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Open Letter to President Truong Tan Sang and leaders of State about current situation of Vietnam today



To:      - State President Truong Tan Sang

            - The party leaders and
                    State of Vietnam government.

 As a citizen of Vietnam, I realized very clearly, fully and properly the obligations, responsibilities and rights of a citizen of the country, for society, for the people and even for with the current government of my country. Especially in the current period, our country Vietnam is not only facing the country's economic situation and difficult recession unprecedented in history due to rampant corruption and widespread in contemporary society, but also as well as moderate to cope with aggression and aggressive behavior of the Chinese communist government, typically the illegal occupation of the Paracel and Spratly islands of Vietnam in many years.

Dear Excellency President!

Maybe this open letter was sent to you in terms of the current situation of the country is in chaos and unstable society, will not be welcomed and welcomed. However, because of the sense of the responsibilities and obligations of a citizen of the country, so I would like to send this letter to yourself president in particular and all the leaders of the State of Vietnam in general . Through my personal information received about your statement in the article titled "Forever is guided light" publicly posted on most mass media in Vietnam, in yourself affirmed that: "Continue to speak your thoughts about the current situation of the country related to the two strategic tasks is to protect and build the country." In addition, there are other comments from Mr. president such as: a number of public opinion, some of the ideological divide within the party and between the Party and the people .... carved into the weaknesses in leadership and management in the country, or the cons of irregularities some staff to distraction in public opinion .... and some of the social networking sites and foreign press have caused doubt on the foreign policy of the party .... even slander, misrepresentation that our Party selling out the country ......

Well, all thoughts and own remarks of President today are completely bogus, and as a citizen of the country of Vietnam, I would earnestly call and expect the answer from you clearly and realistically about the problems that you mentioned. First of all, I would like to present some views and also questions of myself about the issues mentioned above are as follows:

1 - You said that the two strategic tasks that must continue to protect and build the country .... I would like to ask: safeguarding the country in any way and how to build the country? if what the Party and the government are doing then I'm afraid that is difficult to get consensus from the people of the country. The reason why? At first, defense country is not own of one person, but is the responsibility of the whole army, people, and not only for the own responsibility of the party and government. Therefore, the people took to the streets to express patriotism against aggression of the Chinese government peacefully is a proper, meaningful and completely legal. Why the Chinese anti-Japanese demonstrations in a provocative and violent to get consent from their government, while Vietnam is a country with independent sovereignty and why suffer pressure and orientation from China?. Therefore, the prevention and violence against the people's patriotic protests of  Vietnamese party and government are totally wrong. And the way of defense country weakly, feebly, and full of confusing of Party and State of Vietnam government today is totally unacceptable.

2 - Regarding the construction of the country in a way that current Vietnamese Party and State government is not stable at all. First of all, everyone knows to build strong and prosperous country, the first thing to do now is to prevent and eliminate corruption. In this respect, I would not say but people probably all know that, so long Corruption social capital exists in Vietnam and currently raging so serious and develop that the leader of the Party and the Vietnamese government must call the God, that the extraordinary meeting was convened  last time of the party government in the form of "self-criticism and criticism" is the most obvious evidence. In the past, the Vietnamese Party and Government always strongly exhorted the prevention and elimination of corruption. However, the Party and government to prevent and eliminate how does not know but right his own Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong ever had to say: not only the worm appeared in the Party and government but must said exactly is appear a "swarms of worms". But when to convene the meeting of the Party Central Committee to dissect the problem because of identified a comrade in the Politburo who had serious violations in the management and administration of the country led to serious economic consequences for soil countries need to be disciplined. But what did the Party and State of Vietnam government do? right even the name and title of the errors comrade in the Politburo also did not anyone dare mention and then the President also must instead calling himself by "Mr. X"!!!???.

Dear Excellency State President and party government leaders.

Defense and building country under the current way of the Party and government, how people believe and how to get a large consensus from the people?

3 - As for president statement that appear dangerous ideological opinion and cause split in the Party and between the Party and the people, I would like to tell you that: public opinion and the views of anyone can not divide within the party as well as between the Party and the people if the party does not really divide and people never lost faith in the party and government. The fact that within the party was really serious divides that the Party and the central government must continue to convene the extraordinary meeting to consider and resolve, and since "Mr. X in the Political "Party can be set to detect more serious violations need to handle and discipline. Thus, the press and the public website address is correct and need not be referred to as divisive within the party, between the Party and the people, or as calling way of the President is "critical for ruin ". Probably due to near with aggressor China too long should Himself President of  us have forgotten the precious teachings of our ancestors in the past that: "truth is generally unpalatable" and "nothing hurts like the truth " Well, ought to have been stage the need to surgically remove the cell "cancer of corruption", the Party and the State government of Vietnam is pull back, so who is responsible? if there shall charge that the Party and the government is too weak and incapable so the corruption has a chance to survive and develop, as well as the cause of the people had turned away and no confidence in the leadership State government today.

