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State leadership vote of confidence, a travesty, sham democracy in Vietnam ...!




Announcement of the National Assembly Standing Committee on the adoption of the resolution "vote of confidence" for 49 senior officials of the State include: the National President, President of the National Assembly, the Prime Minister and the deputy along with ministers, chief judges of the Supreme People's Court, Director of the Institute of the Supreme People's Procuracy ..... and the State Auditor General .... on Tuesday 11-12-2012 in Ha Noi not only not bring inspiration excited in all strata, on the other hand also makes people more skeptical about the authenticity behind the aforementioned dynamics, especially in the current stage of the country is in serious recession due to rampant corruption, and the people have no confidence in the leadership of the current government. Everyone knows, in internal leaders of the Communist Party and Vietnam communist government now was ideological sectarian and serious divisions within the party and government as well as in the interests groups. This makes people really have completely lost faith in the promises from senior leaders state that will change the nice, would crack down on corruption and revive the economy which is increasingly become more overcast today .....

Not only in thought and feeling from the people, but even in the minds of many people, many components currently serving in the current administration or retiring, as well as those who have had their their loyalty to the regime, devoted much effort and even their blood for the regime, including the longtime older party members are skeptical about the true willingness to modify from the Party and State leaders the current communist government, as well as having general comments on sham democratic form of action,  to deal with what the current rulers are seeing as a true threat to cause directly and profoundly impact on power and their current leadership position. In terms of form, the "vote of confidence" for the state key leaders is a positive signal. However, within the party and government who will have the courage to vote no confidence to leaders who metamorphic degeneration or corrupt acts causing serious consequences for society and for country? in the past, even the National President himself and the most senior leaders of the party and government despite identify offenders that causing very serious consequences for the country's economy but still did not dare mentioned the names of officials that violations leadership is replaced by called "Comrade. X" ...!!!

And finally, all of them is passed over and everyone luxuriant together with words of praise very difficult to hear as: criticism and self-criticism has ended successfully. Leaders at all levels have sincerely criticize yourself and everyone because of the general benefits, as well as to avoid the reactionary forces taking advantage of the situation said above to cause disorder more and to sow division so the Executive Board Party Central Committee has decided not to discipline anyone even for the "corade X" in the Politburo, who just before the opening of the conference were all identified as violators of serious consequences for the background the country's economy. Therefore, today when listening to the Standing Committee of the National Assembly of Viet Nam announced through Resolution "vote of confidence" for the 49 most senior leaders of the state, almost everyone all the time doubts about the feasibility of it and share the same action that the said vote is an act of false democracy, formalistic deal. If the leaders of the Communist Party and the State government Vietnam really think about national interests, the interests of ethnic and corrective willing to revive the economy of the country and determined to eliminate corruption, to create a stable society, justice and democracy do not need to put on a show "vote of confidence or no confidence" that the only just one thing: when serious problems occur errors severe consequences for the country, the society, the head of State, head of government, head of the Ministry is responsible for relating to the above must strictly and solely responsible for the error by how to "Please resign". If the leaders of violations that still does not accept responsibility must be brought to strict and lear treatment before the law.


The vote of confidence with 49 leaders

Update: 05:18 GMT, Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Chủ tịch Quốc hội Nguyễn Sinh Hùng

National Assembly of Vietnam has passed 
a resolution for vote of confidence

Start with meeting 5th, XIII National Assembly, in May / 2013, will be put to the vote of confidence for the 49 highest leadership position in Vietnam.

This content has been formally adopted and published in the Standing Committee meeting of the 13th National Assembly, recently opened Tuesday morning 11/12 in Hanoi.

In other leaders held the vote of confidence, the President, Chairman of the National Assembly, the Prime Minister, the deputy ministers, the Supreme People's Court Chief Justice, Director of the Institute The Supreme People's Procuracy and the State Auditor General.

Voting results will be made public shortly after the Congress.

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Actually decided the vote of confidence the senior leadership was all Congress passed a resolution this past November.

This Resolution also set a process of self-resignation or dismissal of officials, senior leaders, depending on their level of trust achieved in Congress.

Accordingly, more than half of the total number of deputies low credit rating, you can resign.

More than two thirds of the total number of deputies low credit rating or two consecutive years over half of the total number of deputies low credit rating, the National Assembly Standing Committee of the National Assembly vote of confidence to dismiss.

The vote of confidence, but not yet recorded in the Constitution that only specified in a resolution of the National Assembly, and is considered a step forward closer to the rule of law.

But there are still many questions about the nature of the vote of confidence.
13th session of the National Assembly Standing will last up to 14/12.

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