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Commemorate and pray for 74 Paracel dead, pray for the peace of the country of Vietnam before the aggression of the Chinese communist government




At this time nearly 40 years ago, the Republic of Vietnam soldiers bravely sacrificed his life to protect the territorial integrity of Vietnam before the aggression of the Chinese communist government. Noble sacrifice of his very dear and a good example for Vietnamese young people of all generations. Especially in the current period, Vietnam is once again faced with the illegal invasion from the communist government of China. The sad and full of fears for the future of the country of Vietnam today is the attitude and behavior of weak, spineless and wicked hard to understand the group's leaders and the Communist Party of Vietnam for aggressor China today. 

We admire his work and of prayer for the said 74 dead. And to live up to the noble sacrifice of him, the Vietnamese people we do not need to live so that was worthy of that sacrifice, but also to follow him in the defense of Vietnam National dear enemies invading China is full of wild and unruly. Besides voiced express our patriotism, the Vietnamese people we need to be more concerned about the current situation of the country, destiny survival of the country and especially for yourself and family of each of us at risk again become slaves to communist China in the future. 

In addition to united prayer for the brave monks of Vietnam, we are united prayer for the leaders of Vietnam soon aware of their proper responsibility to the people and country. Pray for a country Vietnam peace and true prosperity, especially during the Socialist period and the current volatile country next serious threat from the great enemy to the north of us. In parallel with the fervent prayer, the Vietnamese people we need more practical action in transforming the thought of the Vietnamese State leader for National and benefits for public protecting and building the country. As identified and called Truc Ho musician, music director of the recent Asia. Let us show patriotism and determined defense of our beloved Vietnam on the spirit "Trieu heart, a voice." Please people not indifferent to the fate research fall of Vietnam country today. 


Commemorate and pray for the 74 dead Paracels 
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  VRNs (01/19/2013) - Saigon - The open encyclopedia Wikipedia, "Naval War Hoang Sa is a battle between the Republic of Vietnam Navy and PLA from 17 to 19 January 1974 on the islands Hoang Sa.

In 1951, At the San Francisco Peace Treaty with Japan, Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Vietnam National Tran Van Huu said both the Spratly and Paracel Islands belong to Vietnam territory South, and did not encounter any protest or reservation from 51 countries attended the conference. After the French withdrawal from Indochina, South Vietnam inherited sovereignty over the entire archipelago from the National Vietnam but part of the archipelago was the People's Republic of China for the French troops occupied when withdrawn; Republic of Vietnam only seized and implementation of the right to be a part of the archipelago until the sea battle occurred. After the battle, China has occupied the Paracel Islands to date. "

According to Wikipedia, the progress Hoang Sa sea battle in 1974 as follows:

"Chinese naval Detection and retake the islands: January 16, 1974, cruisers Ly Thuong Kiet (HQ-16) after sending a delegation of soldiers I Corps Army of the Republic of Vietnam by Major dozen Hong leader (including an American named Kosh in the Office of the U.S. Military Attaché in Da Nang) to explore some of the Paracel Islands to establish a short airstrip found two camouflage fishing boat 402 and No. 407 PLA near Japanese Friendship Island (also known incorrectly as the "Cam Ye island"), and discovered the Chinese military occupation of the island of Quang Hoa and a Chinese flag at the Japanese Friendship Island, only Joinery Quang Photos (left incorrectly called "Yongle Island").

After newspapers Naval Command Coastal Zone 1 in Danang, HQ-16 used optical performance required Chinese warship to leave the territorial waters of Vietnam. Chinese warships disapprove the request, and also used optical performance requirements the Republic of Vietnam to leave Chinese waters.

January 17, 1974, the destroyer Tran Khanh Du (HQ-4) to Hoang Sa carrying a math frogmen (special customs) and a comedy team landed Japanese Friendship, Wei Meng, small imaging China, the Republic of Vietnam flag.
Republic of Vietnam soldiers then pulled back on board. According flagship HQ-16, Lieutenant Colonel Le Van Thu, payment of customs special leave HQ-4 in rubber boats to up HQ-16. Identification of the day two prospective Liep Kronstad Chinese 274 and 271 appear.

China accounted decision Hoang Sa: Night January 17, 1974, Zhou Enlai received the report the Paracels from the situation Ly Force, Deputy Director of the General Staff combat the Chinese People's Liberation Army. Then Zhou together with Michelle For Mao He wrote the report sent the proposal to send troops to the Paracel Islands.

Mao Zedong approved the report of Zhou Enlai, Ye For You: "Yes!", Saying, "This game can not beat". Ye Mao Zedong delivered to your photos and Deng Xiaoping directly commanded the battle in the Paracel Islands. This is the first battle of Deng Xiaoping when he was reinstated after seven years of "re-education".

