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Direct narrative movement rallies protesting the communist Chinese invasion Sunday morning 09-12-2012 at Saigon Hanoi Vietnam's two major cities




All events occurred in two rallies of people in Saigon and Hanoi, Vietnam's two major cities show of patriotism against the aggressor China Sunday morning today 09-12-2012 fully reflect the clarity and the desire to freely express their patriotism and protect the territorial integrity and the country's territorial waters. However, the image contrast and grieved that the State Party and government Communist Vietnam did not stand on the side of the people that actually trying to protect the aggressor's wrong when used strength, force, oppression patriotism of the people. Respectfully to invite all people of Vietnam in country, please read, please take a look at all the events happening today to feel full and clear about the so-called: "The determined defense of the Party and Vietnamese communist regime before aggressive behavior and provocative acts of aggression by the Chinese communist authorities ...!!! "


Dân Làm Báo Blog

09/12/2012 - Hanoi - Saigon - Down the Road of patriotic to protest the Chinese invasion

Hanoi - News, said a bus was escorted about 22 protesters put on prison Loc Ha.

List of those arrested: Nguyen Tuong Thuy, Le Anh Hung Nguyen Tien Hung, Nguyen Van Phuong Nguyen Van Dung, Le Dung, Truong Van Dung, Ngo Nhat Dang, Nguyen Viet Hung, Chu Minh Tuan (Dalat) Do Literature, Doan Trang Dao Tien Thi, Nguyen Thanh Tien Duong Thi Xuan, Ms. Hanh ...

Mr. La Dung is being held at both ward Kim Lien

09h32: In Hanoi, the protesters were police all sorts of burst suppression in Trang Thi. Estimated that dozens of people were arrested on the bus to go somewhere that be unknown.

Order forces the blue shirt orders from a plainclothes security officers broke up pushing the protesters out of the Opera House - Photo: Facebook Thuy Nga Nguyen

09h00 - In Hanoi, protesters marched in the streets with chants rang up.

Video biểu tình tại Hà Nội - Youtube LeHienDuc

Video demonstrations in Hanoi - Youtube LeHienDuc

CA suppression of protests in Hanoi. Facebook photo Truong Ba Khong

    Blogger's narrative Nguyen Thien Nhan - 8:30 am I have the front of the Saigon Opera House. State organizations 'arts weekend' with empty horn in front of the theater team, their chorus 'I was three' and other children's articles to prevent the demonstrators.

9am then the patriotic start take the flag up and  marches.

I prepared two banners "against China invaded the Paracel-Spratly VIETNAM". A banner was then the 'security assistance' get hidden away. The banners I raised frequently was touching and rumple by security. I have tried to keep to not be fooled taken.

Picture Saigon protesters (DLB Readers)

A moment later there was a 'blue' rushed to jerk the banners from me was the people oppose and I won again. Security fence stopped not allow to march continue. A few minutes later there are many 'strangers' grab my banner. People marched for 15 minutes but do not dissolve immediately, but also in front of the new theater to more than 9.30 dissolution. There was pushing from the exotic young urge everyone dispersed soon. No violence controversial, but the tension between security and protesters.

Video demonstrations in Saigon

09h20: your message is present at the Saigon Opera House: you
hand information, call people together, shoulder stand. Please accompany
with us!

Demonstrations in Saigon. Photo: Facebook Thuy Nga Nguyen

08h45: From Saigon to know, in the Opera House area began protests

News from CTV: According to the observations, about 100 people were present at the Opera House, this of Mr. Huynh Tan Mam. Everyone chanted patriotic slogans, protection of Hoang Sa and Truong Sa. Huynh Tan Mam and some older people standing on the raised platform Theatre brought banners, a large police and security pushed them fell down, luckily there's many protesters helped so there's nothing happen to them.

Police and security rushed to tie the banner, tore the slogan of those who put up first. At the same time the top people at the theater TP SG protesters are blocked by barriers isolate them from the outside.

The intersection of theater around the barrier should delegation for about 100m then stop and go back to the theater area.

