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4 Hmong people were sentenced to 19 years in prison for subversion




The trial of four ethnic minority H'mong in Lai Chau Province on charges of "attempting to overthrow the government" reminded many of people to remember the bloody crackdown of the Vietnamese communist government in the focus object of thousands of ethnic Hmong Catholic, leading to dozens of them died. Painful event had previously been strongly criticized the International Community when Vietnamese communist state government does not allow foreign media and press access to learn. During past decades since the Vietnamese communists came to power in both the North and the South, a series of heavy retaliation and punishment for all those who participated in or have a relationship close to the regime of the Republic of Vietnam before, including H'mong ethnic composition of each capital allegedly helped U.S. troops against North Vietnamese forces in the campaign "Ha Lao" in the old .

Ethnic minority communities in Vietnam, most of which are concentrated in the provinces of the Central Highlands, Vietnam and the northern border provinces. Most of the ethnic minorities are concentrated in Protestant and Catholic beliefs, the traditional religion is considered "anti-communist" in the eyes of the atheist communist. And it is also one of the causes of ethnic minority communities in Vietnam are always monitored by the authorities, ill-treatment and torture. Two of the cases that ethnic minorities in the areas mentioned above always face that is limited, hampered and often harassed by the authorities on religious freedom and is victim of the illegally seized land. Many of them over the years repeatedly Vietnamese communist government severely abused had to embrace each other to seek refuge in neighboring countries such as Cambodia, Laos and Thailand ..... While authorities, the mass media and the press in Vietnam always strive propaganda and trying to distort the truth in any way.

In communist countries or countries pursue policies dictatorship, authoritarian world including Vietnam, even the righteousness of their ordinary citizens is also often face behavior persecuted, banned and often harassed from the force function, the authorities let not say about the minority component. For example, in Vietnam. Petitioners claim land increases every day, religious freedom is restricted and forbidden at the lowest level. Besides, the other fundamental rights of the people have been  regularly trampled harshly by government, even to the people express their patriotism against the aggressor, defense country is also not allowed by government. Viet Nam country, Vietnam society is now always covered in darkness while people who although in any components have completely lost faith in the leadership of the ruling. In each heart, the only thing that survived and left it to their heart is just toward the Almighty, to pray for the country of Vietnam to be out of falling into the hands of the aggressor and justice, peace and as also Freedom Democracy soon to be executed back on the country where has been doomed for tens of years by the godless communists.


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4 Hmong sentenced to 19 years in prison for subversion

Ethnic Hmong in the north-west highlands of Vietnam.

Court of Lai Chau province has sentenced four ethnic Hmong sentence of up to seven years in prison on charges of conspiracy to overthrow the government.

The Associated Press said after the trial of first instance on 12/12, Mr. Trang A Cho for seven years in prison, five years of probation. The three persons remaining include Giang A Long, Li A Di, and Hau A Giang, each leading to 3 years in prison, three years of probation.

These people accused of conspiracy founded state Hmong replace the Vietnamese government in Muong Nhe district, Dien Bien, where the incident disorder in May last year.


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March of this year, Vietnam has sentenced eight Hmong people up to 30 months in prison because of the unrest in the northwestern highlands. The case has caused international organization Human Rights Watch Human Rights Watch voiced concern for Vietnam banned the press or independent observers to Muong Nhe to investigate reported violations of human serious authority in the case.

Authorities Vietnam denounce the foreign Hmong conspirators for gatherings of thousands of Hmong in Muong Nhe in late April to early May 2011 requires the establishment of "United Hmong autonomous".

Source: AP, Tienphongonline

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