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Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No. 163 release dated 15 -01-2013




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 - Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No. 163 release dated 15 -01-2013,
 - The editorial of the semi-monthly magazine.
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               Must be Shame!!!
Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No. 163 release dated 15 -01-2013,

            1 - What is the people's opinion on the amendment of the Constitution began. From the state to the media (tools) are noisy claims about the so-called "vibrant democratic activities" floating.

            Newspaper Vietnamnet (electronic) dated 6-11-2012, said: "discuss the morning session, National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung, Chairman drafted amendments HP, highlighted a number of requirements for participants in suggestions for the revision process. He said: HP has defined all power lies people. Authorize Congress People, people also set the state institutions should all be subject to the supervision of the people, including party organizations and party members. HP modify this basic framework will be able to demonstrate the power of the people. " So people really do it! Rather sick dread, Nguyen president calmly said: "Drafting Committee agreed preserved 4 HP about the leadership role of the Party." That is the force leading the State and society VN (ie the people) are still just the party has always claimed to be "the vanguard and loyal representative of the working class, the working people (whether two these sexes traditionally been used to be sacrificed and exploited to the bone) and the nation of Vietnam (though these people have traditionally been made experiments for the extravagant Marxist-Leninist ideology and slave colony for the mode CS totalitarian).

            To the Communist session (electronic) on 02-01-2013 said: "On 28-12-2012, the General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong has issued Directive No. 22 of the Politburo of the organization People's opinions about draft amendment HP ". Just market opening so eloquently: "The organization of the people's comments on the draft amendments HP 1992 is an important political activity phase, large in the entire Party, people and the political system in order to local autonomy, wisdom, enthusiasm of all classes of the people ... to contribute to building a law-governed socialist State $ of the people, by the people, for the people. "Then he ordered the agency leaders, organizations and units to "supervise, check and create the necessary conditions for ... the people's opinion; promptly remove difficulties and obstacles ... to build a stakeholder report views of the people, ensuring timely, quality, efficiency, fully and accurately reflect the opinions of the people. " Heard that too happy! But no time to celebrate because their zeal interested in the languages ​​of the party, it has been a dozen fire by the adjacent Mr. President: "Central Military Commission, the Central Party police leadership and examine the comments draft amendment HP ... closely direct the work of ensuring national defense and security, social order and safety; coordinate with other agencies and organizations to keep up the fight and prevent acts of benefit the people's democratic consultation to spread lies against the Party and the State. " That is the opinion of the people this time not just civilian employees or the journalist even listen to the words or received written comments relating to HP and then sent to the National Assembly, which forces and the police must also be involved, because the party feared that in People we draft will be those who take advantage of the opportunity to consult it to attack the party and the state, undermining security and upset the social order . Mr. President, in the same text, we can say conflicting things (on demagogic, under threat) without any shame at all!

            And yet, in a press conference on 29-12-2012, Mr. Phan Trung Ly, chief editor of the revised draft HP then claim people can give ideas for any content in the draft, including Article 4 HP, `no taboo anything. Earlier, well above Vietnamnet adds: Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc (Steering Committee reviews the implementation of HP) said: "We are listen, very bridge. HP and want a long-term value ". Thought this time the government has to share part of "ownership" for the people, is a step towards democratization in Myanmar context are far-reaching political reforms. But also key to his continued calmly: "Affirming Article 4, confirms the leadership of the Party is a very important content. So the amendment to the user to specify only one party leader ... ". The previous sentence after verbal fight like that and still say where only those who either do not know the reasoning or thinking completely off nerves shame! That is the ultimate shameless!

            And of course the standard variable shame and this will be reflected in the summary at the end of March, when the CS see adverse opinion would flatly thrown in the trash, any suggestions to "jump feeling "or" taboo ", will be carefully recorded in the dark, waiting for the date of the court with many crimes of the Criminal Code: Article 78: criminal national treason, Article 79: criminal operation to overthrow the People's Rights, Article 80: criminal Spy, Article 87: criminal undermining national unity policy, Article 88: criminal propaganda against the State, etc.

