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Along with maintaining good relations between the two countries in the spirit of the 16 letters of gold and 4 good are brazen aggression act that the Chinese aggressor rewarded for blind loyalty of the Party and Vietnam's communist government




Chinese communist government increasingly proved unruly and arbitrary act regardless of international law, despite the friendship between the two peoples of Vietnam and China, as well as in spite of all the so-called loyalty into glass and hospitality that the communist government of Vietnam has always respectful and team up with 16 letters of gold and 4 good so long. This is not the first survey ship Binh Minh 2 was Chinese ships harassed and vandalism, which in the past had been cut shelf exploration cable  right in the continental under the sovereignty of Vietnam 2 times in May and June 2011. In recent years, because of the cowardly and spineless attitude of the Vietnamese communist authorities led to even small fishing boats of China also proved despised and despite the law, blatantly carried destructive action and provoke us.

Besides, the Chinese communist government also constantly harassed, arrested and beaten  Vietnamese fishermen while they were fishing near the Paracel Islands of Vietnam which has been the main Chinese communist authorities used force an illegal occupation since 1974. Before the unruly behavior and wrong, the Vietnamese communist state and government instead of the intervention and effective protection of property and life for his fellow but proforma only cursory response for form. In fact, the Vietnamese fishermen from time to time continuous have been harassed and detained by Chinese vessels as a empty place, as well as endured the lash of the violent but did not know whom to cry for protection. Sometimes, these poor fishermen do not know who to trust anymore, because the government is of the people, but not always on the side of the people. Moreover, the senior leaders of the Party and the government always acts very confusing as the government and military establishment is not to protect the people, protect the territorial integrity national and territorial waters, which seemed to please and serve right for aggressor China.

That is why, the Chinese communist government and even the Chinese people also proved despised communist government of Vietnam and the Vietnamese people. In their eyes, the Vietnam country seems is now no longer a sovereign and independent country, and the people of Vietnam is no different as slaves due to even their patriotism is also not allowed to express. Facing Island Sea sovereignty disputes with China becoming increasingly unstable, the leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party and the government will think? and will take any appropriate actions to effectively protect property and life for the Vietnamese fishermen, as well as asset protection and integrity of national territory, the territorial sea of ​​the country? Or only after a few days, a few weeks or a few months perfunctory resistance to calm and reassure the people's heart and then everything will return to the same position as there was no matter  happens and again continue hand in hand, welcome and gratitude to the Chinese Communist Party and the government, the aggressor with great malice on the eternal spirit of the 16 letters of gold and 4 good.


Vietnamese seismic survey ship destroyed by China cut the cable

Tàu khảo sát địa chấn Bình Minh 02 thuộc Tập đoàn Dầu khí Việt Nam (PVN)

Seismic survey ship Binh Minh 02 Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PVN)

Tú Anh

After three days of silence, the ship Binh Minh-2 of the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group PetroVietnam China cut cables at a location near the island of Con Co is confirmed. Today 03/12/2012, in the form of an interview to Mr. Pham Viet Dung, an official of PVN, online newspapers Petrotimes confirmed the information that many newspapers 'Left' has taken place from 30/11/2012.

This is a new tactic of China has illegally fishing in the waters of Vietnam has destroyed the Vietnamese oil and gas industry. From Quang Ngai, journalist Thanh Thao details:

Before that the last few days have also heard this but not officially. Yes is today, Petrotimes put very precisely in at 4 hours 55 minutes, the Binh Minh 02 ship date 30/11/2012 while operating in waters near the island of Con Co of Vietnam, with a fishing fleet China's invasion of the deep fishing in Vietnamese waters, including a ship on the stern of the ship Binh Minh 02 ship and cut the cable.

Said someone cut the cable? it was the name of a fishing vessel of Chinese fishermen. But that's just outside, form of, themselves. Of course these vessels of China, it has violated the seas of Vietnam to hit the Vietnam, Vietnam's seafood robbery, but also by doing tasks that the Chinese government

assigned it the task of provocation, destructive tasks. The ship that it is capable of doing as a Chinese military ship, ie it is capable of cutting the cable, the ability to destroy Vietnam's scientific research vessel. It works so well across the sabotage actions as the Chinese warship.

(All the commentaries of Thanh Thao was found in the interview)

journalist Thanh Thảo- Quảng Ngãi

Thanh Thao - Quang Ngai

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