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The trial filled with "shame", full of paradox and injustice continues in Vietnam




With a six-year sentence for patriotic musician Tran Vu Anh Binh and a four-year sentence for patriotic musician Viet Khang, the Vietnamese communist state government again continue to trample the human rights of the people, trample their noble patriotism. Especially serious is the Vietnamese Communist Party and government continue to trample the legal law, and the Constitution that they issued the  as well as serious challenges international law and human moral conscience. Trial unfair and unjust above took place in the context of the country by the Chinese communist government aggression and invasion. Vietnam and the Sea- island is threatened by foreign governments, while the leaders of the Communist Party of Vietnam and the communist totalitarian State Vietnam inert helpless eyes, is the brave and patriotic people Vietnam's as two patriotic Musicians, Viet Khang and musician Tran Vu Anh Binh, patriotic Blogger Dieu Cay, the patriotic young female student Phuong Uyen and hundreds of thousands of other patriotic people of Vietnam down way in recent years, and made their speaking out for the territorial integrity of the country, for the peace of the country and its people.

Instead of shame and humiliation at what people have made themselves, then the group of those who to cling to their's power and position, unscrupulous, unethical group of leaders of the Communist Party and the communist government of Vietnam use of violence, powerful and their power to crush the voice true patriot of people harshly. Noble and legitimate patriotism of the people has been group leaders incompetent, unscrupulous and unethical above used all the dirty way, all the most evil and despicable tactics to transform them into crime and they together brought to trial by the court full of shame, shame, unworthiness and cursed as the trial of two members of patriotic Vietnam is Vietnamese artist Viet Khang and music Tran Vu Anh Binh today. In addition, although saying that this is a trial to be tried openly and transparently, but the unsightly image of Vietnamese citizens who attended the trial, or gathered before trial were Vietnam police and the Vietnamese communist government harass, were prevented to attend the hearing, even threatened, and arrested without reason as in the case of the Vietnamese Redemptorist priest, Father  Dinh Huu Thoai, and case of reporter Vietnamese Redemptorist Communications, Ms. Huyen Trang shows the true nature of the so-called trial "Public" in Vietnam.

Our Vietnamese people and the International Community also no stranger to the court is known as the trial court is "Public" full of shame like in Vietnam. In the past, the International Community and the people of Vietnam the country has had to shock and outrage when seeing pictures Father Nguyen Van Ly before trial two police members side, front and back of Priest who took hands to cover His mouth, did not allow to speak, did not allow to tell. Perhaps, in addition to Vietnam, there is no place in the world appear unsightly images and such humiliation. What we hurt the most is not the corrupt and degenerate alienation of the leaders of the Communist Party of Vietnam or the government leaders at all levels, that is the moral conscience in them were no longer. The brutal animal nature in their human are the cause of the serious violations of human rights today, is the cause of violent behavior of the police, the cause of the disregard of the law, disregard the truth and justice of the Ministry of Justice of Vietnam, is the cause of the disregard of international law, and trampled on the human moral conscience of the leaders of the Party and the communist government of Vietnam today.


Live reporting trial Vu Anh Tran Binh and Viet Khang
Posted by pleikly at 7:26 a.m 30/10/12

  VRNs (10/30/2012) - Saigon - 13:15 - we just received the results from the trial: musician Tran Vu Anh Binh was sentenced to 6 years in prison and two years probation; Vietnamese artist Viet Khang convicted 4 years in prison and two years probation.

Court allegations that the songs composed by two musicians to make people listen to and hated communist regime of Vietnam should two young men convicted unjustly so.

12:45 - We have just received news reporter Huyen Trang, VRNs are detained at police precinct station, 16-18 Le Anh Xuan Street, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Saigon, phone number ( 08) 3829.7373. We just call this number and police lied that she can not have. Please you can, please call this number to police questioning about the reason, why arrest her Huyen Trang.

- At 12:00 - Huyen Trang, Vietnam Communications Christ was surrounded by Secret Service security at the park before independent palace. Police then abandoned the car carried away. At present no one can touch Ms. Huyen Trang.

