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Pilgrimage to La Vang on 11-10-2012 Opening year In Faith



            Pilgrimage to La Vang on 11-10-2012

                  Opening year In Faith

            As usual in the fall of each year, he said Nguyen Germany Tuynh and group of friends in the United States is presented in honor of Our Lady of La Vang by donating some money, thanks to Father Peter Phan Van Loi, living in TT, La Vang pilgrimage organization for some poor parishioners in the Archdiocese of Hue (moving and eating completely free). This year, 100 parishioners of the parish An Van, Da Han, Ngoc Ho, Phu Cam (Hue vicinity), under the guidance of father Loi, were on the road at 13 am on 11-10 - 2012, on the two cars.

            The departure was tough, because I have to go under the bypass (ie the city ring road). Completed in 2003, the way to avoid this - due to corruption, gutted-damaged over 5 years now with loads of hard rain, potholes, that is known as the "road to avoid" and bad roads Worst Highway 1. This makes many passenger cars and trucks are forced to go into the city. Tien Phong Newspaper Online dated 25-07-2012 reported: "According to the long-distance driver said, although in urban costly lot but rather expensive than the car malfunctioning and contract penalty due to slow late. Accordingly, each "pass" through the city of Hue, if lucky, made laws, and unlucky shall be fined millions Vnd, and also caught collected, turns, etc. "

            The test takes more than two and a half hours, new groups of people pass the 60km journey to the destination. Just step on the Pilgrimage Center of St. templates, people have been "Wellcome group" by about 10 plain-clothes police, someone was wearing a hat "The Ghost local order" (tongue boys brick color) but the eye glasses shady (though it was on the way, makes people realized too easy). Some of them filmed everywhere , most turn to the chief priests. This has to rate a few years (see the old text). Vice parish of La Vang also mentioned this to Father Loi when he met for the permission of the ceremony.


                 shooting picture when just down a car, to the Spirit area

            At the end of the rosary to as Mass began (at 16g) Spirit Memorial. Opening, the priest proclaims the purpose and meaning pilgrimage: Our Lady of the Rosary, to celebrate the opening of the Year of Faith Church (11-10-2012), pray for the Bishops' Conference of Vietnam Annual meeting 2 at Thanh Hoa (8-12/10), pray for those who are persecuted for justice, pray for the benefactor has sponsored the pilgrimage. Sitting around and fenced lay still as "you people" due diligence, or to listen, or to film (how blatantly not as before anymore) (See Figure)


   The "Friends of people" is blatantly and diligently monitored and filmed people

            The following is the full text sermon of the home priest's, was presented with a resound voice , in order to allow for all believers and all who are curious can hear. The entire homily and the prayer of the universal are recording, recording both by the union and by "party"!?! (Who wants to be, please contact the police in Quang Tri province). (Lecture on YouTube, but in the video clip have some places not like verbatim).

           Spread the words of God

            Dear Brothers and Sisters

            Today, we are on the Lady of La Vang in a very special day, it is the opening of the Year of the Faith of the Church. As you know, the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI has decided to publish the Faith, began on 11-10-2012 today, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council and promulgated 20 years book Catechism of the Catholic Church. In this faith will end on 24-11-2013, Christ the King holiday universe and also the holidays Vietnamese martyrs. It is a meaningful coincidence in time and space.

            The first is the spatial coincidence, because La Vang is where, 214 years ago, ie in 1798, under the Tay Son, Our Lady appeared in the midst of our ancestors are persecuted for faith believe, are unwavering faith to strengthen their faith. Indeed, the massacre in 1798 was more formidable, because it has opened the the act of torture as oil soaked into the fingers or poured into the navel, before light, or hanging upside down "sinners" to. The number of Catholics in the Nghe An, Thanh Hoa and Quang Tri church, rectory, convent, schools were looted, the faithful have fled to the jungle. The believers in Quang Tri fled to the forest of La Vang. Mary has chosen the time of the Church in Vietnam severe government repression like to present, outside two purposes: First message of faith your children in Vietnam will be tested on long-persecution forever To this day-and invites us to live the faith and confidence in the context, the climate of persecution because of faith as gold tried in the fire. La Vang message is the same.

