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World continues expressed his opposition to the communist government of Vietnam about wrongly sentenced to dissident bloggers




World continue pressing expressed and deeply concerned about the fate and judgment of an unreasonable heavy for 3 bloggers, key members of the Free Journalists Club was the communist government of Viet Nam sentenced in court challenging Justice, challenging public opinion at home and abroad as well as for the International Community on last 24 Sep, 2012. Consistent and intense moves from the International Community, the International Human Rights Organization calling the Vietnamese communist state government to quickly release for 3 bloggers dissent in the trial had through, as well as immediate release of political prisoners and other dissidents who are the Vietnamese communist government imprisoned illegally over the years to see the patient from the International Community for Vietnamese was beyond control.

Freedom of expression of the people present are the Vietnamese communist government harshly abuses and flagrant. The authoritarian leader of the Party and the Vietnamese communist government can not continue forever turned away from their commitment to international about human rights if do not want to suffer the punishment and economic sanctions economic and political from the International Community including the United States and the countries of the European Community has been done before for other communist and dictatorship counties such as: Cuba, North Korea, Burma ... etc ... International Community's move shows recent policy advocate for the Liberal Democrats following their previous one and all acts contrary to human rights and challenging international law will not be accepted and tolerance.

The communist government of Vietnam continues to gross abuses of human rights, despite the recommendation from the International Human Rights Organization and from the International Community is seriously wrong decisions unwise and not clear-sighted. Repression, harassment, arrest and detention of dissident voices in the country with heavy sentences are not an effective way and can properly protect the existence of the regime, the Party communist or communist government of Vietnam. In contrast, the action is not wise and unwise above of the group's leadership Ba Dinh Hanoi only adds to the outrage of the people of Vietnam and the International Community only. The leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party and the government probably also understand the basic reasons mentioned above, but the power and benefits from dictatorial rule policy is arbitrary so long too large really obscure reason and concealed conscience left in them, so knowing that the consequences suffered from the punishment of the International Community is hard to avoid but authoritarian government Vietnamese communists continue to ignore this and go on from these violations to other irregularities.


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World continue to speak about the case three Vietnamese blogger

Head of State for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy European Union, Catherine Ashton,
voiced immediately after the hearing, requested the release of blogger Dieu Cay, Ta Phong Tan and AnhbaSaigon

Trà Mi-VOA

Effects from the three judgments of blogger Dieu Cay, Ta Phong Tan, and AnhbaSaigon not stop at the preliminary hearing on 24/9. 26 years in prison for three free pen continues to make world public opinion voiced concerns about the human rights situation in Vietnam.

On 3/10, individuals and civil society organizations in Europe has sent a petition to the senior officials in charge of security and foreign policy of the European Union, calling for the release of blogger Dieu Cay intervention, Ta Feng Qin, and AnhbaSaigon.

Three key members of the Club of Journalists Freedom on 24/9 was sentenced to a total of 26 years in prison on charges of 'propaganda against the state' relating to Hanoi 26 articles were deemed anti-government.


UN human rights delegation met lawyer blogger Dieu Cay  
HRW called on Vietnam to release blogger Dieu Cay, Ta Phong Tan, AnhbaSG
HRW denies Vietnam's claims of harsh sentences for 3 bloggers
HRW noted the case of political prisoner Nguyen Huu Cau

Petition letter to the Head of State for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy European Union, Catherine Ashton, has represented the Executive Group Van Lang Prague handed to the EU office in Prague.

Board representative, Uyen Pham Huu, said:

"This letter by the group Van Lang Prague, Czech Republic stands out open and invite lots of people mainly in EU countries involved. We speak because he felt severe case and exceeds acceptable level. In this letter we again repeated human rights violations over the past two years culminating in his last trial of Dieu Cay, Ms. Ta Phong Tan, and AnhbaSG. Although the EU Commission, Catherine Ashton, speaking shortly after the hearing, the request for the release of three people, but we think that such statement is quite common. It seriously need to take specific action. We are writing for the majority of human rights institutions and non-governmental organizations, asking them to participate in sign to get more people involved and the community for all EU citizens, including Vietnamese and Poland. There were many indigenous people involved to sign the same. "

The petition said that the fundamental value of the human world respect is trampled every day in Vietnam by a police and court systems harsh.

Expressed concern about the state of human rights including the right to freedom of expression of citizens are increasingly severe degradation in Viet Nam, the petition asked the authorities in charge of external security and the EU called on the Foreign European leader urges Vietnam to release those detained for expressing political views peacefully and ask Hanoi to improve the human rights situation.

Those who sign the petition also requires the EU to name Vu Phi Long, the judge hearing the three bloggers on 24/9 on the list of visa ban on entry into the European countries.

Van Lang group said it would continue to send the letter to the Foreign Minister of the Czech Republic calls attention to the human rights situation in Vietnam.

Among the first signatories to the petition letter Vietnamese citizens outside the EU, there he Robert Krzyszton members of the Polish Freedom of Speech, and two members of the Czech Charter 77 including Helena Klimova and Václav Trojan.

Meanwhile in Asia, Indonesian bloggers have also sent an open letter to the Vietnamese embassy in Jakarta against Hanoi's heavy jail sentence for blogger Dieu Cay, Ta Phong Tan, and AnhbaSG.

In the letter, the group called Voice of the Indonesian bloggers say that judgments of three blogger is a threat to freedom of expression, freedom of speech, freedom of information, Vietnamese citizens say own and ultimately impact on the world community blog and netizens in Southeast Asia in general.

Voice of Indonesian bloggers group also called on Vietnam to release at least 19 bloggers currently detained in Vietnam Hanoi to show respect for and protection of the legitimate rights of citizens.

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