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Narrative funeral Mass Father Stephen Chan Tin




Narrative funeral Mass Father Stephen Chan Tin 
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  VRNs (12/04/2012) - Saigon - This morning, at 06:00, 12/04/2012, funeral Mass father Stephen was celebrated at the Shrine of Our Lady HCG Saigon.

Mass by Fr vinhson Pham Trung Thanh, Redemptorist provincial chief priest and share the Word of God. Celebrate Mass with my dad Gioan.B Huynh Cong Minh, general representative of the Archdiocese of Saigon, Joseph Ngo Si Dinh, Managing Dominican Province, more than 100 diocesan priests in and out, a number of monks and nuns under the congregations and more than 1,000 family members, parishioners religion, no religion also attended the farewell Mass father Stephen.

Before Mass, a teacher of the Academy read a summary of the biography of his father Stephen Chan Tin

When the monks choir and congregation sang Academy holidays, union concelebrate more than 100 priests from the living room of Saigon into the monastery church.

More than 100 priests in and out of line to attend the funeral Mass of Father Stephen 

Opening Mass, he presided vinhson Pham Trung Thanh, Redemptorist provincial chief expressed greetings to your priests, monks and nuns, lay brothers and sisters attended the celebration.

In his homily Fr vinhson Pham Trung Thanh was based on the Gospel of John says about Jesus for his dead Lazarus in the tomb for four days was resurrected to share with the community.

When talking about father Stephen, Father vinhson said: "The guilt depending on the viewing angle, the stance may be, but certainly something none of us can be convicted father Stephen, because Christ, the Son of God He died for us, who can condemn us? "

"The criminal to quibble history but God is the Lord of history, the rights belong to the Lord. And we know, our God is a merciful God, and His love for man, for each one of us infinite. "

"The tradition of the Vietnamese when a person lies down we usually easy to forgive one another. I wish and pray the Father, the Superior, religious brothers and sisters and everyone, this time in the love of God, in the heart of communion and in the fine tradition of the nation we pray to the Father old, we forgive him what he makes us sad when he was alive, what he did for us that is damaged when accidentally, not intentionally. "

"The tradition of the people and the love of God, do we have the right to look at the good things a person has to go, to realize that the grace and power of God."

"In the event of 1987, the Church declared the event Vietnamese Martyrs, Father Stephen Chan Tin is one of the few people dare to stand up to defend the Church, even though the social context of the time it is difficult towel. The contribution of the father in his career and in the event of declared Martyrs of Vietnam, though small in number only, but has contributed to our Church today is a celebration of Martyrs, there are thousands of objects Martyrs and the many books written about the Martyrs and this is a pride for the whole Church VN about his father's ancestors. We give thanks to God for the decisions, the courage and the courage of the father. "

"The departure of the father from 1990 to 1993, under house arrest at An Thoi Dong. Older fathers have contributed and construction of teachers An Thoi Dong that today, a representative of children father in An Thoi Dong asked us to be subject to his funeral as a child where he was born. Meanwhile, 73-year-old father was still sitting in his rickshaw through the streets muddy, slippery of An Thoi Dong, still sitting on the boat to washed into watercourses, still sitting on the houses leaves, thatched earthen walls, openings in open out to embrace the children of poverty, children in the armpit of a civilized big city but still immersed in suffering and God is not known . The past ten years, the father has a rhythm to go to this school from a teacher point blank to the Church today we are proud to proclaim the Gospel with over 500 members in education points An Thoi Dong and other believers in other mission stations, in addition to An Thoi Dong as Ly Nhon, An Nghia, Doi Loc. God has used the father in the proclamation of the Gospel. "

[Caption id = "attachment_42367" align = "aligncenter" width = "

695"] Father Provincial Director thanks after Mass [/ caption] 
[Caption id = "attachment_42368" align = "aligncenter" width =

 "695"] Joseph Ho Dac Tam, the superior of the Redemptorist monastery Saigon celebrated farewell ceremony [/ caption] 
[Caption id = "attachment_42369" align = "aligncenter" width = "695"] 

The father carried the coffin Academy teacher Stephen hearse [/ caption] 

At the end of Mass, Father Provincial Director on behalf of the Province of CCT and family spiritual, relatives father Stesphano thank vicar general, your superiors, your priests, men and women religious and community.

In gratitude, the father provincial director said: "There are a lot of sympathy, the e-mail from all over the world and in Vietnam sent to for Priory us. From the organization, from human rights agencies of the world, the foreign press, the individuals in the country, your religion; From the poor, who seems to be trivial in society, to the ruling elite in society, these days electric sent, the phone, went to communion with our line. "

"As the Word of God, our father passed away peace and rest in God. As the person responsible in the Province, as a child, the student's father, please father and people forgive their father what the father that we have developed right, was upset, did damage when our father were alive. Mercy forgive and pray for our father. I believe that the author has a type of peace and the Father will bless us. "

Prior Provincial Fr thank the community, Father Joseph Ho Dac Tam, the superior of the Redemptorist monastery Saigon celebrated the ritual farewell father Stephen.

When the coffin was taken to the car end of the church, a large sibling stood farewell father Stephen. About 200 people, including the father of the brothers in line, national blood relatives and those who love off his father Stephen to crematories Binh Hung Hoa.

Today, we also see a number of brothers and sisters often speak up for justice and peace were present in the Mass the same as in the cremation area. Besides, we also see a number of Secret Service security in Mass and practical father Stephen to final resting place.

In crematories Binh Hung Hoa, Joseph Trinh Ngoc Hien, director of the Vietnam Redemptorist Institute celebrated the last rites, before the coffin of his father Stephen was completely buried.

Mass burial and cremation rites father Stephen Chan Tin ended at 8 45.

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After the Mass, many of you at the bottom of the church coffin father Stephen [/ caption] 
[Caption id = "attachment_42371" align = "aligncenter" width = "695"] 

The whole life's father Stephen, he "always tried to preach the Gospel in every situation." 

May God receive his father in the kingdom of heaven [/ caption] 


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