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News of Father Nguyen Van Ly in Communist prison



Dear to fellow people in Vietnam and siblings Catholics latest news about Roman prisoners of conscience Priest Father Thaddeus Nguyen Van Ly in Communist prison. (See attachment). Please help spread.
We sincerely thank you.
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News of Father Nguyen Van Ly in Communist prison

              (Newsletter on 13-12-2012)
Visit Roman priest Father Thaddeus Nguyen Van Ly on 03-12-2012

  On the morning of 03-12-2012, Nguyen Cong Hoang and his cousin depart from Quang Bien,-Dong Nai and was in Phu Ly city, Hanam province to pick the car up camp Nam Ha, Tan Luong commune, Kim Bang district virtually visiting Roman priest Father Thaddeus Nguyen Van Ly, was their uncle , serving eight years in prison, is being held there.

When arrival in the gate-a new camp that he was just in an move of the day 14-8-2012 - both of them submitted papers relating to the security guard and into the living room waiting for officers in charge into the camp to visit. Just as in the old prison, relatives of Father Ly always be met in the hall or in a special room, different from the other inmates (so easy to follow). This time the two brothers get him to meet in the hall on the first floor of the newly built large house. Wait for a while, both see Father Ly remote "managers" carried out by motorcycle, ran down and helped the prisoners walked up the stairs. Father Ly a handrail stair handrail, while the other hand give relatives helped steps. Radiant with joy, smiling and cheering for a meeting with relatives, but severely paralyzed legs shuffled!

Hand in hand, greetings be done already, Mr. Hoang let Father Ly know that Father Chan Tin, Redemptorist, Father Nguyen Kim Dien group members (which he was also part of an) and Chair of the magazine Freedom of Speech  (that Father Ly is a co-founder) died on the evening of May 01 12 in Saigon. Prisoner of conscience expressed emotion, pity mourned.

The illness of Father Ly, Hoang said: from dated 15-9-2012, the camp medical staff gave him more tablets Coversyl 5mg every day because his blood pressure is unstable, prone abnormal upward. Since his illness and the time of treatment at the General House of the Archdiocese of Hue (15-03-2010 to 25-07-2011), the drug that Mr. Hoang gave (who is a physician) Father Ly has helped him stabilize blood pressure and paralyzed limbs recovered gradually. However, when not fully recovered, he was already Communist thrown in jail, should this be blood pressure fluctuations ominous. Mr. Hoang very worried for the health of her uncle, even though he has regularly provided for Father Ly used drugs since he was arrested in jail again.

After guests hear outside information about his friends, Priest Ly sent his visit and thank all the bishops, priests, religious, laity and the friends, near and far who have always mindful to pray, to speak, to campaign for this indomitable prisoner who was put in prison four times. For example, the "Million heart one voice" is carried out to defend the domestic struggle distress, or petition of Amnesty International USA which are signature to freedom Rev. prisoners. We also know some foreign friends in Canada will simultaneously send their cards for Father Ly to the Nam Ha prison on the occasion of Christmas and New Year. Not know CS allow to get!

After about 1 hour of visitation, both of you have departed Father Ly in pity with how disturbed worry .....

Here are two relevant documents

1 - Notification of Board of Prison sent to the family to know about «academic reform »prisoner Nguyen Van Ly during 2012: result:` POOR! So he was kept in an achievement from last year, also type `POOR!!!

One point worth noting: in this notice, the permanent residence of Father Ly (capital at the General of the Archdiocese of Hue) were state agencies arbitrarily moved to Xuan Phong commune, Phong Dien district, Thua Thien-Hue do not know at what moment! Made contact with the ones responsible in the General House, Archbishop of Hue to ask about this problem and he was more amazed. A copy has been forwarded to him to grasp the facts.

2 - The prayer, the mind the experience of God in the prison that he was wanted in an share with his friends near and far. Self-writing of the Father.

FNA reporter group Bloc 8406 report from Hue on 13-12-2012 in his narrative Nguyen Cong Hoang.

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