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Do not turn patriotism against the invading enemy of the Vietnamese people become commodity form of advertising!

Demonstrations or advertise goods? 



Never before and never had any place in the world that the patriotism of the people against the invaders safeguarding the country miserable and bitter like in Viet Nam today. Look at the banners, effigies and slogans messy mixed together just like as the image of a product or advertising activities to promote a certain event. Like this that can be seen as a protest, a protest or expression of patriotism? Against aggressor that not steal or illegal activities why are sneaky like that? What people will think and in the eyes of the international community, the vivid images that will reflect, say what? Well, this is a worst insult not only to the people of Vietnam but also an insult to the nation, for a proud country with a history of four thousand years of civilization. 

On the government side, people demonstrated against enemy invasion but is not against the government, which might be forbidden, even to the use of force as the criminal attack? if said protesters disrupt public order and society need to suppress, need to get rid of, the more unreasonable because people show patriotism peaceful and orderly. Think of love, think of justice, the Vietnamese communist state government was completely wrong can not quibble with any reason. On the people side, the stealth action suggest that the inability and lack of patience. Righteousness always sided with the people and the right to protest has very clearly defined in the Constitution of the State of Vietnam, further work is shown a legitimate patriotism, why must bow succumb to violence, irrational demands from the government? if people do not win themselves, overcome the fear in the heart of each person, to ever new human rights are respected, the new justice is executed? and to the Vietnamese people to ever truly touching complete freedom and democracy, and the native Vietnam truly is no longer foreign aggression and their eyes today? 

Dear compatriots. Defend the country against the invading enemy is not only the right of citizens in a country, but also is duty and a noble sacred responsibility of all of us, no one has the right to take away, no one has the right to trample, misleading information or making it as a tool to control and spoiled, abusive at all times to protect the rights and interests of an individual, a group of people , a political party or organization in order to cover up abuse, justify their wrong actions. Moreover, the right to demonstrate very clearly defined in the Constitution of the State of Vietnam, so by all means, by all means, we intend to ask the government to implement it properly, serious adjustment. Struggle and requires the same can not back down, subdued only a few government crackdown. Police, army man, also hearts and minds to think, know the perception of right and wrong and know when they have to follow God. We can not from an act of justice became a sneaky sneak in hiding as the thief, and especially can not consign our nation destiny into the hands of the leaders of the country incompetent, distrust, helplessness, unscrupulous, and immoral. 


Demonstrations suddenly in front of the Chinese Embassy in Hanoi 

Cuộc biểu tình bất ngờ trước đại sứ quán Trung Quốc ở Hà Nội ngày 16/12/2012.

Sudden rally in front of the Chinese embassy in Hanoi on 16/12/2012. 
blog anhbasam 

 Tú Anh

In Vietnam, the anti-aggressive Beijing has made a move 'guerilla' protect territorial sovereignty right in front of the Chinese Embassy in Hanoi. This afternoon 16/12/2012, a group of young people do not know how many people have hung several banners in Vietnamese and English «Hoang Sa and Truong Sa of Vietnam» and «China to stop aggression».

Photos protests 'raid' was that runs social networking sites.

It seems that no participant protesters arrested for the vast majority of stuffed dolls. It has quick hands fast feet away after up banners. During protests last Sunday in Saigon and Hanoi, the police came to stop, many people was surrounded before leaving home. In Hanoi, 24 protesters were taken to the police car carrying the rehabilitation camp prostitutes Loc Ha.

The author happened to take the picture to know that this time the police have a hand up. Because electromagnetic waves are bad, RFI can only be transferred to the audience four following a short interview:

«At noon today, my flower garden Lenin opposite the Chinese embassy to take pictures, but happened to see their two young up models are the animal toys daughter ... and on the other hand holding the beast language against China ... English, English but I remember all ... I see how it will clear the banner because I shoot very well .. . »

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