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Party fears "Self movements and collapse." True cause of the statement "bring democratic slightly" of the Law Committee of the National Assembly of Vietnam relating to the referendum on the draft amendment of the 1992 Constitution?




In the context of volatile and turbulent politics, the Communist Party and the State government of Vietnam in position concerned and worried about the prospect of collapse or disintegration socialist model under communism capital remaining after the collapse of a series of Eastern European communist bloc, including the former Soviet Union is nothing strange. However, at this time, the National Assembly of Vietnam through Mr. Phan Trung Ly speech Chairperson of the Legal Committee of the National Assembly in the implementation of people comment on the draft amendment of the 1992 Constitution has asserted that "no taboo" for comments. Above statements from a senior official in the National Assembly of Vietnam meant that the Vietnamese people in the country should eliminate misgivings or fear itself will be suppressed or repressed upon ideas contribution of ideas and different views with the opinions of the collective leadership of the Party and current government apparatus.

However, in addition to optimistic thoughts from several people, including the people and government officials, also appeared not so optimistic opinions or still reserved for claims to be " have slightly democracy "from Congress, an agency on behalf of which the highest competent of State. Anxiety and lack of optimism from the people is understandable, because in the past, on behalf of an agency with the highest power, but the National Assembly of Vietnam nothing more than a puppet of the Communist Party Vietnam and is understood as an agency, a puppet organization when all the real power in the hands of the Communist Party of Vietnam, and the Communist Party is the only political party leaders to control and dominate every including Judiciary, Legislative and Executive of Vietnam. The concept of the Vietnamese people and the International Community today is as long as the 4 article of the Constitution still exists and the Communist Party of Vietnam was still sitting on the law and the Constitution of the State, that day for the people Vietnam, every promise and commitment to change or to promote democracy is still something far removed from reality ....

Say like that is not the people of Vietnam will forever live in panic anxiety and insecurity, as well as is not no way to the leaders of the Communist Party and the State government of Vietnam to restore confidence of them in the hearts of the people. However, all good or bad, favorable or obstacles quite depends on the perceptions and behavior of the leaders of the Party and government at all levels that upon the request of the people in whole country for the cancellation of Article 4 of the Constitution and the complete range of inadequacies in the Criminal Procedure Code of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is seen as a prerequisite. Well, the current communist regime still continues to exist or changes in the direction of "Self-development, Self-disintegration" are completely dependent on the wise or unwise choice of party leader and Vietnamese communist state government. Perhaps the only thing that people feel and see that is the justice of a government, of a regime in the management and administration of the country. Manage and run the country based on the platform from the people is the only thing that National leaders must first felt before they came to power. No nation, a government or a regime exists if that country, that government and that regime which is against the interests of the people, of the country and its  that the collapse from many countries of the Middle East and North Africa in recent years is the most powerful demonstration.


The party concerned 'self-happenings' and collapse
Update: 11:31 GMT, Monday, December 31, 2012

Every Communist Party member should 'improve the fight'

The end of 2012, the political climate in Vietnam grew hot with many high-level statement expressed concern about the risk of 'self-evolution' model and the disintegration of the 'socialist'.

Though at the 6th Conference of the Party Central Committee in October last, the party leader has warned of 'peaceful evolution' and corruption, interest groups, to the end of the problem is still not reduced , even frantic propaganda machine prompts.

At seminar 'Prevention "happenings", "self-transformation" of cadres and party members are now' in Hanoi on 27/12/2012, concerns encompassing the public system yet said Vu Van Phuc, Chief Editor of the Journal of Communist, the Party's theoretical.

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Speech that the relationship between the struggle against bureaucracy, corruption, the fight against 'peaceful evolution', the phrase is defined as the process of dissolution of the one-party political system in Vietnam is not through violent measures.

However, his speech Vu Van Phuc also not to show out who is the object behind the action metabolic regime that shows that 'hostile forces' in a quite general .
And it seems that the internal components in any place, any time, all levels are at risk of falling into the state of 'self-evolution', 'self-transformation' of ideas, lifestyles, according to Vu Van Phuc.

Therefore, the Vietnamese Communist Party proposal to "improve the resistance of each party organizations, each level of government, unions, of each staff members."

Disorder, distract?

'Free movement' is how, to what extent
lead to 'self-transformation'? If not the
clearly distinct, it is easy to confuse. That confusion is
go to easy comfort injustice, even very
capture, and lead to confusion, misleading. "

Since there is no definition of who is doing what, and how to become violations guys 'self-evolution', even 'self-evolution' where to start, and go to where it is not clear so currently recognized treatment good reasons not lead to misleading.

Dr Vu Van Phuc ask the question:

"For example," self-evolution "is how, to what extent will lead to a" self-transformation "? If you do not discriminate, it's easy to confuse. That confusion is to go to very comfort injustice, even very easy to shoot, and lead to confusion, misleading. "

Besides some suggested moral and psychological, speech does not set out specific measures, the new addition to strengthening Party building, anti-corruption, waste, reverse the sand themselves, and local interest groups.
In particular, Mr. Vu Van Phuc proposal "based completely on the people to build the Party, the State building."

