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Arab spring 'and the Myanmar spring ....... Which practical will be choice for the Vietnamese communist government?




Posts themed rare sensitive of Hong Ngoc published author on Vietnam Net today 02-01-2013 has really left in the hearts of the Vietnamese people a deep impression and so much toss and turn before Social period and country Vietnam is facing turmoil and unstable in all aspects including safety and order of Society, Economy and Politics. Especially for the dehydration threat is near and becoming hot in front of a series of brazen aggression and irrational with ambition of expanding territory and territorial sea of the Chinese communist government which Vietnam is a central goal and closer to the ambitious expansion plan said above that the Beijing leadership groups has been made.

Just like what is described in this article today, even as the Arab Spring or Spring Myanmar matter, this is the only choice for the authoritarian leader and also is the the safest landing retreat for them after all the painful losses that they have spread up the head of innocent civilians after years of government with autocratic dictatorial rule policy, the years executive and management country by violence, harassment, torture, arrest and imprisonment ..... The lesson and the tragic outcomes in authoritarian countries such as Iraq, Tunisia, Libya, Syria ... is a reminder of the most impartial and practical for the leader and the Communist Party of Vietnam. Landed safely in his honor as to President Thein Sein of Myanmar, or will receive tragic outcome as the dictator Gaddafi of Libya is fully dependent on the wise or unwise choice of Group leader Ba Dinh Ha Noi.

Back sensitive issue of the Vietnamese political market today, but our personal favorites, the most practical meaning and more likely to become a reality in a near future it is necessary reminder true and full value of around three thousand years earlier of Political Thought Khuong Tu Nha that: The world won't belong to own one, the world of the whole world, sharing benefits with the world will be got the world, if rob benefits of the world will lose the world ... Well, that's the only thing that the leader of the Vietnamese Communist Party and the government have to remember in their heart before making of decision to choose one of two paths, including the Arab Spring and Myanmar Spring made their way out for what they have done to the people of Vietnam since they have controled for both of the South-North of Vietnam. And the second fully agree that everyone could feel it was the actual comment in the article that: On this day, do not need scholars as Khuong Tu Nha, everyone knows that and the Democratic institutions present in almost every country in the world has forced the government to share benefits with the world rather than continue to wait for their voluntary ..... and in Vietnam, the door of Democracy continues to leave it open and always with open arms welcoming the goodwill of the leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party and government.


'Arab Spring' and the Myanmar Spring
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 Belonging to a wave of democratization in the world, but the "Arab Spring" left deep wounds not promise the day to be well again, the Myanmar spring is also the healing process of the dictatorship period.

Arab spring storm

A series in Saudi regime - each walking with my chest with the "characteristics" of Islamic culture that reject democracy - the series came to an end. All fueled with only a fire in Tunisia two years ago.

... In the Arab Spring, the former President of Yemen Ali Saleh has gone as smoothly as possible: he resigned after 33 years in power and to the U.S. in exchange for Nonsuit, leaving Yemen exhausted and facing the insurgency and civil war.

Most of them continue his tenure after the "elections" has no opposition candidate and won with extremely high percentage of the vote. But the "high confidence" that does not hide the serious problem of public and hefty fortune of the authorities.

And the uprising of the "Arab Spring" has portrayed the nature of the "high trust" is the fear of the people, not because it is government of the people as the dictator remains himself.

But the rule of fear of the people also the smoldering indignation, and it will flare up when accumulating enough and a spark thrown at.

Country the price they pay is more than that. The impoverishment of the population due to their drain. Is the destruction cowardly and passive population due to their threat. Is a crisis of faith and morals of the people, by the unscrupulous rulers and divided its people. And rebellion as a wound is made more ulcers, psychological revenge not only against dictators but also the direction to those who participate in the system, and those who benefit from the system, creating a divided society.

Warm spring with Myanmar

Burma, gained independence in 1948, with all the other minister to the general rule after the 1962 military coup. In the language of political science, which is the mode outputs (independent of group), a more sophisticated form of personal dictatorship.

Although sophisticated to where the essence of every dictatorship that ruled the country to serve the interests of the rulers, rather than to serve the people and country. That's Myanmar from its position as a leading developing country in Asia early 1960s has lag and exhaustion, in a backward country in Southeast Asia over the years.

The risk of being dependent on the neighboring powers, the Myanmar leadership has changed in time and spectacular.

Civic election in 2010 seemed only superficial to legitimize the rule of the old generals, the president was elected in the spring 2011 Thein Sein among them. The first time the highest power in Myanmar, the former minister gave way dictatorship, by the end of the project's powers cause harm to neighboring Myanmar, recognized opposition parties and held additional free elections in the spring of 2012, mass release of prisoners of conscience, and allow freedom of the press.

Myanmar is also a great character again as a metaphor for the process of democratization: Aung San Suu Kyi, who has left his family in England to return to the democratic movement in 1988 despite persecution , threatened, arrested, banned election, then arrest during elections in 1990. The result: her overwhelming victory and her party (82% of the vote), but refused to transfer power and continue to arrest, and she refused to leave the country to continue struggle for democracy . The day has come as people's expectations of her and Myanmar, even if her party election in additional election 45/664 seats.

A person giving dictatorial power to lead the country to democracy, and praised his opponent each side held. A victory in democratic elections but to accept the rule of the factions ever deprived of his power, even eliminate international sanctions campaign with the incumbent government, to find the start new beginning for the process of democratization of the country. The democratization process of Myanmar, so that, at the same time is the process of national reconciliation, to help Myanmar not only keep the peace but also reduces the risk of separation.

That is why both are ranked first in the list of 100 thinkers of the world in 2012 by Foreign Policy Magazine (U.S.) option. Thein Sein Own The Straits Times (Singapore) voted Asia's character in 2012. So give dictatorial powers to return power to the people is always a very difficult choice of every dictatorship in history.

But that is the only way out for a country to develop, foreign investment and immediately queued in Myanmar. And also the only way out for the dictator to avoid trial or were killed when the people revolt and revenge, as happened with the "Arab Spring".

Three thousand years ago, Khuong Tu Nha political thinkers have understood it when prompted Chu Van Vuong that: The world will not belong to own one, the world of the whole world, sharing benefits with the world will be got the world, rob the interests of the world will lose of the world. With that thought, the Zhou Dynasty lasted eight hundred years, and is the most brilliant period of development of thought, philosophy, military law, ancient Chinese techniques and Middle.

Today, do not need scholars as Khuong Tu Nha know that. More than half of the countries in the world are democracies, institutions, forcing authorities to share benefits with the world, rather than waiting for the voluntary administration as the Zhou Dynasty. Thus, the most prosperous countries, are the most civilized democracies.

 Hong Ngoc

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