            Second time is coincidence, because today, the whole universal Catholic Church entered the Year of Faith, by invitation of the Holy Father, to strengthen and deepen faith the individual and community level, as is currently the profound crisis of faith where a lot of people. Indeed, in the self-identity "door of faith" (Porta fidei), the Holy Father invites all Christians to "rediscover the journey of faith to increasingly highlight the joy and enthusiasm excited innovation due to meet Jesus "(PF, 2). He identified the Year of Faith is "an invitation to make a return to God, who only salvation of the world, in a real and fresh" (PF 6), as an opportunity "to promote them we proclaim the Good News, "a never orders old (cf. PF, No. 7). Last Year of Faith is our opportunity to "learn a systematic way for the content of faith" (PF, 11), the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the and deepen teaching of the Second Vatican Council, Council view this as a "great gift which the Church enjoyed in the 20th century" (PF, No. 5)

            My brothers and sisters

            Ancient message of Our Lady of La Vang church and teaching today remind us how to live their faith in the current circumstances. First of all, we remember the words of the first letter of St. John (1 Jn 5.4): our faith lead to victory, and his letter of St. James (Jas 2.17 to 18): Our Faith one leading to the

            - Our faith leads to victory

            Does anyone not see that the faith of the Vietnamese Catholics today are severely challenged by life materialism, secularization, and are persecuted by a sophisticated atheist regimes struggle. Both are making our faith is no longer a life chilled ceiling salty salt, leaven that block pulp world, no longer a social light screening. Both are making our faith retreat into the ivory tower of a religion festival, only to be content with the magnificent cathedral, the procession carrying noisy, with the pilgrimage east island. Both are made of faith we find ourselves in an attitude of fervent prayer in the church but emotionless indifference in society, willing to work for those who poverty charity rice jacket, wealth, power health, ie those in need hunger and disease, but hesitate to defend for those who poverty to dignity and human rights, ie the oppressed exploitation.

            Faith leads to victory is faith makes us quit staid, retain direct form, to go into the nature of faith is to witness to the love, for justice and for the truth between a society overflowing flooded impersonal hatred, oppression and injustice and deceptive cunning. Faith leads to victory is faith makes us shake off all fear, from fear of loss of comfort, not daring dedication for you, afraid of sacrifice, did not dare to abandon yourself to the courage to bear witness to News Gospel, to be afraid of those who kill the body but can not kill the soul, do not dare tell them the mistakes and even their crimes, to rescue his brother oppressed and to rescue those who cause crimes from the eternal punishment awaiting them.

            - Our faith leads to action.

            Our faith is not just an understanding of the teachings in mind, not just the act of worship in the church, and not only the feelings of compassion for others discreetly, quietly . Faith should lead to action. First is broken rice actions will shirt for each team, which more and more in today's society, a society that is economic downturn. This you see better than we do. Second action is the courage to speak the truth, the truth of God, the truth of the Gospel, the truth about social issues when these issues are presented false facts about the landscape unjust contrary, oppressed injustice that can not open his mouth. Again courageous action to demand justice not only for themselves but especially for his brothers.

            Read newspapers, listen to the radio, on the internet, we see so many heartbreaking stories in the Church and society today. In the Church, which is at the Catholic Con Cuong Vinh diocese. More than a month ago, there were our brothers and sisters to attend church on Sunday but were public security, defense and military beat to pieces, even beat to both priest Father Nguyen Dinh Thuc . What is the teacher of Mang Yang Diocese of Kontum. There the Montagnard Catholics have a chapel used to worship God for many years, but then there are those who use power to force them to take the Blessed Sacrament out, bring or image of God out there, to set up the image of the political leader. Or at Con Dau parish in Da Nang diocese, far from us by Hai Van mountain pass. For many years, the Con Dau parish there were people robbed of land, has been robbed. There is a lay beaten to death, 60 people were arrested, six laity in prison and now has 140 people to get away, fled to Thailand because they can not live with oppression. Or was the 17 young people in the Diocese of Vinh in Nghe An province, has been imprisoned for more than a year because of the courage to bear witness to the truth, just because he wanted to live a worthy man, just because he wanted to demand justice for themselves and for society. It is in the Church. Also in society, which is supposed to stand up democrats require government enforcement of the Constitution and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights is now sentenced to prison. More than a week ago, three people reported that Nguyen Van Hai, Phan Thanh Hai and Ta Phong Tan was very heavy and unfair judgment, ranging from 4 to 12 years in prison. What is the spiritual leader stood up require authorities to return the rights to the people, but this is also imprisoned. Specifically including Father Nguyen Van Ly, our Diocese, Pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh, the Protestant Church and other religious dignitaries, was jailed for demanding justice, demanding freedom of religion . What was the patriotic citizens to the streets to protest China's neighbors invaded the Paracel and Spratly Islands, which then oppressed, harassed, fired, expelled. It is true that we need to know, it is true that we need to say, it is true that we need to proclaim to everyone. Because Jesus said: "I am the Way, the Truth." Who dare not publish the truth is denied Jesus, to deny Him, so that one day he will tell us that: "I do not know you."

