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Vietnam in 10 countries with the worst press freedom world



The ranking on Press Freedom in Vietnam of the organization Reporters Without Borders, an International Human Rights Organization based in France is completely accurate, true and complete reflection of the poor human rights situation current currency in Vietnam including the Freedom of the Press. All of us who know that while a massive media system with the participation of more than 600 kinds of newspapers. However, all the newspapers in the country must go through a strict process control extremely under management, system monitoring and guidance from the central government and the Communist Party of Vietnam. All posts are only allowed to publish after obtaining consent from the party and government leaders.

In addition, the Vietnamese Communist Party and the government also includes the orientation for all pages of the kind of thinking that can post on the most popular are the posts of a political nature, or related to issues of a sensitive nature, such as corruption, negative accusations or topics related to the State government, the senior leaders .... must be a system pretty harsh censorship .... and all activities Press deliberately or even unintentionally detrimental or bad influence public opinion be severely punished appropriately. This leads to the Press dishonesty and poor information because only one-way information and sometimes to comply with government leaders must convey false information ...

And the worst of Journalism Vietnam being put on the table one of the ten countries with the worst press freedom that is no one to be allowed to criticize the Party and government critics without the allowed. And objective as identified from the organization Reporters without Borders, Vietnam is the second largest prison in the world of imprisoned netizens second only to China. In recent years, personal blogging and posting on social networking sites are relatively common in Vietnam and this is a concern and attention from the Party and the Communist state government of Vietnam most of when increasingly appears much information and commentary expose and denounce wrong from the state government regarding corruption, negative, oppressive people ..... detrimental and affect not good to leadership at all levels and that is the cause of the dozens of bloggers and journalists have been imprisoned by government during past time.



Vietnam in 10 countries with the worst press freedom world

Tra Mi-VOA

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Vietnam continues ranked 172/179 countries assessed on the charts on the World Press Freedom Index 2013 by Reporters Without Border (RSF) real world. Protection of human rights organizations based in France commented that the press freedom situation in Vietnam is increasingly severe degradation and Vietnam from the third position has jumped to second in the list of countries imprisoned many netizens in the world, after China.


. . Vietnamese American historian studying was death

. . One blogger criticized the Vietnamese government arrested in mental institution

. . Add 22 people to court in Vietnam for being 'activities aimed at overthrowing the government'

In an interview with Tra Mi in Vietnamese, Benjamin Ismail, Director Asia-Pacific in the organization RSF, said:

Mr. Benjamin Ismail: Although Vietnam's position on the rankings of the World Press Freedom Index 2013, unchanged compared to the 2011-2012 rankings, the press freedom situation in Vietnam is lousy downhill . Speaking of rankings, in position as Vietnam 172/179 countries assessed, ie the group of 10 countries with the worst press freedom in the world, it is not easy being relegated down further.

VOA: Vietnam's ranking did not change from last year, why the press freedom situation in Vietnam last year were rated as slipping instead remains the same as last year?

Mr. Benjamin Ismail: Due to the location data is a relative ranking. Because our research methods have changed, so can not compare Vietnam's survey scores this year than last year, but the actual situation deteriorated over the previous year. We also update the number of netizens imprisoned in Vietnam for the new information that we can confirm. Vietnam is the second country in the world has the most imprisoned netizens, behind only China. To compare the proportion of the population, Vietnam is the world's biggest prison for netizens. Last year, Vietnam ranked third in the list of countries imprisoned many netizens in the world, after China and Iran, but jumped to second in the past year. At present, Vietnam has 34 netizens imprisoned and at least 12 bloggers, netizens have been sentenced to the sentence up to the maximum 13 years in prison while the number of journalists or netizens imprisoned in years ago was about 19 people. This proves that the suppression of the Communist Party of Vietnam for freedom of the press and freedom of expression of citizens rising.

VOA: What point are considered to be the most notable on the situation of press freedom in Vietnam in the past year, sir?

Director of Asia-Pacific
of RSF Benjamin Ismail organization.

Mr. Benjamin Ismail: There is absolutely no room for any one criticism for the government, the policy of the state, political system, or state officials. The judgment for the bloggers in the group of 14 Protestant and Catholic activists recently actually provoked public opinion. Viet Tan was Vietnam accused overseas terrorists and anyone who has contact with this party were labeled terrorists by Hanoi and accused of "activities aimed at overthrowing the government." Among online dissidents and bloggers jailed blogger Paulus Le Van Son's case. Vietnam accused Son participated in skills training nonviolent struggle organized by Viet Tan in Thailand last July / 2011, but in fact it is training skills independent press by the Reporters Our members Without Borders organization. We can provide evidence, physical evidence to verify this. We hope that Vietnam will cancel the judgment to bloggers Le Van Son, because it is based on false allegations.

VOA: Press Freedom Index Table in the world of the organization Reporters Without Borders how the value and role compared with other surveys of the protection of human rights organizations?

Mr. Benjamin Ismail: This chart is important because since its inception in 2002 to now, our annual improvement method of survey research. This year the number of questions in the survey has been doubled from 40 sentences in the previous year to 80 this year. We coordinate the statistical data, the information collected in the whole year, and comments from journalists, gender analysts, including experts in the media and research professionals Vietnam, bloggers, world rights activists both in and out of degrees of freedom of the press of each country.

VOA: Thank you, Mr. Benjamin Ismail, Director for Asia-Pacific in the organization Reporters Without Borders has for us this interview.

Table last out of 10 countries the World Press Freedom Index 2013, followed by Vietnam, China, Iran, Somalia, Syria, Turkmenistan, North Korea and Eritrea. In Asia, Vietnam, China, Laos, and North Korea as countries no signs of improvement in press freedom.

Reporters Without Borders promote and defend the right to information and the information of people globally. RSF is headquartered in Paris (France), with international offices in 10 countries around the world, with more than 150 journalists from all over the world.

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