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Who are the reactionaries? Who has hostile action against the building and national defense, and who will go against the interests of the people and of Vietnam country?




The statement of Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung at the Conference on Economic and Social Development in 2013 in the 25th and last 26-12-2012, in which he emphasized that: "special vigilance and combat bad guys, with the hostile forces take advantage of high-tech Internet to smear propaganda against the Party, the State, destroying the building and safeguarding the country of our people ... ". made the people of the country to be ridiculous and shook their bored heads. Yes, it's the same matters, also worn with allegations ruminant chew away a boring way of the leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party and government. Bad guys, reactionary and the enemy forces ....! but dear Mr. Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung and other Party and State leaders that: in fact and in very bad condition and tragic Vietnamese society of the country of Vietnam today then who are the real bad guys, and those who are truly deserve to be known by two words "reactionary" or other hostile forces .... as comment and urged above of the Prime Minister  of Government? 

First of all, let us analyze each sentence and each word in the statement of Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung before we go to get an objective and fair. What is the advantage of high-tech Internet to libel against the Party and the State? in the past, it is true that increasingly appear more comments on the website, on the forums and from the media and foreign content posted many critics, even not regret cursing Party and State leaders communist Vietnam. However, that does not mean libelous or propaganda against the Party and the State as the current way to call of Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung. We all know that libelous is refers to a person, or a group that used bogus words to smearing in order to discredit a person, a group, an organization, a parties .... However, comments, criticisms and even cursed chain today is not the slanderous words or posted not true, can not be called a smear or against the Party. 

The leaders of the Party and State of Vietnam get anything to justify wrong while acting from the position and from government at all levels was evident. Corruption is rampant push the country's economy fell into crisis and severe recession probably is not a violation? the leaders of the Party and State have been to many times in succession to convene the extraordinary general meeting in time to correct and overcome the consequences of the primary cause for society, for the country and previously announced as a discipline leaders cleverly called Mr. "X" in the Politburo. Thus, the errors of the Party and State have too clear why that smear people and against the party? The way of Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung yesterday right is wrong and not true and so, to say that the bad guys is none other than the leader of the Party and the government, not the people because they were wrong but did not dare get wrong that put all on the head of people with words unpleasant to hear such as: "reactionary" or "the enemy forces .....". 

Here, the people we see very clearly that there's nobody who bring hostile ideology or against the Party and the State. If true sense of the word "enemy" is the Vietnamese government agencies including departments such as the police, the military .... show clearly hostile action to the people. Take a look to see very clearly the police trampled in the face of people when they express patriotism against aggressor China. Besides an act of intimidation, assault, humiliated and beaten people who down the streets, as well as in cases of forcible land full of wrong for with petitioners the country for many years. The expression immoral, barbaric act that should be condemned and called "hostile act" literally in his review of the Vietnamese Prime Minister. Speaking on the development and protection of our country, we feel more shame and humiliation on what all the Vietnamese Party and State governments have been doing today. Who has made the country of Vietnam to the situation today? Who has made the Chinese communist government invaded more and more brazen in the Vietnamese invasion of the Sea Island of us? 

By the people or by the weak, spineless and dubious of the leaders of the Communist Party and the State government to Vietnam? Yes, all of us see very clearly the patriotism of all classes of people always simmering and extreme patriotism while the Party and the government has done nothing but always keep the loyal with the aggressor and put them up with 16 gold letters and 4 fine blindly and full of hard to understand, not to be concerned yet with betrayed the country by signing the voluntary function level Paracels from Vietnam to China by former Prime Minister of Vietnam Pham Van Dong in 1958. Besides a series of actions to prevent, beatings and arrests of people took to the streets to protest against the aggressor from the police and local authorities at all levels if to say that's against the building and National defense, is must be responsible for the Vietnamese Communist Party and the government was correct and proper. In addition, the shameless Prime Minister of us also require police forces struggle to form rekindled the Organization of the opposition, against and contrary to the interests of the people and the land water ...! 

This is the worst point in his pathetic speech of our Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung because in fact that the Party and government at all levels are the ones who have trampled and belied the interests of the nation and the people. In fact there's no any hostile forces. Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung and the Vietnamese Party and State leaders mentioned and highlighted words such as: Reactionary, hostile forces .... is just to deceive people and cover all their wrongdoing in the past, at present and in the future to come. The formation of opposition political organizations is not good? The superpower countries in the world such as the United States, Britain, France, Germany .... and right in some of  communist countries, relating to communism or pursue the way totalitarianism as: Russia, Burma, Cambodia, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran ..... still formed and existing political organizations and opposition parties. Vietnam and a few other communist communist countries such as: China, North Korea ... so long has always been stubborn not to accept the formation of political organizations or political affiliations, although the right to association ..... was very clearly defined righteousness in their constitution. And this is also the cause of the phenomenon of corruption rampant in society and human rights are being trampled in a mercilessly in Vietnam today. 


Vietnamese Prime Minister calls for 'vigilance' 

Thủ tướng Nguyễn Tấn Dũng

Mr.Dung said to particularly wary of the 'bad guys 
advantage of high-tech ' 

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung told to be wary of those who criticize the regime to use modern technology to attack the government.

At a conference on socio-economic development in 2013 in two days 25-26/12, Dung get website quoted saying.

"In particular, be very wary, fighting for the bad guys to take advantage of high technology, the internet to smear propaganda against the Party, State and sabotage the construction and defense of the people it. " also quoted the prime minister said, adding that "definitely not to rekindled the appearance of the reactionary organization in any area."

This is the second time Mr Nguyen Tan Dung mentioned the need to be wary of those he called "against" Vietnam.

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At the national police conference the afternoon of 17/12 in Hanoi, the Prime Minister said the challenge for this Ministry is "hostile forces against the construction and defense of the country through peaceful evolution, information warfare, psychological warfare, the rise of criminal, terrorist ... "

He urged the security forces "Fight prevent timely conspiracy, inciting intentions, causing riots of the hostile forces, determined to rekindle the formation of opposition political organizations against and go against the interests of the country and the people. "

'Enemies of the Internet' 

In September this year, the Prime Minister of Vietnam issued a directive banning government officials read blogs "reactionary".

Among this blog page there's Quan Lam Bao page, which had direct personal attacks Mr. Dung and what they called the "interests" of his.

Besides Quan Lam Bao, two pages Dan Lam Bao and Bien Dong was named in the text of the Prime Minister.

Internet in recent years has become a tool for many Vietnamese people expressing as well as find information mixed with mainstream information.

Vietnam is currently in the list of countries considered to be "enemies of the Internet" by Reporters Without Borders launched.

Hanoi accused of imprisoning people who use cyberspace to express personal opinion.

While the government always said they respect the freedom of speech and imprison those who violate the law.

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