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Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No 161 (15-12-2012)







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- Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No. 161 release dated 15 -12-2012,
- The editorial of the semi-monthly magazine.
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        The editorial board of the newspaper TDNL

          Loss of sea is dehydration!!! 
Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No   161 (15-12-2012)  

            "In the spirit of protecting passionate eternal friendship between the two parties and two countries of Vietnam-China Chairman Mao Zedong and Ho Chi Minh president has painstakingly cultivated construction, in the sense of cherishing preserve the 16 letters of gold and 4 good that President Jiang Zemin gave the Vietnamese people as a priceless heritage for thousands of life, determined to respect the will of the President Xi Jinping on the U-shaped line on the Sea East, to avoid conflict with your police sea ... now the Law of the Sea by the National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam lock XIII was passed on 21-6-2012 and came into effect from 1-1 - 2013 has several important amendments following: ... From now on, the Vietnamese boat to keep in mind always runs along the coast, within the internal waters, territorial sea, not horizontally perpendicular to the coast and then venture to the region formerly known as "the area adjacent to the territorial sea, the exclusive economic zone and continental shelf of Vietnam's national sovereignty" to avoid the risk of violating customs territory neighboring country ... The boats from the port of Hai Phong, Da Nang ... want to go to South Korea, Japan .... or the Pacific Ocean, buocphai along the coast of Vietnam, to the southern tip of Ca Mau and along the northern coast of Malaysia, Palawan island, the west coast of the Philippine Islands ... The offshore fishing and Tuna fish meal from now will cease permanently, and plans for aquaculture development from now shift to brackish water fish and fresh water fish ... In the textbook, from the South China Sea will be changed to East Sea is full good friendship with fellow brothers in North ... "

            Of course the above a fictional message, but fear that will become a reality after the speech of the Chinese government's recent communist Viet Cong and the authorities as well as of Vietnamese people.

            1 - unruly behavior. 

            Passport Dahan's U-shaped curve, the item "gift" countries around the South China Sea of ​​the new lord of China, Xi Jinping, was like an unexpected punch woven into many countries such as the Philippines, Malaysia, even Taiwan ... that they speak in the ultimate wrath. They've distilled strong protest when China officially filed map "U-shaped" at the United Nations in 2009. This move to bring the millions of the U-shaped to make the heart of the neighboring countries, as an expression "of you is home to me", is unprecedented unruly behavior in the 21st century. The people of the Philippines has protested very aggressive, even with a unique image and tomorrow ironic: bring the U-shaped as the Treasury to cover himself.

            And yet, the People's Daily of China plus on 29-11-2012 said: the new law takes effect from 1-1-2013 (by the Hainan Provincial People's Council issued) will allow police maritime provinces are on board and search foreign ships "illegal intrusion waters of China", namely "check, arrest, deportation, ordered the train stop, change direction and return ". Speaking to the New York Times on 1-12, Department of Foreign Affairs Director cum Director of the South Sea Research Institute said the scope of application of this provision (which had been discussed for more than a year, to add to rules had since 1999) cover all the islands or rocks inside the 9 line and the adjacent waters. He also casually confirmed that the immediate goal of this new decision is to deal with the Vietnamese fishing vessels in the waters around Phu Lam Island in the Paracel Islands, where China has been improving its name to the island Vinh Hung and new in July and, chosen as the headquarters of the so-called "Sansha" and the headquarters of the army units stationed in the East Sea to control it all.

            Although many Chinese Communist officials, after seeing the world opposed, has said that it is only the specific regulations of the local authorities, as in the map-shaped line on the passport China lu speakers also for that decision was just the industry, is ... But everyone knows that it is the will of the Supreme Chinese leaders sat in Zhongnanhai. So in fact, the "approval" of the Hainan Provincial People's Council is that the Beijing authorities deployed, making the exclusive economic zone (EEZ Exclusive Economic Zone) into "exclusive military", based on the that Chinese law enacted in 1998 and 2002: banned in other countries Measurement Survey in the exclusive economic zone, after having considered 80% of the area of ​​the East Sea is theirs. This is the final ladder to go to war in the East Sea acquisition strategy that China is carried out. This means that China's action to expand the right to enforce its maritime police forced all countries (including Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and the use of the East Sea as routes navigation key) to choose, or to comply with or against. Compliance means loss of sovereignty, even if against conflict, war!!!