- At 11:30 - Police in buildings east than in the morning. In our experience, this is a sign the trial is about to end. Police force to come to escort two musicians of detention.

- 11: 15 - Mr. Cao Ha Truc, vegetable garden petitioners Loc Hung Street, Ward 6, Tan Binh was arrested at 7 am now at filling Hoa Hung when he was out of the house. Currently he is still detained in Ward 15, Tan Binh District police without knowing the reason for the hold.

10:30 - One reporter of VRNs the parties in the court yard at 7:00 observer and reported: at 6:00 am at the court gate had a large police uniform, spies, cscd 113. At the parking area court, we find that there are many green cars table, CA city's fire trucks of armed forces in District 1, Car cs 113, cs car traffic, with 1 car diplomacy, ...

Regional cellular court broke, can not communicate with each other by phone, most is Vina waves. Large police and secret service sat scattered around the  court. Entrance to the criminal trial is set horizontal iron fences and more famous secret police standing individual control. Very rare to see a person go through an iron fence. About 7g45 we see Tran Van Viet, the brother of musician Tran Vu Anh Binh appeared in the parking lot, did not know he was allowed to get inside or not.

We also recognized lawyers to defend musician Tran Vu Anh Binh at the yard of court, in dark suits standing talking to a colleague. At 9g20 appear 2 singers of joint choir Hamlet's 7-8 parish DMHCG and Father Joseph Dinh Huu Thoai, church Ky Dong chatting with the other. Those two singers progress to iron fence proposal was to attend, but the police refused, even though this is a public hearing.

Priest Dinh Huu Thoai was arrested by the police:

About 9.30am, Father Dinh Huu Thoai took the motorcycle out. Up to the door of Court then suddenly did a secret service team runs to the stop request! Then one of these he called the traffic police are standing there asking me to bring the car to the curb. Father Thoai asked the secret service: "Who are you to block my motorcycle then called CAGT to?" He answer that dodged aside. While Police are checking the papers of the motorcycle and driver licence, another Secret Service rush to hold ID card of Father Thoai on hand of CSGT to put his name on the paper. Father Thoai pulled back the Identity Card from the Secret Service and asked: "Who are you that dared to pull my ID on hand CGST while on duty." He quietly walked away. After checking there is no reason to keep the motorcycle and the Traffic Police should have returned the papers and Father Thoai in the motorcycle ran away.

But just running to intersection NKKN - Ly Tu Trong, a top three motorcycle of CS 113 chasing and shouting vociferous asked Father thoai to stop the motorcycle. Father stop roadside and oppose the arbitrary and abuse of CS 113. A cs 113 face very aggressive towards his request to withdraw the papers and to inspect the thing in Father's shopping cart. Father Thoai opposed presented with no reason just do it over. He et al 113 of aggression aggressive runs to hug Father Thoai on coercion to motorcycles, there is a secret command from the user to run from the court ordered: "make light." Meanwhile Father Thoai told them he was a priest and working style protest police violence. CS 113 recommended Father Thoai to CA headquarters nearby. They put him in the car while they drove his, but certain Father Thoai refused and drove away. A cs 113 jumps after the motorcycle of Father Thoai sitting. 3 dedicated cs motors 113 are ordered his whistle pave the way to police headquarters Ben Thanh Ward. At this warning pedestrians resemble cs 113 sit after Vehicle Father Thoai is escorting!

Father Thoai tells reporters VRNs that at the police headquarters Ben Members cscd 113 just now further threatened aggression demanded to inspect in Father Thoai's shopping cart to see there's any images or video in court. Father Thoai turned to ask: "Who are you and what have ordered me to put the property to check? I asked to be working with him. "Father Thoai asked him to wear the  name on the work table. In addition he is also one cs 113 who is also very aggressive and lack of culture, behavior wrong law called Doan Trung Kien, he's sick, high average. Father Thoai refused to do follow 2 cs 113 and ask them for his work with the police chief of Ben Thanh ward or religious police. Also says from Father Thoai, the two policemen went out to call update on the radio and receive instructions.