South Vietnam Republic declare war: landings failed to immediately report to the Ministry of the Navy commander I coast. Few minutes later (at about 9 am and 30 am, January 19) Navy vice admiral Republic of Vietnam Ho Van States Telephone behest of President Nguyen Van Thieu voice brief "open fire" Unbelievable Colonel on the super frequency band SSB (single side band) and did not have any other details.

Unbelievable colonel original plans for the fleet firing on the island to make way for the Marines landed. Then by the other chief objection flagship, Unbelievable colonel decided to destroy the enemy ships. At 10 hours 22 the same day, two warships of the Republic of Vietnam is the HQ-16 and HQ-10 carried into the basin Paracel grip, before shooting into the Chinese warships are anchored in the region this. China actively moving ships and fierce counter-attack. The two remaining warships of the Republic of Vietnam as HQ-4 and HQ-5 also carried into the basin, fought from southwest. Because of the very limited observations, should from cruisers HQ-5 unobservable cruisers Escort HQ-16 and HQ-10 flagship. By voice intercom period of single frequency with China jamming should flagship can only communicate with the remaining warships in the PRC 25.

A combat situation: After about 15 minutes of fighting, HQ-10 caught fire in place and sunk, HQ-16 hit tubes 127 of the HQ-5 tunnel penetrated the machine is tilted more than 10 degrees to retreat to the west. After a few minutes of naval HQ-4 suffered only minor damage but due to obstacles fired not promote fire forced the receding. Operation Leader HQ-5, Bui Ngoc it, HQ-5 after 15 minutes of fighting were hit enemy cannon led cannon 127 cups and 40 cups disabled.

About 11 hours 25, after receiving the news of HQ-16 hit and lost contact with HQ-10, and found a Chinese warship equipped each staging a dual missile launcher marine away about 8 to 10 nautical miles out into the fighting with a high speed, Unbelievable Colonel ordered HQ-4 and HQ-5, retreat to the southeast, toward Subic Bay, the Philippines because he thinks that the customs team not to damage an aircraft carrier while the Republic of Vietnam Navy has a total of 2 units.

But the colonel tried, Unbelievable colonel ordered to retreat because of "fear of the jet and the Chinese submarine", "should not the spirit to fight anymore." He says that the east appeared a Chinese warship equipped with missiles only imagine because "as long as 8 to 10 nautical miles away is hard to see each rocket launchers". The Chinese side also heavily damaged, an ironing board to the beach, a ship on fire, can not afford to chase.

Vietnam Republic withdrew: In time of war, the commander of the Republic of Vietnam Navy received notice of the U.S. Military Attaché Office (DAO) in Ho Chi Minh City, said radar Seventh Fleet team noted a number of warships and combat aircraft from Hainan is moving toward the Paracels. Chinese warship spent the hospital has not been pinpointed, but can include two anti-submarine ship number 281 and 282 the Hainan class ships. Navy Vice Admiral Republic of Vietnam Ho Van Ky Voice said "We have decided to withdraw U.S. advisers said 17 Chinese warships were on their way to the region and likely that there will be planes jet coming from the island of Hainan. " Ministry of the Republic of Vietnam Navy commander then requested help Seventh Fleet, but the U.S. refused. After considering correlation Command Forces, Republic of Vietnam warships were ordered to withdraw.

About 14 hours and 30 days 19/01/1974 across the islands Triton, HQ-5 Naval Command command from Da Nang: "HQ-4 and HQ-5 to return to the Paracels, if necessary, board beach ". But not long after there is a next command from Danang, HQ-4 and HQ-5 back to Da Nang.

End of hostilities: That night, three Republic of Vietnam warship damaged were ordered to withdraw to bases. Go to Da Nang, while checking it out HQ-16 hit by a bullet fired from HQ-5 rainbow falling water met resistance of water is deflected and hit keel underwater HQ-16. According to the report of Lieutenant Colonel Le Van Thu: "The bullet scratched a corner power, frequently broken arm Sergeant Electrical Engineering Xuan then and ducked into the gas storage in a basement corner and stays there". To escort ships HQ-10 in 19 was hit and sunk. HQ-4 withdrew from first by obstacles fired should only slight damage. According to officers Bui Ngoc it HQ-5 severe damage: "count all 102 bullet holes 100 glass cannon, cannon balls 37 cups smaller hole and does not count, separate bridge hit ten left 100 cannons glass but luck is protected by two layers of steel, so when this through two layers of steel, out of range ".

