people sheltered and safe.

According to CTV Queen of Justice at the hearing, the presiding judge in a hurry at all stages of the proceedings, as long as want to get as soon as possible of the trial that they know that this is inhuman trial , dishonest and immoral, regardless of the law.

Ways in communion with the victims were taken, some banners continue to be produced and put to use:


Communion with the victims anywhere, any time and any form of

16h: On the streets in Vinh city, where parishioners were blocking this morning, the banner of the People protest ongoing trial unfair is unlawful, banners appear simultaneously in Quan Bau, near Gasoline trees, at Ben Thuy, road Cua Lo ... people this is an opportunity to see the true face of the Communist government and the cause of the victims on trial today.

CTV Queen of Justice recorded the image of civil defense teams, plainclothes thugs do not go scouring the banner:


14h 12: Court sentenced.

Despite all the evidence of innocence of the victims, before the sharp arguments of the lawyers and the victims, clearly identify their innocence. Their crimes if there is commitment to sacrifice for love of country, as the Fatherland sacred territory, so unlucky in Communist society. But with a vague conviction based laws, the communist authorities deliberately closed his eyes accusing them with severe judgments.

Initial information received, the judgment as follows:

Paulus Le Van Son, Ho Duc Hoa Xuan Dieu: 13 years in prison, five years of probation after the prison term.

-Nguyen Dang Minh Man 8 years in prison and five years of probation.

-Nguyen Van Browsing 6 years in prison and four years of probation.

-Thai Van Dung five years in prison, three years of probation.

-Agriculture Hung Anh five years in prison, three years of probation.

-Nguyen Dinh Cuong 4 years in prison, three years of probation.

-Tran Minh Nhat 4 years in prison, 3 conversion probation.

-Nguyen Xuan Anh 3 years in prison, two years of probation.

-Nguyen Van Oai 3 years in prison, two years of probation.

-Ho Van Oanh 3 years in prison, two years of probation.

-Dang Ngoc Minh three years in prison, two years of probation.

- Nguyen Dang Vinh Phuc probation.

According to CTV Queen of Justice said: When sentenced, without any tears from the victims or attitude of fear or panic, against the victim still smiling, accept as a bid for Truth - Justice and his commitment.

Dear reader

After two days together to track the so-called trial of the forces of evil and darkness, Queen of Justice did the best I could, in order to meet the requirements see the true face of the communist authorities , which had been awarded: Promise enemy, evil people. Through this trial, once again proved the nature of the the Communist trial, only to harm people, harm people who have heart for home, country and community to please the patron China .

We remember the old mother, the sister, the small children, priests, parishioners and people were not afraid of roads far away from Hanoi, Highlands has exceeded all their employees to the victim is a witness of truth, justice.

We remember the victims of the most resilient and stable before the trial of the devil.

We remember communion from all over the world have toward brothers and sisters victims today.

We recorded deepen a barbaric crimes of the dictatorship, Gentile slaves in this era of the country.

Trial ended, but how the work is still ahead when the communist dictatorship terminal problem people.

Heavy sentence and brutality has said, but the thing to think about is whether this bloodthirsty Communist regime exists to date open port in prison for this victim?

This depends all of us, including us, have you, every citizen of Vietnam capital of peace and morality, do not accept being enslaved to the Gentiles.

Queen of Justice would like to wish you readers firm step, optimistic, overcome fear comes up to force communist dictator to step down.

Thank Reporter, Contributor, Editor, Queen of Justice was not afraid to sacrifice, hard miles long sunny rain, wind, cold and dangerous by the communist authorities want schemes thousand, to bring the information timely and valuable for you to read. Also like to thank the intelligence and enthusiasm of the readers, of the CTV was timely provision of information by all means, every possible way to the Queen of Justice to promptly convey to the reader.

Thank you bloggers, relatives and people who matter do not have a relationship with the victim, still acceptable beyond obstacles to trial, some people even arrest against the law. All things are possible under the current regime.

Wishing you a New Year wellbeing, prosperity and health, pray for the country to quickly exit the atheist communist victims to no more infamous trial today.

Sincerely grateful.

See you again on the way of seeking justice - truth - Peace.

09/01/2013. On the end of the infamous trial.


Queen of Justice

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