            2 - Reaction accomplice 

            While the above mentioned countries have reacted against China strongly on the diplomatic, military and the media, the economy, public opinion, the Vietnamese authorities before after such a stupid still hold Within her 16 letters of gold , wire noose "4 similar 4 The Best", still blindly believe in "common ideal socialist", "comradeship with lip open, tooth's cold  that" ... Make this fanaticism policies and actions, Hanoi one side always lull people by arguing "let the party and the state concerned to deal with China", "diplomacy with major story complex, subtle, people do not agitation which spoiled the whole thing ", a heavy-handed repression of all those who speak out to expose, denounce or oppose them foreign invaders northerners: the real prison sentences for the freelance journalist, musician patriotic, serious students of our motherland; prevent, intimidation, assault, dismissed, detained the street demonstrations citizens. In this regard, Nguyen The Thao and Le Thanh Hai, the second president of Hanoi and Saigon, ready to coordinate with two Chinese embassy and consular community to take action and create more many protest demonstrations forces ( outside the police down and up, also saved slim thugs, communist youth, youth volunteers, youth goodwill, staff travel guide ...), construction the sleazy stage and screen performances ridiculous in where protesters gathered .... Recently, by RFA 11-12-2012, senior researcher Dinh Kim Phuc has been left out of the conference entitled "Cooperation in the East Sea: History and Prospects" held January 12-12 in Saigon just because there are presentations themed "Opponent opinion of a number of Chinese scholars of sovereignty over Hoang Sa, Truong Sa archipelagos of Vietnam".

            On the other hand, after the incident to the Chinese community in Vietnam bauxite, city construction, construction bid, hire defense forests, fish port next to the military authorities CS was dormant for more than half a year for the Chinese U-shaped holding passports across the country. Until it was uncovered, the new lu speaker that has sent diplomatic protest and coming here will not stamp the passports of aggression which only provide a visa to leave (then the Chineses still blatantly brought tens of thousands of map their sovereignty into the Vietnamese People's home). Recently, it has come to light about the deputy original Chinese Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai, the beginning of 2008, China has quickly made Vung Ang port project (Ky Anh District, Ha Tinh Province) is a deep-water area located south of the Gulf of Tonkin. From this port, the Chinese can control boats in the port of Haiphong sea traffic as well as the northern region, favorable access to strategic defense objectives in the East Sea as Con, coma, Hon Khoi ... can divide the north-south traffic, for Vung Ang is located at the foot of Hoanh Son Mountain along Highway 1, the location of the country's throat!

            Clearly the country, the island is very interesting in jeopardy because of the state name modern times, regardless of ethnic origin, history North heroic resistance, because the child carved from long imbued with the mentality "disorganized national "," across the border, the border is also home to ".

            3 - indifferent attitude 

            Further the greater dangers of dehydration because of the indifferent attitude of the majority of the people, the mentality of social interest. According to journalist Huynh Ngoc Chen, due to the impact from the party and the state as mentioned above, the heart of the people are separated a concern, the public is split into multiple components at the following trends: (1 ) A bored because trust should wear to the party, the state and China do whatever, everything hung on deaf ears. (2) blind faith in the party and the state should be assured entrust everything to them, lied to please and reassuring themselves at risk of dehydration. (3) Completely indifferent to life, only caring, personal enjoyment, because information was withheld, is not enabled patriotism. (4) patriotic zeal, clearly plotting invasion of China and wanted to express through the streets or in other ways, but it was suppressed more than a bored, turned bitter ridicule jokes, two persistent warning people, efforts to attract the masses, but have not found the method and lack of organizational conditions should also awaken players. On this question, many people hope for the religion that can form or support an effective fighting organization (such as the Eastern Europe), but so far, everything is almost exclusively identified or announcement of a number of spiritual leaders only.

            Ethnic Vietnam is mainly due to marine (legend of Lac Long Quan and Au Co), and over thousands of years by the sea that the country's development, but access to the civilized world. Now, loss the sea is loss the source of life: water, minerals, transport and communication routes. Ask other country on the planet that the authorities are interested in offering land to foreign countries and most of the people indifferent people like destiny???

            EDITORIAL BOARD 

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