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International Day for Human Rights, say about the human rights situation in Vietnam.




Annual International Day of Human Rights reminds us all remember the true value of human rights and the positive aspects brought by the respect for human rights for people regardless of nationality, color, culture, political or social components .... also remind state leaders of all the countries in the world on their responsibilities and obligations to respect the human rights of people , especially for the country under the Communist regime or to pursue or remain the way authoritarian dictatorship which includes Vietnam. Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 30 clearly stipulates that: Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any State, group or person any right to engage in work or act aimed at the destruction of human rights and freedoms recognized in this Declaration. However, it's always been, a number of countries in a way totalitarian dictatorship and communist regimes always invoked by differences in culture, politics and human history and then to behavior contrary to the fundamental rights of the people which had been specified in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations for the past 64 years. 

Most serious in Vietnam, although the legitimate rights of the people not only be clearly stipulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations which is also reflected and clearly defined in the Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is amended and promulgated since 1992. However, the Party and government leaders at all levels in Vietnam has always ignored the true value of human rights and ongoing serious human rights violations over the years, despite the law National Constitution and international law, as well as in spite of all human moral conscience over increasing cases of harassment, repression arrests and illegal detention of people in country that do not comply with the provisions law and order as the paradoxical tragic case in the past for such cases: Priest dissidents Nguyen Van Ly, prisoner of conscience Nguyen Huu Cau, Blogger Journalist Dieu Cay, Blogger Catholic Ta Phong Tan, 17 young Catholics and Protestants, patriotic Vietnamese artist Khang and Tran Vu Anh Binh, young patriotism student Phuong Uyen ..... and the hundreds, thousands of other cases is the most concrete evidence of sin and of serious violations of human rights of the Party Leadership Group and Vietnam's communist government now and in decades. 

No one has the right to reject or acts contrary to the true value of human rights and people born in this life are implicitly inherited common the aforementioned basic human rights. That's two important factors, the most practical thing reminded everyone of us at any time, any place, any situation. Special anniversary of International Human Rights Day every year. In the current period, when the Vietnam Fatherland, the home country of Vietnam is day and day, night and night to face the risk of enemy invasion from the North by China, the patriotism of the people especially the young generation Vietnam is very dear and necessary social enshrined in Vietnam today. But right from the beginning, their passionate patriotism were the leaders of the Party and government at all levels to suppress it in the bud when declared the protests against aggression and invasion of the Chinese communist government in recent years is due to the hostile forces and foreign reactionary agitation instigated in order to create social unrest and plotting to overthrow the current government should be strictly prohibited. Never spirit of people are simmering popular as today, and never the people of Vietnam, Viet Nam country are suffered humiliation scene as today when even the patriotism of the people are not allowed to be out. Human rights, two words are hallowed and approachable easily but for the people of Vietnam today why more distant and difficult like that? 

U.S. Embassy in Hanoi - Hanoi, Vietnam

U.S. Embassy in Hanoi

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U.S. Ambassador in Hanoi - Mr. David Shear

International Human Rights Day

Welcome to my new blog! I look forward to this opportunity to talk with you directly about important issues, share my perspective on the U.S.-Vietnam relationship, and perhaps most importantly hear your opinions, thoughts, and questions as we continue the progress that the United States and Vietnam have made together over the last seventeen years.

Let me start this discussion by addressing one of the most difficult but important issues in our relationship – human rights. Today is International Human Rights Day. Throughout the world, people are celebrating the rights and freedoms that every person possesses. These rights apply universally and equally to all, no matter where you were born or which country you live in.

As an American, I see “rights” as a defining feature of my country. The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights were designed to create a government required to respect and protect the rights of its citizens. U.S. citizens enjoy freedom of association and freedom of speech. They are free to express their political views and opinions and to practice the religion of their choice. These rights, protected by law, form the foundation of America’s democracy and prosperity.

While the term “human rights” is relatively new, people all over the world have long spoken of universal concepts such as freedom and liberty. This year marks the sixty-fourth anniversary of world leaders gathering at the UN General Assembly to capture these universal concepts and ideas in a comprehensive list of rights. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights pledges to uphold and protect the human rights and fundamental freedoms of all people. It also states that the way a country treats its people is a matter of legitimate international concern and subject to international standards.

The protection of these universal human rights is a central part of our identity as Americans and an important facet of our relationship with Vietnam. We have not forgotten those imprisoned for peacefully exercising these rights and have called for the release of all prisoners of conscience. We advocate for a free press and greater internet freedom by urging the Vietnamese government to allow journalists and bloggers to operate freely and without fear of arrest and detention. We promote freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and freedom of association by speaking up when people peacefully expressing their opinions are detained and imprisoned. We advocate for all people to have the freedom of religion- to believe, to express their beliefs and to worship. We will continue to publicly and privately call for the Vietnamese government to release all political prisoners and stand by our fundamental belief that no person should be imprisoned for exercising their freedom of expression or any internationally recognized human right.

We believe in the importance of human rights as universal principles. As Secretary Clinton has noted, we also see a clear connection between human rights and economic development. Companies seek markets where transparency, freedom of information, internationally recognized labor standards, and rule of law provide a safe and predictable environment for business to flourish and encourage inclusive economic growth. Controls on the Internet discourage innovation and information sharing; limitations on freedoms of expression and press prevent Vietnam from creating the stable and welcoming investment climate necessary to fully develop Vietnam’s economic potential.

We have made remarkable steps together in the expansion and growth of our relationship with Vietnam. This 64th annual International Human Rights Day gives us an opportunity to reflect once again on our obligation under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to promote these universal values, to recognize their importance to our collective economic and social development, and to encourage an environment in every country where these values can thrive and unlock the true potential of our people. It is progress in this area which will truly move our bilateral relationship further forward.

U.S. Ambassador, David Shear

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