            So, our faith brings us to action. Action summed up in three things: the witness of love, witness to justice and bear witness to the truth. We just heard the words of Mary in the song said front of she Elidabet: "God manifest show of strength. Crushed ward haughty hearts. God depose those in power. Raise all the humble . poverty Draw Lord of the full, rich pursuit of nothing ". It is an attitude of a witness for justice and for the truth that we need to emulate. Mary went ahead. Mary lived life to testify. Jesus lived his life to testify. So his new living is a third life, was killed by the rulers.

            Today we come to Mary in the opening of the Year of Faith of the Church. We ask God, through the intercession of Our Lady, we have a strong faith, a faith is not just a thought in my head, but is a verbal faith, a faith in deed. And the work that is spreading the love, the truth, is to defend the right, to God and Mary be glorified through us. Amen. "

            Can see the video clip here:


            Following the sermon of the priest is the universal prayer of the faithful. The following is the full text of the prayer, lay by 4 read up to bright, sunny afternoon rustling wind of the Spirit site, under the loving gaze of the Lady of La Vang:

  Universal prayer (prayer of the faithful)

            1 - Bishops' Conference of Vietnam Annual Conference meeting 2 in Thanh Hoa amid social crisis and the country is more volatile. We pray for the bishops and priests Vietnam more concerned about justice and human rights. Give them forever is the good shepherd and prophetic courage, become the true spiritual leader not only for the people of God, but also to the Vietnamese people and boldly bringing the Gospel screening myriad of social problems the brave and faith to advocate for justice.

            2 - The whole Church is entering the Year of Faith in the Pope's call. We pray for all Christians in Vietnam to live this Year of Faith in a way that makes sense in the current situation. Tell all the children of God chosen the path of holiness in this day and age, in this country is boldly announced truth, courage to defend My, courageous implementation Love. Not indifferent to injustice in society, not indifference to the suffering of his brother, does not tremble before the threat of the power of evil.

            3 - Our Lady appeared to comfort Forum Vietnamese children are persecuted, a persecution has lasted for centuries and rather painful, even until today. Let us pray for our brothers and sisters persecuted for their faith in Con Cuong Vinh diocese, the in Con Dau Diocese of Da Nang, in Mang Giang Kontum diocese and elsewhere. Let us pray for the people we are persecuted for justice in many areas, imprisoned for daring to stand up demanding freedom, for daring to boldly voices calling for respect for human rights.

            4 - Our Hometown Vietnam is going through many changes and political crisis, economic, social. Let us pray for the authorities that trade country in population, that sense of responsibility led, knowingness follow justice and truth. Let us pray for how many people are suffering from poverty, disease, unemployment because without training, because the loss of land, pinched because of injustice, lack of love, compassion and sharing of fellow, seeing his future and his descendants dimly.


                        Capture memories after Mass

            · Mass continues in the worship owed fervent and earnest prayer. Everyone on the bus back to Hue at 17:30, when the night began to fall. In the car, everyone started enjoying juicy gift from the heart morality and generosity afar. Do "you people" return to report the incident to the head of research and film sound recordings.

FNA reporter group Bloc 8406 report from Hue on 12-10-2012, at 7:00.

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