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Ms. Ho Thi Bich Khuong, Democratic member block 8406, was free-for-all fight in prison with the encouragement of Vietnamese police detention center supervisor


Ms. Ho Thi Bich Khuong, members of the pro-democracy 8406, who was the International Human Rights Organization - Human Rights Watch (HRW) awarded the Hellman Hamett for human rights in 2011.



The Vietnamese Democrats struggle in the country are faced with hostile behavior and actions from the communist government of Vietnam, especially the members of pro-democracy organization Bloc 8406, where gathered voices freedom-loving democracy at home and abroad tireless struggle in the spirit of consistency and method of non-violent struggle, to ask human rights and freedom, Democracy for people and homeland Vietnam. Ms. Ho Thi Bich Khuong, members of the Bloc 8406 was free- for- all fight while serving a sentence in prison with the encouragement of the board of the prison is an extremely bad behavior immoral intolerable get. The same as other prisoners, but often political crimes Vietnamese communist government discrimination and both mental and physical abuse, and Ms. Ho Thi Bich Khuong was brutally beaten not individual cases.

For years, to extinguish patriotism, and overturn the persistence of the democratic struggle in the country, the Vietnamese communist government not from any despicable tricks bad as long as achieving Their dark purpose. From the threat of harassment themselves the Democrats struggle and family members, followed by a series of measures other shameless infamous communist government of Vietnam consists of smear campaign , distorted information, distort the truth and finally slander their capture and prosecution for crimes allegations vaguely according to Article 88 of "propaganda against the State", and 79 "conspiracy to overthrow government "or 258" Taking advantage of the Liberal Democratic infringements benefits of State "..... However, even applying any way, any tricks, the government Communist Vietnam still can not crush the indomitable resilience and extreme patriotism of the Vietnamese struggle Democrats. And final despicable tricks is the lash of hatred that the supervisor had borrowed the hands of prison inmates are the same sentence made towards the Democrat Ho Thi Bich Khuong today in particular, and most of the Democratic struggle of Vietnam so long in general.

The leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party and the government has underestimated the spirit and will of the Democrats struggle in Vietnam as well as the other voices of dissent in the country. Have been harassed, beaten, tortured, honor and dignity of the person offended, abused and finally imprisoned, tortured and abused. All the above problems has shown explicitly in mind of the Democrats struggle and this is the path that they have chosen to engage, to take a longer struggle with the communist regime dictatorship, corruption and to those who sell cheap their conscience to inherit glory wealth on the suffering of the people. Especially with vile ingredients with the enemy that evil to people, betray the people and  nation is the only goal that the Vietnamese struggle Democrats' target and will certainly remove them out of the people's life, out of society and our loved Vietnam country, even must pay by their own lives. Vietnam's communist government must immediately stop all despicable and evil tricks above. Your actions today not only not extinguish patriotism as well as could not to crush the will to fight the indomitable resilience of the Vietnamese Democrats, contrary to make up angry wave from public opinion in the country and the International Community.


Ms. Bich Khuong 'beaten in custody'

Bà Hồ Thị Bích Khương

Ms. Khuong had previously broken arm

Amnesty International (Amnesty International) posted on its website the information that Ms. Ho Thi Bich Khuong, who is serving five years in prison on charges of 'propaganda against the state', 'beaten', ' seriously injured 'and' need urgent treatment '.

Meanwhile, Khuong herself, whom Amnesty International described as 'prisoners of conscience', has also denounced beaten by other inmates in prison with the 'encouraged' by the prison supervisor.

Allegations of Ms. Khuong was written in a four-page letter was secretly moved out to Ms. Ho Thi Lan, sister of Ms. Khuong.

As described by Amnesty International, Ms. Khuong was beaten 'in the face, abdomen and genital area' at the time absence superintendent. Currently she is in the prison clinic in 'critical condition'.

However, Ms. Lan told the BBC that her sister's health situation is now 'much better'.

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Human Rights 

Ms. Ho Thi Bich Khuong is a member of Bloc 8406, a movement fighting for democracy and human rights in Vietnam.

She was arrested in December 2010 due to criticism of the government and foreign newspapers and distribute documents 'anti-state'. A year later, she was Nghe An Province People's Court residence where she was sentenced to five years in prison and three years of probation for offenders under Article 88 of the Penal Code.

She is currently being held at the prison camp K4 of 5 professional female prisoners detained in Yen Dinh district, Thanh Hoa province.

'Encourage beat'

From Nghe An, Ho Thi Lan, told the BBC that Ms. Khuong 'was free-for-all beaten' in prison.

Ms. Lan recounts the incident as follows:

"During the night of 4/11, after when Khuong the toilet back, walked into the room, a person up in the first grabbed her head and beat then three others rushing to beat too."

After the battle, Ms. Khuong was 'bruised face, stomach pain that does not go to the toilet'.

According to Lan, her sister 'no hate or animosity' with prisoners who attacked her. The reason Ms. Khuong was beaten, she explains, is 'prisoner no contact with each other and could not understand each other' while 'prison kept saying Khuong is like this, like that'.

Ms. Lan alleged acts of violence against her sister is 'was encouraged' and perpetrators 'is considered as credit, not their faults'.

" Beaten finished, they were still carefree smiling. They thought up the area should also boasted to the other room, "she said and added that before Ms. Khuong was beaten many times but this was her first free-for-all fight.

She explained that in prison Ms. Khuong require pen and paper to write  complaint so there's condition to write and transfer out. According to her, this letter is written 'in November'.

In the latest times to visit in early December, her sister Lan said she 'pee is cold', 'or headache' longer arms previously untreated fractures' now it consecutive frames is not the right match so painfully uncomfortable '.

Khuong (top row, second from left) in the
Some people were accused of "propaganda 
against the state '

'Will die in prison'

She said Ms. Khuong asked her to send her letter to the press as if not 'then you will die in prison'.

"I am writing this letter to the supervisor of 5, Prison Management Bureau Ministry of Public Security, the leader of the Party and State to take remedial measures. I also take this petition to all residents of speech, the press, human rights organizations, organizations fraternity free worldwide voice forced the authorities to prevent and protect me in hell this time, "Ms. Khuong wrote in the last paragraph of her letter reads back to the BBC.

In April 2008, Ms. Khuong was sentenced to two years in prison for "violating the right to freedom and democracy," according to the mainstream media in Vietnam and was released in April / 2009.

But January / 2011 Ms. Khuong was arrested again in Nam Dan district, Nghe An.

She was Human Rights Watch awarded Hellman Hammett for Human Rights in 2011.

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