After a while a man who dressed politely, tall, with Northern voice accent claiming to name Loi, deputy police of Ben Thanh Ward, speak politely, gently entered. But looking appearance is the commander of all the police there. He told Father Thoai just delete all the images in and out of court. He took in the 1 small camera breaks are taken to correct where possible, open His cell phone to see no picture. A cs 113 huddled taking notes,  Father Thoai told Mr. Loi: "you said he do not record the minutes of losing the other. I'm not signing anything. "When he cs 113 return identification and card priest (Celebret) and said:" I return all papers for you. " Father Thoai replied: "Cs 113 you also keep my apologies." He laughed and went out.

Then the police took the motorcycle out for Father Thoai to ride home with  message of Mr. Loi: "Father careful". Father Thaoi replied: "Thank you for also doing the right thing, but I object to force cs 113 this morning acted like thugs to me."

Iron fence and police blocked the criminal area

At 09:00 - Some readers said just listen to the compositions of the musicians Tran Vu Anh Binh and Viet Khang, but do not read every word, and they would like the words of the popular song, to Vietnamese public can assess for themselves know they are reactionary or who catch them is reactionary.

VRNs would like to introduce two famous songs of Viet Khang is Where is my Viet Nam and Who are you.

- At 8:40 - quick comments about the trial, the court and give detailed information. Invite you to watch:  the video here..

- At 8:00 - Ms. Tran Thi Anh America, sister of musician Tran Vu Anh Binh, said: "I was standing in front of the court, but the police stop me, do not let me into the court yard. I said that I am sister of Tran Vu Anh Binh, they insist I have to produce relevant documents. I bring identification to them but they do not agree, and demanded to return to take household bring up for verification. "

This is how the police apply the law wrong, because according to the Law on the residence, the household may not be used to allow or not allow anyone on the court. This is how police tried to prevent the person concerned, siblings attended the trial of the unfairness of their children.

From Vung Tau, Ms. Bui Hang share: "Today, the hearts of whether close or very far are heading away with one point, which is SAIGON COURT venue two patriotic musicians and only speak that painful truth in our society.

Court where there was no longer of People when continuous there's the unjust judgment - "disgrace", and balance of the law was broken by those who sell country.

We turn to the place of prayer for people with patriotic heart and not yield to tyranny.

We pray for justice - justice should have come with people Viet many years misery.

We believe in absolute truth, JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL CRUEL  and invariant notion that: "In this world who owe anyone anything have to pay, sometimes paying with their own lives, and returns from life after life. " The words from his own mouth of a general in the police accidentally I heard last night. "

- At 07:36 - In front of the gate of the court, not to see the vehicle carrying two Vietnamese artist Viet Khang and Tran Vu Anh Binh, but had 100 police uniform standing in front of the court. In the park opposite about 50 plainclothes security'm going to go back, observe and call, the radio constantly.

Note that on page / chuacuuthe, we will provide the video related to the trial. There were three video clip has been taken up as: Viet Khang: Imprisoned patriotic Singing, The people who talk about Trần Vũ Anh Bình, and Nước Nuoc Nam Rang Ngoi was jial. 

- At 7:09 - On the streets from the DCCT to the Court, 131 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia (Justice), District 1, police are arranged in a large intersection. Each intersection from 20 to 25 police and secret service uniform and plain clothes.
As noted by VRNs, the traffic police station road to Dien Bien Phu (Phan Thanh Gian) police stood more crowded. Intersection crosses seem Ba Huyen Thanh Quan (from Redemptorist Church Court) and Truong Dinh is the largest. At the police station this traffic barriers and other tools to prevent violence being security personnel in poised to push out into the street, preventing pedestrians, marching on the sidewalk.

According VRNs, today there is no group that came from the Redemptorist monastery Ky Dong, reporters have been in the position to work from last night.
We will continue to report progress hearing.

Please track.


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