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Political crisis in Vietnam led to the increasing government crackdown on dissident Democrats in Vietnam




Human rights lawyer Le Quoc Quan, Director of Vietnam Solutions Company Limited   has been the Vietnamese communist authorities arrested this morning 27-12-2012 at Hanoi and charged with one count of "tax evasion". This continues to be a move aimed at Democratic activist in Vietnam, during volatile society with enormous challenges in terms of power aimed at the leader of the Party and government in the context of rampant corruption in the country is now pushing the Vietnamese economy fell into crisis and recession is becoming more serious and worse. The arrest of lawyer Le Quoc Quan, a person who fight for Democracy and Human Rights in Vietnam with many achievements in the enthusiastic advocate for the poor and desire to contribute to a fair society, respect human rights and development in Vietnam has caused more urgency in the people's opinion and that the Vietnamese communist government was not ready to improve for their poor and worse of human rights situation now.

The emergency arrest of lawyer Le Quoc Quan, along with charges of alleged "tax evasion" remind everyone about the wrong and brutal case of Nguyen Van Hai, Blogger Dieu Cay, a journalist and a dissident blogger was arrested on charges of "tax evasion" similar and then was continue to the Vietnamese communist authorities detained on charges of allegedly new then: 'propaganda against the State " with the heavy sentence was 12 years in prison and five years of probation. past time, to silence the voice of dissent in the country, the communist government of Vietnam has not given up any tricks up for their target . and other government charges which is often used is to capture the democracy in the country, such as: tax evasion, disturbing public order, opposing duty ..... or even the charges that when people heard not surprised as from the initial allegations against Dr. Lawyer Cu Huy Ha Vu in previous arrests for criminal evidence including two condoms were used found out in the trash!

Before Democratizing Global trends in the world and a number of revolutions the "Arab Spring" broke out in the countries of the Middle East and North Africa, and the Communist Party of Vietnam in posture than feared and the challenges immense power now targeting to the Party and government officials, Hanoi authorities who are as sitting on the fire, tried every means to prevent, prohibit and eradicate the ideology is perceived to be detrimental and prejudicial to their power present in all classes of people does not exclude the patriotic young generation including intellectuals and students. Arrest illegal activities of the authorities Vietnamese communist government in recent years has faced harsh criticism from the people, from the International Human Rights organizations and the world community. Therefore, the first priority of the Communist Party and the State government Vietnam Democratic aimed at the present is living done every trick radical line and eliminates the possibility of their economy by the arrest with charges of alleged "tax evasion" as is done today with lawyer Le Quoc Quan and his brothers, as well as used to arrest dissidents Blogger  Nguyen Van Hai (Dieu Cay) before.

The said wrongful act of the communist government of Vietnam continues to cause concern for public opinion at home and abroad as well as for the International Community. Vietnamese Communist government today as the beasts wounded continued to roll cage to escape and way of life. They despite all the recommendations on human rights violations from Western countries such as the U.S. government and the countries of the European Community. Despite the human moral conscience, despite the thoughts of people .... not only did not improve its bad human rights record that becomes more and more unruly like communist government of China. Human Rights in Vietnam today constantly trampled harshly, systematically organized and increasingly more sophisticated and more dangerous. The way to choose against the people of the current communist government is dangerous choice and lack of insight. No one and no any power can hinder or destroy the legitimate desires of the people. And maybe this is the sign of an end of one of the remaining communist regimes in the world leads to attitudes and behavior, lack of wisdom and the wisdom of the leaders of the Party and Vietnam's communist government today.


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Dissident lawyer Le Quoc Quan was arrested

Human rights lawyer Le Quoc Quan

Trà Mi-VOA

Fight for human rights lawyer Le Quoc Quan, arrested and searched urgent work and home the morning of 27/12 because the accused 'tax evasion'.

A very close acquaintance with the family of Mr. Quan, Dr. Pham Hong Son, tells VOA English Language:

'This morning around 8 am, he left home as always take his children to the school. After a few minutes the police take them back home with a search team. They read a search warrant. After review 2 hours, they have taken away some of the furniture, documents, papers, family computer. I have to talk to his family, I asked and they said that was heard (police) read relating to 161 of the Penal Code, relating to crime 'tax evasion'.

Dr. Son said the arrests lawyer Quan this time followed by a series of harassment, coercion, and even the government's assault on democracy activists known both inside and outside the country.


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Lawyers Quan is a limited liability company director Solutions Vietnam was established in 2001, specializes in researching and providing market information.

Alert VietnamPlus State of Vietnam in Hanoi police have enough evidence to conclude that the company's lawyers corporate income tax evasion more than 437 million and temporarily detained him for further investigation.

Earlier in October this year, his brother Le Dinh Quan Director Company Credit Report - Vietnamese enterprises ranking (VietnamCredit) based in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, also was arrested and confiscated property to the same charges of 'tax evasion'.

In an interview with VOA English language before, attorney Quan, said that his brother's company targeted attacks associated with him, a public voice to advocate democracy and human rights in the country:

"I think this is related to economic issues, but that's just an excuse. And they want to destroy our way of family life. Because the company that provides a comprehensive source of income for the family. "

Before that, on 19/8, lawyer Quan was some strangers that he suspected the hand of an unprovoked assault, causing injury.

Lawyer Le Quoc Quan was arrested three months after the completion of scholarships granted by the Endowment for Democracy NED funding of the United States, made famous politicians in the U.S., including former Secretary of State Madelein Albright sent letter to the President of Vietnam voiced strong opposition.

Lawyer Le Quoc Quan is considered an enthusiastic lawyer to help the poor, the desire to contribute to a social justice, respect for human rights and development in Vietnam.

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