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Vietnam's communist government continues to use the irrational and ambiguous criminal laws to imprison dissidents components in water





While the violation of Human Rights in Vietnam are becoming more serious especially after the communist government of Vietnam strongly condemns to with three dissident blogger in court on last 24 September, 2012 , a trial is considered the serious challenges of the Vietnamese communist authorities to International Community for human rights. Then today, the Vietnamese communist government to continue to apply the unreasonable and vague articles in the Criminal Procedure Code of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam to imprison the dissidents in the country. Especially at this stage when the Vietnamese communist government officially running for the chair of The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC).

In the eyes of the Vietnamese communist authorities now all those who expressed their views that do not have the same opinion with the government or any differences in ideology or imply criticism misconduct of the leaders of the State, whether any form also easily fall into the "reactionary" and then a series of incidents of harassment, persecution, arrest and ultimately brought to Court on charges of alleged content is often the same as "propaganda against the regime" under article 88, or more severe charges of "conspiracy to overthrow the government" under Article 79 of the Criminal Procedure Code. Vietnam's communist government increasingly deep in their sins as they continue to commit acts of disregard public opinion at home and abroad as well as continue to challenge international law.

The aforementioned misconduct not only have lost the people's confidence in the leadership policy of the Vietnamese Communist Party and government but direct put people and even some of the staff member of the Communist Party, a number of government officials at all levels including retired or still in office turned against the government. In particular, there are a number of party members publicly declared to leave from the ranks of the Communist Party of Vietnam because it is no longer faith in the policy guidelines as well as the dictatorship and wrong of the Party Group and the communist government of Vietnam in the context of human rights has been corrupt communist regime harshly abuses and flagrant. Rampant corruption in the government apparatus, the Party leadership and the local authorities at all levels have really put the country increasingly closer to the brink of the abyss and bottomless greed of a large segment of this communist country leaders is the main cause leading to the collapse of the regime, and the departure of themselves in the future.


VN prosecuted 22 people to overthrow the government

Update: 10:12 GMT, Monday, October 8, 2012

Công an tỉnh Phủ Yên

Phu Yen provincial police leaders informed about 
the case

Vietnam recently prosecuted a group of 22 people arrested since February / 2012 in Phu Yen province in organizing "Council public law case Bia Son" (also known as "koan Bia Son") with charges "activities aimed at overthrowing the government."

Phu Yen electronic newspapers Online, the political party of the Phu Yen Province reported on Saturday, 06.10.2012 said the provincial People's Procuracy has signed the indictment charged Mr. Phan Van Thu was born in 1948, is said to be the head of the organization, and 21 other accused in the case under Article 79 of the Penal Code.

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Newspaper An Ninh Thu Do on 7/10 also said 22 of the cases were prosecuted for activities aimed at overthrowing from 2003 to 2/2012.

According to the indictment Hanoi police newspaper quoted, on time, at the eco-tourism Da Bia Hoa Xuan Nam commune, Dong Hoa district, Phu Yen province, Mr. Phan Van Thu, along with 21 can have formed political organization called the "Council koan law Bia Son".

"This organization was hiding the ball eco-tourism enterprises to develop eco-tourism Kicking Beer base-centered organization's operational commander," Capital Security newspaper added.

The Phu Yen Online Saturday called Mr. Thu organization is the "Reactionary" and said on 05/02/2012, police security agency of Phu Yen province in a pre-built project, " suddenly break into the lair of the "Council of koan law Bia Son" Da Bia in eco-tourism and destroy the central apparatus of this reactionary organization. "

Life imprisonment or the death penalty

According to the indictment Vietnam quoted in the media, Mr. Phan Van Thu organization operating under the strategy of "prefix-eco, suffix-strike, non-violence" and the color combination of politics and religion .

"Organizations established 12 committees, 26 conference and four unnamed groups in the locality. Composed, compiled several documents contents distorting policies, guidelines and policies of the Party and State, vu No, defamatory current regime, praised the ideology to propagate enchanting part masses, gradually remove the revolutionary ideology, socialist ideology from social life, fade Light the confidence of the masses in the leadership of the Party and State, confusion, anxiety, skepticism for the current mode. Develop rules and operational regulations, the Programme of Action for the direction for the operation of the local organization of the conference, "according to the indictment.

Moreover, still according to the indictment of the Phu Yen provincial law "propaganda organization, drawing the masses into the organization to contribute to the wealth of material, labor and political forces of the organizations at the local level. Expected name, national flag, national anthem, the capital, the National Day, the central government, local, ordained 72 generals. "

"The time to act began in 2013, Phan Van Thu leaders and accomplices in the" Council of koan law Bia Son "and disciples, cell groups carry out the struggle to overthrow the State government established State  Dai Nam Kinh Chau. "

If convicted under the penalty provisions in article 79 of the Penal Code, he can be funished from 12 to 20 years in prison, or worse, be punished by life imprisonment or the death penalty. Meanwhile, a number of other defendants as co-conspirators could be sentenced to between 5 - 10 years, still in accordance with this.

'Arrests many'

Ông Nguyễn Văn Hải

Mr. Nguyen Van Hai (ie blogger Dieu Cay) 
treatment 12 years in prison in a recent trial

Recently, Vietnam is believed to have multiple arrests of the accused political activists, including many cases in which the defendant was indicted on charges of propaganda against the socialist countries, activities aimed at overthrowing the people's administration, etc.

In one recent case treated bloggers, the three accused, Mr. Nguyen Van Hai (ie Blogger Dieu Cay), and Ta Phong Tan Phan Thanh Hai was sentenced to a total of 26 years in prison on charges of propaganda against the state , an opinion the sentence was said to be very heavy.

A variety of organizations such as the United Nations, the European Union and many governments, including the United States, and the organization of democracy and human rights monitoring as Reporters Without Borders (Reporters Sans Frontiers), held Human Rights Watch (Human Rights Watch) also voiced concerns about the trial.

In a report published in 2012 by Human Rights Watch, the organization based in the United States said: "The Government of Vietnam systematically suppressed freedom of speech, association and group meetings peacefully "

The police often accused of violating torture to force confessions and, in some cases, excessive use of force "
Human Rights Watch

"The writer, blogger and independent human rights activists who spoke to question government policies, detect corrupt officials or party calls for regime change in democratic solutions often police harassment, closely monitored, isolated detention for a long time and do not have access to legal resources, and punished with the sentence more severe with the crime accused of national security violations. "

And last year alone, the peak year for as many cases political factors, only the first 10 months, according to the organization Human Rights Watch, in Vietnam there are at least 24 human rights activists were put in prison, of which the majority were indicted on charges of "propaganda against the state" (article 88 of the Penal Code), "undermining national unity policy" (article 87), or "active to overthrow the government "(Article 79).

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