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Proper sense of responsibility correctly and timeliness of the leaders of the Communist Party and the State government of Vietnam will help Vietnam avoid the tragedy of a second Libya




Professor Hoang Xuan Phu article posted on his personal blog dated 11-01-2013 clearly reflects the so-called "dead-acupuncture point" of the Communist Party of Vietnam and has said it all that people want to talk with the Communist Party and the State government Vietnam in the round to collect opinions of people on the draft amendments to the State Constitution. Well, two things that are mentioned by professor Phu as "dead-acupuncture point" of the Communist Party of Vietnam needs to be removed immediately from the Constitution including Article 4 (confirm the absolute leadership of the Party Communist Vietnam to the State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam) and Article 57 (regulations on land ownership of the entire population, which maintains the policy of unified State management) is a major cause not only push petitioners country fall into hopeless misery leads to an increase in unwanted against the government, but also to create political instability and social turmoil, put on a country closer to the brink abyss.

"Dead-acupuncture point" be construed in accordance with the concepts and language of Professor Hoang Xuan Phu has made readers in thinking. Logical, accurate, and in fact, that is what the people of the country want to say and feel. Article 4 of the Constitution implicitly allows the Communist Party of Vietnam the right to sit on the law and the State Constitution, an act of extreme danger to the people of Vietnam and for Social Vietnam. Because it has created a privilege for state leaders, leaders of the Communist Party is not sanction by the State law behavior even when serious violations of the laws that make them felt like I was untouchable and thus keep slipping long from these mistakes to other mistakes that do not have a chance to see themselves, nor aware of their sins and mistakes that have cause how will affect to people's interests and the interests of the country. Besides, the absurdity of Article 57 of the Constitution is the cause of pushing government officials interpret the law relating to land a paradoxical distorted and in the negative direction for the people. Not only that, they also stimulate the insatiable greed for government leaders at all levels before the great benefits related to land, leading to disregard the law and trampled human rights as today.

The leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party and government if they continue to maintain the above two shortcomings of the amendments to this Constitution, shall mean the Party and the State government to dig holes to bury themselves. Say in the words of Professor Hoang Xuan Phu was not wrong at all because there is no way out faster than the hands of the Party and State government self-destruction. The frustrations with the patience of our people for a long time will be no different from the bomb and when no longer able to endure the consequences of the spontaneous explosion of bombs in the hearts of the people for so long this would be difficult to imagine. We hope that the leaders of the Communist Party and the State government Vietnam soon aware of this to avoid the Vietnam country from the tragedy of the a second Libya scenes "which has disturbed the meat" similar happened to myself and family leader Colonel Gaddafi dictator of Libya country. Vietnamese people traditionally have a tradition of tolerance and generosity. However, if the Communist Party and the State government of Vietnam continue to put them into a dead end, the fate of the regime with themselves and family of leaders Party and Communist government of Vietnam was only by their similarities time with patience and endurance of the people of Vietnam today.


Professor of mathematics 'acupuncture point' Communist Party
Update: 15:25 GMT, Monday, January 14, 2013

Giáo sư Hoàng Xuân Phú

GS Hoang Xuan Phu Journal of the Mathematical Journal VN

A professor of head mathematical journal in the country just to point out the things that he called as "dead-acupuncture point of the mode" and challenge the Communist Party reform.

Personal written in blog on Monday 11/01/2013, Professor Hoang Xuan Phu said that there are two "dead-acupuncture point" that the mode want protection  "the leadership of the Communist Party for the state and society" and "specified land owned by the whole people."

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Professor, Editor Journal of Mathematics Vietnam says:

"The public increasingly want to cancel or amend two provisions, they as resolute reserved. They are mobile in any direction, regardless of party leaders, and is re-expressed in Article 4 and Article 57 of draft amendments to the 1992 Constitution. "

Unique leadership?

He criticized the government's arguments about the legality, the constitutionality of the unique leadership of the party:

"Could not get work in a past period to compensate for the currently weak, with many mistakes, sins, and to impose the indefinite future."

"Can not see the leadership of the country of any party is, of course, and so can not write it into the Constitution. Moreover, if the right has been granted, people implicitly acknowledges, did not need to be recorded in the Constitution do, so as not to cause unnecessary offensive way. "

His point is called "the second dead-acupuncture point" of the mode that related to "land ownership by the whole people" but "unified state management", blog post comments:

"The more you maintain ownership of the entire people of the land, the increasing resentment of the people, as proliferation of corruption in the leadership class, and the faster this process of self-destruction of the regime."

Comment to the BBC about this blog, Professor Nguyen Minh theory, former National Assembly, said that the two content that GS Phu mentioned general achievement is only one problem:

"Professor Phu poses two problems that he described as 'grave,' but split into two clear, but I think it's just a problem. That is democracy."

But the question of the author is said to be frank, direct and powerful, professors Note that within a blog post guidelines for the Acquisition suggestions to amend the Constitution of the government:

"Perhaps Master of essay topics are suggested from the opinion of the people, the Constitution amendment began last January 01.

"According to Phan Trung Ly, Chairman of the Constitutional Commission of the National Assembly, a member of the Committee amend the new Constitution, in the opinion of the people about the Constitution, is not forbidden.

"The problems that Professor Hoang Xuan Phu in place, so far still to be sensitive, but this questioning people's opinions on constitutional amendment, it is not forbidden at all.

However, Professor Note that the author of the blog question and the government and the party receiving is "quite different."

Call to remove

Regulation of land owned by the whole people
and managed by the State as the giant machine,
every minute of every hour extrusion tons of explosives,
compacted into the heart of the People "

In this blog, after analyzing the problem to be "dead-acupuncture point" of the regime, the author calls for the Communist Party boldly "remove" the provisions of the unique political and economic rights from the Constitution measures. He wrote:

"Provisions in the Constitution of the CPV leadership course for the State party and social thought to the survival, but the terms of death of VCP, deaths from heart People and deaths from political life .

"Regulation of land owned by the people and managed by the State as the giant machine, every minute of every hour extrusion tons of explosive compaction into the people."

The author argues that these provisions "like extremely toxic drugs that can satisfy addiction boundless greed of the ruling elite," but they "speed up the process of self-destruction of the Vietnamese Communist Party and party-mode created. "

"So, if you want to protect the CPV and this mode, it is necessary to quickly remove two provisions from the Constitution," he called.

Professor Phu also issued a warning: "On the contrary, if you want to get rid of the leadership of the Communist Party, there would soon be satisfied, if we continue to maintain these two provisions in the Constitution, because there is no way any faster is self-destroying. "

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