Despite being prevented, protests against Chinese invasion exploded in Saigon. Photo: Facebook users are

Photo: Facebook Chuan Yu

In Saigon: Hai you Paulo Nguyen Ho Sung and Trinh Kim Tien blocked at their home when a security officer named Binh asked them where to go this morning. When they let to know that go to the company for work, security Binh replied: "do not have to do anything, to stay home until 12 am just be gone." Both of them Thanh and Tien respond aggressively to prevent this, and when they went to the motor bike to leave home for work, the security then jumped to steal the motor bike's keys at the road between Nam Chau junction area - Lac Long Quan - P .11, Tan Binh District.

Reaction force protesters in Hanoi? - Photo: CTV

8:00 am Sunday morning 9/12, police kinds are surrounded by dense housing of the Le Hien Duc, not aloow her out to get to the Opera House to participate in protests against Chinese aggression. Police dispatched the ambulance arrived in front of the house of Ms. Duc. From the house, the Le Hien Duc announced the state of emergency to journalists Tran Quang Thanh. Danlambao will update the interview as soon as possible.

Le Hien Duc declared 'bloodless ready' in the midst of being surrounded CA

Odd way " counter-protest" appeared in bridgehead of Hanoi and Saigon with music performances are being prepared:

Photo: CTVTheo message from Facebook: Planning protest demonstrations in Hanoi Opera House area ongoing musical exchange program called Youth Desire.

This is a rare concert because it is protected by iron fence and 1 volunteer youth team and CA Green, Yellow, militia and area with floating secret police.

Besides having one bus number 14 BKS 29T 5151 for one of the police cars.

In Saigon, Theatre City area.


7h35 - According to facebook Bach Tran: Crossroads Nguyen Thai Hoc - Hoang Dieu appear Police stand guard and asking pedestrians before going on Hoang Dieu. Intersection of Nguyen Thai Hoc - Tran Phu similar. Note that every day is not seen Police stand guard at two intersections on.

Many of you will take part in demonstrations today were "surround washed" out of the house from the afternoon or evening.

News from Facebook: Le Hien Duc own at No. 7 Lane 56 Phao Dai Lang, HN latch guard last night. Mrs. Le Hien Duc said police of Ha Noi will consult to take her to Opera House this morning, but do not let her go alone. She makes statement: If 09h00 not see her appear in Opera House of Ha Noi, is something had happened in her home.


7h20: Poets Do Trung Quan blocked.

- News from CTV Danlambao: At intersection 3 Ly Tu Trong Nam Ky Khoi Nghia had a pair friends wear which blocked traffic police check for papers, then arrested and taken to go unknown. According to some people around, the two of you stopped to check at 6h45 ', go on car number plates of Can Tho.

- The closer the center of the City Theatre, 3G network seems to have problems, can not be accessed normally.

- According to Facebook: District 1 is blocked dense, barrier mesh B40 and barbed wire barrier is arranged on a large scale, from the Notre Dame Cathedral area, park 30/4 City Theatre .. . The floating sink raided from the


6am: A night of sleep and many people can not sleep. Including those waiting for, suspense colored light to the streets with my friends, the people expressed their patriotism and determination island sovereignty and condemned Chinese expansionism. There are people who do not sleep, guarding, enclosure, to prevent the patriotism of his compatriots.

- In Hanoi, the army was guarded and surrounded Lawyer Le Quoc Quan, Mr. Pham Van Troi. Mr Le Hien Duc, blogger Dang Phuong Bich blocked in the house.

- In Saigon, the security surrounding his home Le Hieu Dang and Cao Lap. House of Le Cong Rich also fence the police hat.

- The blogger, a number of students, young notification messages to cross the blockade. Earlier, the some face "familiar" left the house one, two days ago to escape the police net.

- The road to the Opera House to Teach barbed wire barrier, unlike the previous is using nets B40. Security, Police, CSCD, dense room TNXP population around the Opera House and city areas surrounding hotels: Park Hyatt, Caravelle, Lion, Continental ...

People do notice the same collaborators news updates sent to you in the village ....

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