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Decipher policy on the East Sea to see the actual risk that Vietnam country is facing



Views and perceptions of Lieutenant General Nguyen Chi Vinh, Vietnamese Deputy Minister of Defence expressed the views of the Government of Viet Nam for the participation of Parties in the East Sea issue made people from the startled . Vietnamese communist state government through the statement of a senior Ministry of Defense did not understand correctly, understand the risk that the country of Vietnam, Vietnamese Ethnicity are facing before aggression and brazen aggressively of the Chinese communist government, or intentionally did not want to understand or misunderstand at all? Aggression overly provocative and Wildlife Center invade Vietnam's communist Beijing China Group is now completely true undeniable and like this, the leaders of the Party and government Vietnamese communist government will have to explain how to people throughout the country while continuing keep and develop intimate relationships with the Chinese Communist Party and the government instead of synergies with people and army protest and action against their illegal invasion?

Right as the remarks of Major General Nguyen Trong Vinh, a veteran diplomat and has ever served as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary in Beijing before, with traditional Vietnamese invasion from the time our ancestors we have so far, between China and Vietnam how to have friendship, comradeship and true as the statement and the false irresponsible of Lieutenant General Nguyen Chi Vinh. Recorded history before and the truth evident remains at present, is based on what and where that the leaders of the party and the communist government of Vietnam continues to believe and keep the faith blindly with the party and the Chinese communist regime, a neighboring country, one of their teammates is the same communist ideology with Vietnam embraced socialist but occupied territory, land, and sovereignty Sea island Vietnam? With these process in full of such concerns, try to ask how people can believe in eloquent statement of government that : "To settle sovereignty disputes with China let the Party and the State government concerned. ..!!!??? "

The desire of the people of Vietnam now is measures, the defense action in a practical and effective, not just empty promises bluff with outrageous moves , shady and full of confusing of leaders group of the Party and State governments communist Vietnam. Multilateral East Sea issue and in island sovereignty dispute with China is the only option to help Vietnam rid within China's restraint and avoid the danger of dehydration in the future. Regarding the choice of backing from the U.S. government as a close ally to help confront and deal effectively in the island sovereignty disputes with China is an essential and absolutely correct. Take a look at the alliance between the United States and other countries such as: Japan, the Philippines and South Korea ..... we will see that they are reliable or significant doubt as unfounded judgments so long of the Vietnamese communist government. The leaders of the communist party and the government, please do not continue demagogic to people. Please put ahead the interests of the people, of the National and Ethnic. Do not let people to choose the way of defense country in the form of confrontation with the government in addition to the desire.


Decoding policy on East Sea
Mac Lam, editor RFA

New Year's Day 2013, Tuoi Tre newspaper published an important article by Lieutenant General Nguyen Chi Vinh, Deputy Minister of Defense of Vietnam, expressed the views of the government of Vietnam for the participation of Parties in the South China Sea issue .

AFP photo
Senior lieutenant General Nguyen Chi Vinh (center) visiting an area contaminated with dioxin at Danang airport, a former U.S. air base, where the ceremony cleansing project Dioxin was held on 09/8/2012

The article can draw three main things, first Vietnam before after still see China is the same ideology and the word comrade is always important in the national dialogue. Second, Vietnam see the participation of the United States in the East Sea derived from the economic interests of the country and warned that not to repeat history. Third, the anti-Chinese protests absolutely no benefit but on the contrary makes China an excuse to distort Vietnam's goodwill, misrepresentation advocated settlement of disputes by peaceful means in Vietnam.

Similar ideology or national interest?

When it comes to China, Lieutenant General Nguyen Chi Vinh, Deputy Minister of Defense confirmed the similarity of the Hanoi and Beijing share a Communist ideology will help the cause of socialist construction easier.

Deputy Minister Vinh acknowledged that "legacy platform that govern the behavior of the two countries. One of the characteristics of ideology between Vietnam and China is a Communist Party leadership. If there is a huge socialist friends besides supporting and mutually beneficial cooperation would be extremely advantageous to the cause of building socialism in Vietnam. "

Digging deeper into this assertion will arise two major questions. First, if China is to pursue the path of socialism that Vietnam always identified or not. Answer this question, Major General Nguyen Trong Vinh a veteran diplomat who served as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary in Beijing, said:

From our ancestor until now, the traditional period which China invaded Vietnam, they do have traditional friendship? Nothing is invented only. Two is that the ideological similarities also not true because since Deng Xiaoping he said the phrase "cat black cat white cat that catches mice is a good cat" that means he has to follow the path of Capitalism, left the socialist path, although he still says socialism with Chinese colors.