            2 - BBC (electronic) dated 10-01-2013 gave newsletter "Hanoi team polemics." Accordingly, at the meeting of the National Propaganda 2012 morning 9-1 in Hanoi, head of the Party Committee Propaganda Ho Quang Loi said the city has organized a team (consisting of 19 websites and more than 400 accounts on social networking sites) to "face-to-face fight, join internet polemic against allegations of hostile forces distorting". In addition, the agency also organized propaganda team of 900 "opinion" work of propaganda. Loi said: "In water, the political groups the opportunity to take advantage of the patriotism of the masses of the Chinese behavior in the East Sea, the burning land clearance have enabled the people to organize dozens of marches protesters, negative consequences, affecting the image and the overall development of the country "...

            It is known hand Propaganda Chief of Party Committee served as deputy editors Army and New Hanoi newspaper editor. Army life is a newspaper specializing sophistry and poison public opinion, recently floating floating home crowd with the song "Can not accept the national army" of his Lieutenant-General, Associate Professor, Dr. Nguyen Tien Binh , and the song "Article 88 of the Penal Code with human rights and civil rights" of certain authors Dejiang counter the comments calling for respect for human rights in Vietnam. Hanoi flyers, each known by up something slanderous attack the Thai Ha parishioners and Archbishop Ngo Quang Kiet in 2007-2008 that Ho Quang Loi is the main plot. By  "making this big victory and up to the party"  should be promoted to Head Hanoi Propaganda powerful and lucrative.

            According to the authors Tam Don (with "Army unit cowardly" posted on BVN), this is the first time an official CS publicly acknowledge the existence of a salaried professional writing group, that public opinion is often called ' Red Guards', or 'CAM' (network security). It is similar to the Chinese side about 10 years ago, when those who dissent, the democratic opposition began using sharp tools Internet to spread democratic ideas and values ​​superiority against terrible totalitarian ideology of the communist authorities. Beijing at that time, in addition to fabricating criminal evidence to be easier for their imprisonment to silence conscience, has created a tool that is extremely vicious and rotten coward: mercenary forces on the network, task of writing the feedback defended the communist party, containing the ideas of democracy and reform. The "warrior" special salary incentives all day sitting at a computer, then squeeze allegations that the desired party, then go on the internet. With an estimated 20,000, silent army soldiers and shameless it has received no small amount of money (heard is 50 yuan for each comment) from the people's tax money.

            In Vietnam, about 3-4 years now, many people have posed the question: Does our country there exists a mercenary force on the network? No one answered. But until the morning of 09-01-2013, it became clear: my name VC also learned his craft teacher Train community, building a mercenary army on the network, under the administration of a in those of the thickest and most shameless media field CS (next to Friendship Convention and Nguyen Nhu Phong). With the recognition of the Ho Quang Loi, Viet Cong again apply the measures and policies of the Chinese community, including macro and micro. Team of mercenaries on a network set up by the Communist Party and paid with the people's tax money will certainly despite embarrassed, honest wholesaler to continue the role cowardly (anonymous, anonymous), rough ( hacker vandalism) and duplicity (fabricated distort) to attack dissidents, gender democracy dissidents and intellectuals argued in Vietnam.

            3 - It must be named some leaders very high but also very thick which is the public name reminds many other events in recent times. It was General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong with "stance Discipline (in the party) only generate animosity, deal, factions, internal disorders" and cover the same attitude as "human thought" (The voters Hanoi on 01-12-12). It is the former deputy minister of Natural Resources and Environment Dang Hung Vo on 8-11-2012, had acknowledged mistakes and errors in front of Van Giang farmers signed two papers in 2004 led to the Deputy Prime Minister at the time sign decisions on illegal land acquisition, and only a few days later is not embarrassed mouth recognizing him too rash!?! That was Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, which is impregnated (and fear of public opinion is determined to) before the actress and film director Nguyen Thi Kim Chi, the date 8-12-2012, refusal of praise him as "not like in the signature of a leader country who are working poor, suffering people" and see it as an insult.

            Shame, Integrity Wholesale is one of the virtues of the God endowed human beings to build character, stop hands before to do bad thing, to fix the mistakes that have been committed and conduct change, way of action, especially toward others and society in the future. But the history of decades of communist parties that this quality is almost completely absent where the party members, especially where the party leadership. No wonder politicians increasingly harsh, increasingly economic downturn, more and more crippling moral, social chaos and the country increasingly more at risk!

            Editorial Board

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