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The leaders of the Communist Party and the State government of Vietnam to immediately terminate the blind loyalty and foolish of you to the aggressor China if not want to become the solitary confinement with hard labour of the history of Việt Nam.




The illegal expansion of the Chinese communist government in the East Sea, especially in the islands of Vietnam's Hoang Sa and Truong Sa as well as target for fishermen and the boats of Việt nam first decide to search, intercept and deport foreign vessels recently Hainan provincial government of China is completely true and obvious. The leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party and the government, for the said act unruly step by step, step by step, and despite the above international law of the Chinese Communist authorities closed in Vietnam and the countries in the region have sufficient legal basis to prove their aggression or not, or have to wait until the Vietnamese government signed a new agreement to determine the sovereignty of China is now on the Paracel Islands and Spratly islands like Vietnam's Prime Minister Pham Van Dong did before when he signed on the note dedicate Paracel for China in 1958?.

To ever the leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party and the government dared to express reactive behavior and protect its sovereignty Sea islands strongly for the Chinese enemies such as the Philippines, Japan .. .... have done in the past time? And to ever, truly end the shameful loyalty, shapes, spit and deserve to be cursed to the friend and communist patron who is barbarous that you have tried to keep and respectfully so long? National Assembly of Vietnam, the Vietnamese government and Vietnamese troops should not be built solely to serve the interests of the Chinese communist government alone? Just watched people focus to the streets to express patriotism against aggressor China, but was his own government, its military and its police officers not only not support but also turn back to pressure down on harshly, no one to be out of the hurt and indignation? Would rather that the leaders of the Communist Party and the State government outright Vietnam boldly announced to the people that the islands was because they are willing to devote to the Chinese, not where they invade, please people do not have protests will destroy the good relationship between the two countries, people still know the way to calculate and easy to behave ....

But the leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party and the government did not have the courage to do so. A hand of fear of communist China angry can affect the power of their personal interests, on the other hand, fear a wave of indignation from people when learned they had sold out their country, betrayed the nation should turn to go hand in hand with the Chinese enemy. When the Chinese Communist government increased aggression and harassment island region of indisputable sovereignty of Vietnam, the Vietnamese communist government immediately expressed opposition to bring the situation and responds a proforma weakly. But besides that, the leaders of other agencies of Vietnam tried to soothe and proved docile, loyal proved extraordinarily sharp contrast with the strong statement of objections to the Chinese communist regime in terms of diplomacy. And the most painful thing is to see people down the road to show patriotism is the enemy of the government, not the enemy really is aggression and illegal occupation of the islands and Sea of Vietnam. Thus the Vietnamese communist government crackdown harshly and mercilessly.

It is time for the leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party and the government should immediately stop completely blind loyalty of the status of the aggressor China. 16 letters of gold and 4 good to be used in the right place at the right time and the right audience, not to devote blindly and stupid to the government just always wanted swallowed his country, tortured reviews beating torture fishermen and citizens of the country in while always break into a smile and said words artificially ethics. Immediately distinguish a well-defined way who are friends and who is an enemy to take action commensurate response in the protection of the integrity of the national territory and territorial waters. If the leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party and the government continues to blindly loyal but do not care about the safety of the nation and the country, the Vietnamese people we have to help them wake up. By all means and at all costs must be determined to reclaim the right to self-determination for the peoples, and to decide the fate of the country's survival. Be strong and determined to change the social injustices, change thinking, human behavior  pointless, immoral and irresponsible of the current communist country's leader. Popularity is the will of God, we can not continue forever fear and submit to the inhuman communist regime continues to trample our sacred right to life. Trampled on ethics and risk of the Vietnamese people to become dehydrated and continued slavery for Chinese enemies as they did in Vietnam's history of thousands of years.


Vietnamese fishermen are the main object of the decision to intercept vessels in the East Sea

Bản đồ yêu sách chủ quyền (đường chấm đỏ) của Trung Quốc tại Biển Đông

Map claims (red dotted line) of China in the East Sea

Trọng Nghĩa

Neighboring countries and the United States to question the decisions of Hainan Province will give border forces blocked seize boats intrusions East China Sea claimed to be under its sovereignty, Beijing voiced whitewash, that decision does not interfere with the freedom of navigation in the region. However, a Hainan Provincial officials have publicly acknowledged the intention of the decision is to increase the capacity to control the islands located within the U-shaped line, with Vietnamese fishermen being targeted audience first.

According to the American newspaper The New York Times, yesterday, 01/12/2012, in an interview for the newspaper envoy in Haikou, capital of Hainan province, Ngo Si Reserves, General Director Provincial Department of Foreign Affairs confirmed that the new rules will apply from the beginning of January 2013 across the scattered islands in the East Sea and the surrounding waters.

That's hundreds of islands or reefs or floating, the Paracel Islands, Spratlys and Zhongsha located inside the in maps 'U-shaped' that Beijing is used to localize the external sovereignty of China Sea, despite claims on a number of neighboring islands, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei.

Hainan Provincial officials explained that with the new decision, the border police force are only allowed to block kept on board searches and expulsion of foreign ships if the ship illegal activities and in regional territorial waters 12 nautical miles around the island that China claims.

But this character not hesitate stating: "The scope of application covers the entire island or rocks inside the dotted line and the adjacent waters."

Again, the term "line 9 the" U-shaped plate, drawing from the 1940s under the Kuomintang, identified Chinese sovereignty over 80% of the East Sea. Since 2009, Beijing maps are used as the basis for China's current claims. Some neighboring countries have strongly criticized Beijing after China has to print the map on their new passports. Not only that, but Vietnam refused entry visa stamped on the passport "U-shaped", which advocates a visa to leave for China to Vietnam.

Vietnam is the first object targeted by China's decision Hainan Province empowered examination and control of foreign ships for border forces.

Hainan Province, Ngo Si Tru officials have publicly confirmed to the New York Times, is the immediate goal of this new decision is in response to what he called the illegal activities of Vietnamese fishing boats in waters surrounding the island Vinh Hung (Vietnam called Phu Lam), the Paracel Islands, where China recently chosen to head office Sansha administrative unit governs the entire South China Sea , as well as the headquarters of army units stationed in the area.

After hand occupied the Paracel Islands from South Vietnam government in 1974, China has continuously set the situation was already, despite the protests of Vietnam. One of the actions to be applied throughout China in recent time is stopped, drove from confiscation, even immersed Vietnamese fishermen fishing vessels to fish in the region Hoang Sa, which is traditional fishing grounds of the people of Central Vietnam.

According to the New York Times, China's neighbors Beijing denounced the use of the island Vinh Hung / Woody and "Sansha" outpost to carry down to control the East Sea.

Declaration of the Foreign Affairs Office of Hainan leadership can be said to be the perspective of the central government in Beijing. The reason is that Ngo Si Tru is also Director of the South Sea Research Institute of China, based in Hainan. This Institute is a consultative body to the Chinese government on policies applied in the East Sea.


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