But only the workshop of the party committees of central agencies with the General Political Department of the Vietnam People's Army shows next to the police, the military is increasingly featured in protected mode position current.

People's Army is the first task is to protect the Party

In a speech to the 40-year anniversary of the U.S. air raids on Hanoi months 12/1972-2012, General Phung Quang Thanh, the Vietnamese Defence Ministry also published national defense, condemns 'peaceful evolution'.

The first time for many years, General Phung Quang Thanh mention the risk of 'aggressive war' which he said that the 'peaceful evolution' activities provide opportunities for certain countries from outside to wage war against Vietnam.
Recently the mainstream press in Vietnam to talk about anti-'national army' and emphasizes the overall leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam People's Army.

In early 2013, the Party Central Committee is expected to meet the 7th conference to discuss a range of topics not completed plenum 6, both human and guidelines.

For the first time, the agency also talking about the Party "determine the way for political reform" in the air to ask people's opinions on constitutional amendments.

Is one of the few ruling communist party in the world since the Soviet Union and the socialist system in Eastern Europe disintegrated, the Communist Party of Vietnam is facing the crisis model.

According to international experts and a number of domestic activities, authoritarian political model combined with market economy also known as 'illiberal capitalism' as in Vietnam and China are experiencing crisis.

The question is whether the current apparatus, despite problems, capable of self-reform to move on to another model or not.


"No taboo" in the comments of the Constitution
Quynh Chi, RFA reporter

December 29 afternoon, in a session on the implementation of people comment on draft amendments to the Constitution in 1992, Chairman of the Legal Committee of the National Assembly, Mr. Phan Trung Ly said "no prohibitions rider "to the comments. This statement create excitement and conservative.

Photo courtesy of
Chairman of the Law Committee Phan Trung Ly (center), 
Chief Editor of the draft amendment of the Constitution 
in 1992 presided over the press conference on 29/12/2012.

No taboo ...

January 2, 2013, the Draft Constitution will be published widely in the general population. In addition, the Committee revised draft of the 1992 Constitution will give these issues need to be amended so that people can comment. The comments will last approximately 3 months, ending on March 31 next year.
Mr. Phan Trung Ly, Chief Editor of the draft amendment of the Constitution also states contributed content including all the issues from political, human rights, the State apparatus ...

And those who are contributing not only to the Vietnamese people in the country but also the Vietnamese people residing abroad. Contribution form also said very diverse and rich, facilitate open to people to promote democratic institutions. Mr. Le Van Cuong, deputy head of the full-Union MPs Thanh Hoa, former deputies of the National Assembly of Viet Nam said this is an "exciting":
"To promote the spirit of democracy among the people, the State called according to his cognitive ability and that suggestions to the constitutional authority to consider. No matter what is taboo to let people express their aspirations. This is something new and exciting. I see voters excited and agreed. "

Committee Draft Modified HP 1992 was established in August 2011 with the 30-member National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung as chairman. Before completing the draft and give people feedback on the future, UB draft amendments to the 1992 Constitution was longer than 1 year to research, discuss, revise and comment from Congress .

Mr. Le Van Cuong said that the suggestion to amend the Constitution this time does not rule out any problems and should not be afraid to aggressively occupy or oppression:

"In my view, this concern because the Vietnamese situation now is very different from before. Now people want harmony and national unity. People are able to express their political views to the State Party and know that there are decisions to better serve the people, not the discrimination with the dissenting or sensitive. "

... but selectively

However, the former MPs also stressed the competent authority will consider, and accept comments "selectively". Mr. Le Van Cuong said that in the midst of the CPV and the State to enhance the confidence of the people, to collect opinions of the people is an important measures, including comments related to sensitive issues:

"For such, they must listen to the opinion of the voters, the people. Even people contributed about 4 Article of HP also very good, but there is no taboo about it. "

Regulations "CPV is the leading force" is shown in Article 4 of the Constitution of Vietnam. It is understood as an end to the multi-party regime in Vietnam and proving the absolute leadership of the Communist Party for all the problems of the country in every period.

Article 4 of the Constitution and the lack of separation of powers has long been criticized on the grounds that go against democratic institutions. This is said to be a sensitive issue, make reservations in people to talk about it. But in the last press conference, Mr. Phan Trung Ly boldly declared that people can comment on article 4 HP "as other content."

Although this openness does make many people happy, but also many ideas are concerned. A reader's comment in the AP Online that need to "avoid cursory consultation form or too little time." There is another opinion on AP also concerned whether the opinions of the people to be leaders and requested public comments.

An article on page Boxitvn - the site is critical to the voice of the intellectuals; Posted on December 30 that there are many things that need to be explained from his speech Phan Trung Ly. Authors ask the question that if the majority required to change the basic principle is thought, will the majority opinion or the principles illustrated.

Website Basam immediately opened an investigation referendum to maintain or abolish Article 4 of the Constitution, as a litmus test for "taboo" which he Phan Trung Ly launched.

This is the 4th amendment HP since HP first Vietnam Democratic Republic was born in 1946. All the constitutions of 1946, 1959, 1980, 1992 people are not being addressed.

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