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Communist government of Vietnam continued serious violations of human rights and challenge the International Community



"Propaganda against the State" and "conspiracy to overthrow the government" is one of the things about filled gaps in the Criminal Procedure Code of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the power to interpret an ambiguous to absurd to imprison the voice protest domestic dispute. in the past. Bringing to trial 22 members of a sect called the "Law Council Bia Son case" also accused of accused under Article 79 of the Penal Code "conspiracy to overthrow the government" that the government Vietnamese communists continued persecution the right to peaceful freedom of expression and the legitimacy of the people.

Before rising discontent in the hearts of the people of the policies and actions full of shortcomings related to land, relating to basic human freedoms are: Freedom of Religion, Freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and association .... Vietnamese Communist State Government urgently find ways to cope, including the use of violence to suppress, intimidate and most commonly immediate imprisonment anyone who has thoughts or acts of dissent, disagreement with the State government. Besides, regular use of the media and the press in the case of misinformation, slander and distort the truth in order to smear reduced credibility for the struggle Democrats to enlist consensus opinion from the people and sophistry, to cover and protect the misconduct of the communist government of Vietnam.

Rather than listen to people's aspirations to resolve things one way through to reach the Vietnamese communist government chose how to confront the person, but a series of suppression harassment, illegal arrest and detention to voice disagreement in the country in recent years, and to 22 members of the "Law Council Bia Son case" today is the concrete evidence and most obvious. Vietnamese Communist State governments that are increasingly more serious violations to the fundamental rights of citizens and legal challenges both the International Community. We call on the strong support from the International Community, the powers have a deep relationship with Vietnam as the U.S. and the bloc countries of Europe in order to create more pressure in forcing the Vietnamese government to respect their commitments to international on human rights. And the most practical and righteous is the rise from the Vietnamese people in the country who has been suffered the harsh fall banished from the communist state government of Vietnam.



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Vietnam: Treatment of 22 people accused of 'activities aimed at overthrowing the government »

Trong Thanh

Núi đá bia - Phú Yên Today 28/01/2013, in Phu Yen province, central Vietnam, began the preliminary hearing and trial 22 members of a religious sect called the «Code Council koan Bia Son», accused of «active to overthrow the government ». The protection of human rights concerns, the arrest and prosecution of the defendants for crimes mentioned above is an attempt by the government to increase the repression of dissent and prevent the freedom of assembly of people.

The trial head of the organization «Code Council koan Bia Son», along with 21 members of the group, is expected to take place within 5 days. The defendants allegedly the «activities aimed at overthrowing the people's administration» through a strategy of 'non-violence'. Vietnamese Justice also accused the organizations mentioned above «slander, defamation current regime, praised the ideology to propagate enchanting part masses (...) fade the confidence of the people we the people in the leadership of the Party and the State ... ».

Nearly a year ago, in February / 2012, Phu Yen provincial police suddenly arrested 18 members of the group «Council of Public Law Project Bia Son» in ecotourism Stone Park Beer, Hoa Xuan Nam , Dong Hoa district, Phu Yen province. After arrests, protection of human rights organizations Human Rights Watch, in recommendations «dialogue Australia - Viet Nam on human rights», called on the Vietnamese government to 'immediately allow all members of the group exposed the legal assistance and allow their relatives to be visited to see ». According to official media in the country, opening court has not referred to the involvement of the lawyer.

According to local press, «Council Project Bia Son law in effect from 2003 to 2012 under the leadership of Mr. Phan Van Thu (real name Tran Cong), 65. Mr. Tran Cong is the founder of the sect `An Dan Dai Dao religion before 1975 and had concentration camps for many years after Unification Vietnam. Organization «Bia Son law koan Council 'has about 300 members, residing in many provinces and cities in central and southern Vietnam, and living in several small groups. Main doctrines of this group are common public network.

Cases heard group «the Bia Son law koan Council» is an occasion prompted human rights defenders fear the Vietnamese authorities increased repression of dissidents. In recent years, dozens of dissidents and dissidents have been sentenced to prison authorities. Only the first 1/2013, 14 Christians, the vast majority of youth, had received heavy prison sentences, because the accused attended courses on `non-violent struggle by the Viet Tan party organization.


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