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New moves to intervene in the Internet Freedom of the Vietnamese communist government? suspicion of network communities about the real reason behind the termination of operation of Blog by Yahoo! Vietnam




We just received notice from the Yahoo home page Vietnam on Monday 10-12-2012 in which the Yahoo! team Blog Vietnam has officially announced that they will end the operation of the permanent Yahoo! Blog telecommunications since 01 17 2012. Perhaps this is sadly information not only for Blogger component Vietnam in particular, but also a huge disappointment in the heart of most Vietnamese people in general. The closure of Yahoo! Blog mentioned above will only be a normal operation in the business of social networking sites in Vietnam as well as in other countries around the world, there is nothing to say or to bother. However, in the context of strict restrictions on media and freedom of speech in Vietnam in the past as well as in the current period makes the netizen community in Vietnam and around the world suspect there's intervention rough hands from the Vietnamese communist state government within the closure of Yahoo! Blog above.

In addition, the closure of the Pages Blog Yahoo! will no noise and there is nothing to debate if reasons are given to explain the closure of the said blog from the leadership of Yahoo! possible acceptable. But the reason is not clear, the lack of truthfulness and contradictions of Yahoo! for the closure was really causing discontent and so poignant in the hearts of all people, especially for Bloggers and for those who liked the activities related to the Blog on the Yahoo! network in Vietnam today. We all know that, to express thoughts on the network, showing all the fun plus sorrows on this personal website as well as receiving all the information related to personal, family, social and wider sharing and receiving information that is timely, politicians from every country around the world is not only fun but also a rewarding spiritual food indispensable in daily life of netizens in particular, and most Vietnamese people in general.

Well, the experience interesting and rewarding real value in Blog and receive information from the social blog, personal politics is undeniable. However, as the words of Yahoo! to show that sometimes they have to be very difficult to make the decision to remove or close off some of the features that they said do not bring much value for users is absolutely not convincing. Netizens people in Vietnam and the country has ever seen and was very upset when the communist government of Vietnam issued a new resolution on May 06, 2011 which includes the range against internet freedom and violations serious people's freedom of speech. In general, the closure of Yahoo! Blog this time was really quite disappointing and lost the confidence of the citizens of Vietnam for network services and social networking sites in Vietnam. This is so humiliating  not only for its own social networking site, but also a disgrace of Vietnam country with friends in 5 continents, with countries in the region and community internationally. Especially in the context of Vietnam and the international community towards the true value of human rights and honour the activities of political promote, expand and defend human rights in Vietnam and around the world by the way on 10-12-2012 International Human Rights this year.



Yahoo! Blog Vietnam will cease operation from January 17, 2013

Dear Blogger Yahoo!,

At Yahoo!, we always want to give users worldwide habits inspiring entertainment experiences. From this, sometimes, we have to make difficult decisions like removed, shut down a number of features, the product does not bring a lot of value to the user. These decisions will help Yahoo to focus all his energy to create the new product gives users more pleasant experience.

With this orientation, we decided to end the operation of Yahoo! Blog in Vietnam since 17/01/2013. This will help Yahoo! to focus on improving the core product and creating new and better products. Yahoo would like to thank all of you who support and work closely with Yahoo! Blog in the past.

You see detailed termination process works and how to protect your data below. After 17/01/2013 and end on 14/03/2013, you can export and data storage on Yahoo! Blog include: articles, review articles, photographs.

Process as follows:
- From 6/12/2012, Yahoo! Blog Malaysia will terminate the registration of new and terminated the national server changes for existing users.

- From 6/12/2012 to end on 16/01/2013, existing users can still use the normal blog: new post, edit, copy or delete, comment, post photos,. ..

- On 17/01/2013, the system will stop working and you will not be able to log in to your account to blog anymore

- From 17/01/2013 to 14/03/2013, the you can go export and archive articles, review articles, and pictures on Yahoo! Blog.

- Your Yahoo! account is not affected by the cessation of this activity, you can still log on to other Yahoo! services as usual.

Thank you for using Yahoo! Blog and become an important factor of our community. We are honored to serve you in the past and hope to continue to connect with you on other Yahoo! products.

Would like to thank you and Best regards,

The Yahoo! Vietnam Blog team


The main purpose of Yahoo closed Yahoo VN blog is about? (Pressure from the government, financial, network security, etc.), other countries have not??

why to close the blog?

Tuyết  Tuyết05:08 10 thg 12 2012
haizzz. opera, blogspot with wordpress are blocked in Vietnam, difficult to design, few people use it, which is mostly tech people, few people used to write the l .. l..

Bad as never bad more!

 Board governance Yahoo VN must have had their reasons reluctantly. Community blog we should sympathize with them my friends! 
As for every ch ....

blogger blocked by VNPT, well boring!

Danh Bạ Công Ty Bảo Vệ  Danh Bạ Công Ty Bảo Vệ
03:19 8 thg 12 2012
Vietnam to ever possible to have new standing? Probably due to its poor state too. Oh sad is sad,  for soccer and now to Yahoo
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Why, a few months before upgrading, top-level version, now completely terminated operations. why yahoo blog vietnam operation is terminated .... Why???

For a name (a brand) Yahoo stature certainly not something unforeseen consequences can ... will accompany the .....

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