In fact he went the way of capitalist social and now China is a capitalist society, the development is incomplete, not socialist, not to find something called a socialist. I said Nguyen Chi Vinh said that is not true, is trying to say get it.

The second question that the Deputy Minister of Defense Nguyen Chi Vinh confirmed as great which really support and cooperation with Vietnam? The answer will be very fast and brief "no" based on the historical truth no one can deny. 1979 border war made clear to those who still believe that China helped Vietnam against to the United States entirely derived from the Communist ideal. The truth, if not under the thumb of the Chengdu Conference, perhaps the Vietnamese Communist Party does not take ideological similarities to protect Chinese behavior that is often applied to Vietnam.

There are two China?


Seamless new leader of China. AFP photo

More, if the identity of the East Sea issue under the overview will show very clearly the desire Hoang Sa and Truong Sa and many other small islands of China is the policy throughout the last several decades that typical most cases occupied the Paracel Islands in 1974 and Gac Ma, 1988.

The reading of people to Article of Lieutenant General Nguyen Chi Vinh will feel that there are two countries China in this document. A China with gentle shape, friendship, even love and trusted in the negotiations between the two parties. Another China that General Vinh mentions in the manner shy, cautious, avoided highlighting its ambitions in the aggression against Vietnam.

From this fact, the answer of Lieutenant General Nguyen Chi Vinh led the reader astray: it is China that is the causative agent of the current dispute? Chinese political system with Hanoi or China has invaded the land, territory, island sovereignty of Vietnam through the power of the invaders?

Small countries are disadvantaged role in the settlement of big country that is the truth. The United States had abandoned Vietnam in the '70s is also true. However insensitivity in bringing this truth in diplomatic manner will make the country deep into the position of self-Isolate is another truth.

The story of America is Lieutenant General Nguyen Chi Vinh mentioned as a warning in the back position of Washington's Asia-Pacific. Mr. Vinh told that he had ever said to a senior U.S. defense official that: "If you do what has been said, I welcome, otherwise he will be forced to leave the area as 1975 to leave Vietnam. "

Vietnamese people heard estimates that Lieutenant General Nguyen Chi Vinh also use this way of speaking to Beijing for Hanoi fully competent Chinese authorities told the same thing like it is: "If you do what has to say about 16 words 4 good welcome, otherwise he will be forced to leave the region as in 1979 leaving Vietnam ".

In the eyes of the leftist politicians, the United States was and still is seen as an international sen dress. Communists to exploit this idea in the lessons of propaganda against the United States during the Cold War and it still continue to this day to protect the country's one-party system under the Communist regime.

America and the historical truth


U.S. President Barack Obama and other leaders
of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in
Peace Palace in Phnom Penh November 20, 2012.
Artwork. AFP

This view influenced to each handshake with the U.S. and its diplomatic potential in the mentality of the authoritarian leaders of these countries.

Institutional Vietnam by a Party to a fear of the United States can not. But the question is: whether the U.S. really needs the role of Vietnam to the extent of being pleaded as Mr. Vinh describes in his nearly identical with their defense official or not?

Many people will believe it is not. And many people said that Vietnam has lifted himself off the ground overly.

If compared with China alone has few allies such as Vietnam or North Korea, the U.S. allies around the world. Not need analysis also shows that the United States treat their allies how to until now, after more than half a century, countries such as Australia, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines ... still sticking to and in no country scared as scared hero for a country like China.

Senior Lieutenant General Nguyen Chi Vinh, given the concern with the United States is a necessary but the way of speaking of him will make the whole world think that the United States is ambitious and deserves to be more wary than China. While the Paracels and the Spratlys in their hands. While Vietnamese fishermen could not go out to sea and every arrest, the People's Army of Vietnam helplessly watched. But Hanoi is considered important relationship of your party or ideological similarities between the two countries, it is difficult to convince the public opinion even within the Communist Party member.

A senior officer of the Vietnam People's Army did not want to be named, said his remarks about the current combat in the military:

I think that more and more high, the engine "keep loyalty to country and be pious to people" as descending. Those who soldier, people come from people's children so I think if there is war, people would be willing to fight for the people only but also above it as high up as descending.

About intellectuals ever worry that a country has a long fight like Vietnam but sleeping on winning too long can become weak and passive. A regime take partisan interests up the national interest, especially the party was closely associated with another country will not be able to avoid the painting took the country into the hands of his comrades.

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