China occupies the entire Paracels: After listening to the report on the fighting in the Paracel Islands, Deng Xiaoping instructed the Guangzhou Military District continued to conquer the Paracel Islands, the Japanese Friendship and Quang Picture. January 20, four MiG-21 aircraft and Chinese MiG-23 bombed the island Friends Nhat Quang Photos and Paracel Islands. Next, the Chinese military amphibious assault the garrison of the Republic of Vietnam on this island. After 20 minutes, the forces of the Republic of Vietnam on the island lost contact ".

Today exactly 39 years of war dead lie down to protect the Paracel islands. Vietnamese nationals, we commemorate and pray for this national hero.

Here is a list of 74 South Vietnam public soldiers dead in the naval battle of the Paracel Islands on 19.01.1974: 

* Escort carrier Nhut Tao HQ 10:

1 / HQ colonel Nguy Van Tha, HT / HQ 10
2 / HQ lacking-Colonel Nguyen Thanh Tri, HP / HQ 10
3 / HQ of-Lt Vu Van Bang
4-/ HQ of-Lt HH / TT Huynh Duy Thach
5 / HQ secondary-captain CK Vu Dinh Huan
6 / HQ p / Lt Pham Van Dong
7 / HQ tr / Ngo Chi Thanh
8 / Sergeant major TP. Chau Quang Noi Truong
9 / Sergeant major CK Phan Tan Lieng
10 / Sergeant major DK Vo Kiet
11 / Sergeant major operate-transfer Hoang Ngoc Le (oldest)
12 / Sergeant first class VT Phan Tien Chung
13 / Sergeant QK Nguyen Van Tuan
14 / Sergeant. GL Vuong Thuong
15 / Sergeant TP. Nam
16 / Sergeant TP Germany
17 / Sergeant TP Huynh Kim Sang
18 / Sergeant TX Le Anh Dung
19 / Sergeant DK Lai Viet Luan
20 / Sergeant Shipping Ngo Tan Son
21 / Sergeant. GL Ngo Van
22 / Sergeant TP Nguyen Thanh Trong
23 / Sergeant TP Nguyen Vinh Xuan
24 / Sergeant CK Pham Van Quy
25 / Sergeant CK Nguyen Tan Si
26 / Sergeant CK Tran Van Ba
27 / Sergeant Nguyen Quang Xuan
28 / Sergeant BT Tran Van Dam
29 / HS1/Transfer Le Van Tay
30 / HS1/Transfer Luong Thanh Thu
31 / HS1/TP Nguyen Quang Men
32 / HS1/Transfer Ngo Sau
33 / HS1/CK Dinh Hoang Mai
34 / HS1/CK Tran Van Mong
35 / HS1/DV Tran Van Dinh
36 / HS operate-transfer Truong Hong Dao
37 / HS-transported Huynh Cong Tru
38 / HS / GL Nguyen Xuan Cuong
39 / HS / GL Nguyen Van Hoang (youngest)
40 / HS / TP Phan Van Hung
41 / HS / TP Nguyen Van Than
42 / TT / DT Thanh
43 / TT / TP Thi Van Sinh
44 / Th / artists DT Tho
45 / HS / TP Nguyen Van Loi
46 / HS / CK Tran Van Bay
47 / HS / CK Nguyen Van Dong
48 / HS / PT Tran Van Thêm
49 / HS / CK Pham Van Ba
50 / HS / DK Nguyen Ngoc Hoa
51 / HS / DK Tran Van Cuong
52 / HS / PT Nguyen Van Phuong
53 / HS / PT Phan Van Thep
54 / TT1/TP Nguyen Van Nghia
55 / TT1/TP Nguyen Van Duc
56 / TT1/TP Ly Phung Quy
57 / TT1/VT Pham Van Thu
58 / TT1/PT Nguyen Huu Phuong
59 / TT1/TX Pham Van Leo
60 / TT1/CK Duong Van Loi
61 / TT1/CK Chau Tuy Tuan
62 / TT1/DT Dinh Van Thuc
* The destroyer Tran Khanh Du HQ 4:
63 / HQ mid-Captain Nguyen Phuc Xa
64 / HS1 shipping Nguyen Thanh Danh
65 / Nickname comedy Nguyen Van Vuong
* Cruisers Tran Binh Trong HQ 5:
66 / HQ Lieutenant Nguyen Van Dong
67 / Th / artist and Training Nguyen Phu Hao
68 / TS1/TP Nguyen Dinh Quang
* Cruisers Ly Thuong Kiet HQ 16:
69 / TS / DK Xuan
70 / HS / QK Nguyen Van Duyen
* The Counterfeit Force:
71/Lieutenant NN Le Van Don
72/HS/NN Do Van Long
73/TS/NN Dinh Huu Tu
74/TT/NN Nguyen Van Tien


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