4 - And the last thing that the President said that the foreign press and other social networking sites slander our Party selling out the country, this is actually very dangerous and most serious in all matters is in need of surgery sawn and practical answers from the President of our State. Well, not only the foreign media and social networking sites for that Party and government selling out the country that most of people in whole country also have the same thought like that. Speaking of dispute resolution, whether any field also requires goodwill from both sides. It is worth mentioning here that although five times and seven times, the Chinese communist government have proved aggressive, aggressive invasion in an unruly and unreasonable, while the Vietnamese Party and State governments proved weak and their loyal inexplicably. Not only that, but also turned against their fellow, oppression patriotism of the people, anyone to the streets to express patriotism are to be shown as reactionary, even to those who sacrificed blood for communist regime and the pupils and students, who are considered lean columns of the country is also were attributed by two words "reactionary" bluffly. So, who's the slander? and who is divisive? Why blame people destroy and cause disunity?. Furthermore, in the past, former Prime Minister Pham Van Dong had ever errors when voluntarily signed the function confirm the sovereignty of China in the area of ​​12 nautical miles including the Paracel Islands of Vietnam, is Today, when combined with the act of confusing of the Party and the government, the people suspected of the Party and government to undercut the country is completely be founded.

Dear Excellency State President and the Party government leaders.

These are all identified and include any questions on various issues mentioned above that I myself think again, and thought that has yet to be answered. Yes, it is correct with the confirm by the President of the country, the people of the country is still agree with you that is needed to protect and build the country. However, for the protection and national construction feasibility and received broad consensus in people's opinion, is first, the Party and State leaders need to do that is immediately restore faith in the people of the country. How's this? Yes, there is nothing complex and difficult at all, just the leaders of the Party and the government is willing and sincere in defending and building the country. To quickly eliminate all the doubts which existed for so long in the hearts of the people on blind loyalty from you to the aggressor China. When people do not understand anything that leads to acts contrary to the views of the party and government, the need for adequate explanation until let people be persuaded that can not always use violence resources unnecessarily. Must listen to the voice of the people can not work a bit is attributed them to become "Reactionary". The law should be fair and honest with everyone and anyone, even the Communist Party did not have the right to sit above the law. If so, the new justice and human rights enforcement truly respected. Period if the Party and State of Vietnam government implemented the above, be sure that nobody wants to struggle or keep bad thoughts about the Party and government leaders as all people have thought all for so long.


Date.  15th  December,  2012

Do Minh Tuyen (struggle for Human Rights, Freedom and Democracy for Vietnam)


The economic downturn threatens to Regime '

Chủ tịch Trương Tấn Sang

President Truong Tan Sang anniversary posts established Vietnamese Army 22/12, talking about 'the current situation of the country'.

Routine earlier article, entitled 'Forever bright stars lead the way', was published in most of the mass media in the country.

President says he wants to "continue to speak his thoughts on the current situation of the country related to the two strategic tasks, is to protect and build the country."

He also promised not to write the pattern as "conservative, overly cautious and patterns often bring a sense of security to the speaker, but in many cases, it really can not portray the essence of the problem. "

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President Sang begins by referring directly to the current economic situation in the country, which he said "after years ... full of excitement, this is in a state of decline."
He said the main cause of this situation is the shortcomings of leadership and management.

"Recently, the daily press and public opinion referring to the 'interest groups', where it acts to acquire economic power makes people did not rest."

"One of the main shortcomings in the current state management is the focus too much, there is the excessive decentralization, but the lack of testing ..."

'Never sell water'

Mr. Truong Tan Sang also warned about the status of 'social unrest' which he said derived from the state of decadent ideas.

"Never in the past year, a lot of public opinion, in which dangerous thoughts and opinions, creating divisions within the party and between the Party and the people ..."

"They carved weaknesses in the leadership and management of the country or the shortcomings and mistakes of some staff to distraction in public opinion ..."

Mr. Sang did not use the phrase "external reactionary forces" as usual, but he said a number of foreign news and social networking sites has raised doubts about the foreign policy of the party, "even if they also slander, misrepresentation that our Party selling out the country ".

He called it the "destructive criticism."

President Truong Tan Sang said: "the Party, the State never sell water to outside forces such as the bad guys falsely accused."
"The act of selling or countries to do the same will be subject to the curse, hatred of generations later, just as we have been severe criticism of the character and the mode like in history."

He said the most dangerous excitement, ethnic division, and called on the whole society and the people "for the sake of the nation, due to political stability, social peace to eat and economic development, the need to further strengthen the process of unity and reconciliation and national reconciliation. "

Mr. Sang also requested the media, in addition to "fight evil" to promote the good things, because "our people would be interested to hear your stories real good in life."

In the end of the long article, Mr. Truong Tan Sang said Vietnam's defense, which he said is "national defense".

He reiterated Vietnam undertakings not to use force or threaten to use force in other countries, but ready to defend themselves; Vietnam not proliferation but  always strengthen the defense enough to defend themselves.

"We will mobilize all the power to defend themselves and win every aggressor," President Sang said.

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