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Where's self-esteem of the people of Vietnam, the country's Vietnam? do not let people make demonstrations against the Chinese invaders today become the marches to protest against the unscrupulous actions of the Vietnamese communist government in the future




Acts of courage, bravery and practicality of a 15-year-old high school student in Hong Kong,  Hoang Chi Feng who is known as the young leader of movement Scholarism was a resounding success as direct challenges Beijing China in a campaign to ingratiate Beijing of Hongkong government over the introduction of the Chinese patriotic education and teaching in the education system of Hong Kong that himself and most of the parents of students in Hong Kong have protested fiercely and see which "brainwashing subjects" are applied and driven by the Chinese communist government. The praiseworthy action of Hoang Chi Feng received the broad agreement from the Hong Kong public opinion which is typically a huge protest marches with nearly a hundred thousand people was held later in the on 29-07-2012. Many hunger strike protest in front of the Hong Kong head office which includes participation from the students was that the Hong Kong government embarrassment lead to cancellation of educational programs are set above follow the leadership decisions of the District of Hong Kong, Liang Zhen England on 07-10-2012.

Seen from the perspective of the above, we can't be without pity and shame feeling for what has and is happening in Vietnam. While Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of China and the handover of sovereignty to the Chinese communist government since 1997 but still maintained its firm stance before after as a national policy two modes and today the country of Hong Kong was lucky enough to produce the country's heroic son as young schoolboy Hoang Chi Phong today, though still young and age is not much but the stance steadfast, determined not to yield to, not end early before all power even for a large and powerful country like China. In Vietnam, a separate sovereign country, a country completely independent no problems whatsoever with China is always late and proved absolutely blindly loyal and full of difficult understanding with China, a country once colonized us thousands of years ago and now is day and night of aggression, invasion and illegal occupation of the territory and territorial waters of our Vietnam. Is there anything further humiliation when the people of Vietnam, and Viet Nam country always proud to be a country of four thousand years of civilization with so many heroic tradition against aggressors with the illustrious names in the past such as Hung Dao Vuong, Ngo Quyen, Le Loi, Nguyen Hue .... etc .... Today is not good as a young student who 15 years of age.

The leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party and the government to ever just aware of their responsibilities and obligations to protect the integrity of the territory and territorial waters of the country?. As also to ever truly respect and put the interests of the people and the country above their personal interests, their family and their own ambitions of power? The Party and State leaders let envision, a rally against the invading enemy from patriotism of hundreds of Vietnamese citizens today that was blocked and restricted will be replaced by a large-scale protest rally with the participation of hundreds of thousands of people in the near future that not only against aggressor China but also to protest right to act without conscience, without morality of you, will you think? As for the Vietnamese people throughout the country, how people will think about the event to be proud of the 15-year-old school child in Hong Kong country? What will we have to do that not be ashamed with our ancestors Grandparents, as well as not feel restless when think of action and steadfast will of Hoang Chi Feng child then look at ourselves today? Emotionless, fears that long-standing in our hearts is the cause of the leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party and government despised people, disregard the law, disregard conscience moral of human, and most heartbreaking is look down on the country's future and destiny survival of people and nation.


15-year-old student challenge Beijing on the subject of brainwashing

Hoàng Chi Phong

Hoang Chi Feng

Thụy My

Le Monde newspaper correspondent in Hong Kong today in the article entitled «Royal Chi Feng, Beijing schoolboy challenge» spoke of an event ever held here. Movement led by 15-year-old boy has prompted the Hong Kong government to step down before the intention to impose the program 'patriotic education' of China.

This paper describes the student with a pair of glasses with normal appearance as well as the Hong Kong youth aged 15 with him. But the speech of Huang Chi Feng (Joshua Wong Chifung) with medium tone urgent, specific concerns but still, aiming straight for the purpose, especially in front of a forest of microphones: he explained why must at all costs oppose the imposition of 'moral education'. This is a new subject Hoang Chi Feng confirmed to brainwashing, that the Hong Kong government to coerce the middle and elementary school students from now until 2016.

15-year-old boy won! After months of hesitation, a massive demonstration, with nearly 100,000 people on 29/7, many hunger strikes in which all students participate, 10 days to plug the stick before the government headquarters in September, Mr. Luong Chan Britain, leaders zones Hong Kong on 7/10 finally had to tell to stop this program.

Wants to make Beijing  pleasure, but the Hong Kong government has failed

According to Le Monde, this is the bitter failure of the new Hong Kong government, which hopes to please Beijing through the introduction of teaching China's patriotic education. This is a resounding victory of the youth movement of Scholarism that Hoang Chi Feng along with a friend was founded in mid-2011. Scholarism critical engine of this program, has spread throughout the summer of 2012 caused the government to back down.

The official purpose of the subjects' patriotic education 'is' to strengthen patriotism and love of the motherland China », in the land of the former British colony for 150 years. The curriculum consists of Chinese flag, the history lesson to explain the superiority of the one-party government, and the primary school children stand to sing «I'm happy to be Chinese». The contents of this makes any Hong Kong ever Western-style education with the spirit of critical analysis and also to be angry, but among those who resent the as Huang Chi Feng boy.

Born in 9/1996 in a middle-class Anglican family, Hoang Chi Feng is the only son, his parents are the democrats, in favor of the peaceful opposition Civic Party. For friends in school, then he's normal like many others in the class. Hoang Chi Feng very politely declined an interview with Le Monde with reason he's on busy to do all and `speak English not well. According to him, `If a mass movement toward leadership cult of personality, it is very worrying problem».

Although still very young, but Hoang Chi Feng had a lot of experience fighting. At 12, he carefully monitored the movement against the construction of a highway linking China to Hong Kong, causing many people displaced, and destroyed many villages and fields. By 2010, the service in consecutive MPs resign, requires a mini-referendum. He has a habit of the parents to the ceremony commemorate the Tiananmen massacre every year to be held on 4/6 at Victoria Park.

Hoang Chi Feng build a network of like-minded people experienced. June / 2011, with an older friend, he opened a Facebook page and a birth movement Scholarism. Chinese intelligence immediately tapped the boy's phone. Heidi Ma, spokeswoman of Scholarism, big boy over two-year-old president, said: «Hoang Chi Feng found abnormal echo in the phone, and account of online Scholarism Vi Uncle blocked».

Despite the support of parent organizations, teacher unions and opposition parties, but Heidi Ma said retaining independence movement. Scholarism have been affected, with the suspension of the program 'patriotic education' is not enough, but also to cancel the project completely.

Le Monde commented, this is the first time in more than a dozen years, but the demands of civil society to achieve the purpose. Scholarism warned the public about the Chinese cultural sightseeing trips for students, sponsored by the Ministry of Education Hong Kong in large part, much like as pilgrimages Mao-less. As for Huang Chi Feng, he promises to remain vigilant about the 'brainwashing', but are working on a new task: «Expanding the movement of the awakening of civil society».


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