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Protest Vietnam's election to the UN Human Rights Council




When the news of Vietnam official candidate for the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) this year, many people have not been able to suppress their hearts to say such a thunderstruck sentence as they can no longer believe in senses their feelings. Really like that, because the people of Vietnam and the International Community have never thought of the communist government of Vietnam is thick face looks like!. With serious human rights violations achievement of the first or second in the world behind only China, Vietnam, the official voiced election to the chair of the International Human Rights Council in the current period, it is ridiculous story, was for everyone to admire.

Vietnam's communist government following a series of serious violations related to human rights in Vietnam seems to have believed that they had succeeded in deceiving public opinion so cavalier attitude to self-satisfaction when declared candidate to participate in a leg in World Human Rights Council. With outstanding performance and outstanding on the violation of Human Rights today and for years, Vietnam even just think to participate in the International Human Rights Council is not enough capacity, let alone informal to the actual participation of candidates. The leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party and the government thought that the chair of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations only symbolic? or whether the participant to become an official member of the UN Human Rights Council is a joke to entertain them!!!.

It's funny and sorry for what has and is happening now. While Vietnam is trying to mobilize efforts in neighboring countries in the region to seek support for the participation of the candidates on the couch in their Human Rights Council, the wave of protests from the community Vietnamese people in and outside the country as well as from the International Community and the World Organization for Human Rights rising and more and more widespread. The parallel campaign at the same time from the Vietnamese community at home and abroad to prevent Vietnam to participate in the UN's Human Rights Council is currently in the boom and exciting shows the way led to a seat on the Human Rights Council in Vietnam is still very far away and full of obstacles, if not the almost a paranoid jobs, impracticable.

If Viet Nam really wish to be eligible to participate in the election or have a high chance to become an official member of the UN Human Rights Council, the Vietnamese communist authorities have to demonstrate their ability and willingness Human Rights achievement in improving their bad now. The first thing that the Vietnamese communist leaders need to do is to immediately release all political prisoners, prisoners of conscience and religion that the communist government of Vietnam currently imprisoned them the wrong way. Next, is strictly respected, compliance and proper implementation of Vietnam's commitments to international on human rights. The path to the chair of the UN Human Rights Council of Vietnam is far or near, and more or less completely dependent on the goodwill of the Vietnamese communist government. The best way to achieve their wishes and desires, the communist government of Vietnam needs to do then is to expand real democracy, and the Pluralism, Multiparty government is formed and accepted in Vietnam is the top priority at present.


Thursday, 18/10/2012

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Protest Vietnam's election to the UN Human Rights Council

A meeting of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva


Protection of human rights organizations of the Vietnamese at home and abroad together to speak out against the Hanoi election to the UN Human Rights Council for the 2014-2016 term.

In a voice that is common in public, co-signed organizations including the Human Rights Commission of Vietnam and The Vietnam Human Rights based in Vietnam with Prisoners of Conscience Foundation, The For Democracy, and Rescue Committee Beyond sea-based BPSOS in the United States and Australia confirmed that Vietnam is not worthy to stand on inter-governmental structure of the United Nations responsible for considering the human rights violations worldwide.


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Speak clearly stating the achievement serious human rights abuses, the Vietnamese government does not qualify a member fully understand and respect the human right to arbitrate the human rights violations in other countries .

The voice said, 'We are either the victims of human rights violations on our country, Vietnamese or foreign exile as a result of fierce persecution by the Vietnamese government never rely hand '' strongly opposed to the government of Vietnam to the UN Human Rights Council that there was no progress in respect for and compliance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 '.

From Vietnam, Dr. dissident Nguyen Dan Que, representing the Association for Democracy organization, emphasizing the key messages of this voice:

"Vietnam is not eligible to stand for election or to become a member of the UN Human Rights Council. The people ran to represent the countries with relatively good human rights achievements to be able to fight for human rights abuses in other countries. Now the whole world that the government of the violation is blatant freedom voice of the people, as the typical trials as blogger Dieu Cay, Ta Phong Tan, AnhbaSG such, or suppression of the demonstration of the petitioners, or of those who want to speak about sovereignty over the Paracel-Spratly absolutely is outspoken peaceful. We want to speak to tell the whole world, for all the members of the United Nations, members of the UN Human Rights Council said that Hanoi is not worthy and is not eligible to stand for election . "

The government denounced Hanoi increasingly other forms of oppression and threatening the protection of human rights defenders in the country, despite the efforts of the international protection of human rights and democratic aspirations people's legitimate.

The organization co-sign in the voice of Vietnam back into the prison of those who dare to criticize the government and demand basic freedoms. Voiced stated that from the beginning of this year, at least 37 people just for the enforcement of fundamental rights of peaceful citizens that were sentenced to prison based on vague charges in the Criminal Code as "propaganda against the state "," attempting to overthrow the government "," abusing democratic freedoms "and" undermining the unity policy ". There are still a few dozen other detainees are not brought to trial.

The Voice urged Hanoi government must first improve its human rights record, release political prisoners and religious eligible candidates or become a member of the UN Human Rights Council.

UN Human Rights Council UNHRC was born in 2006 is considered a court of public opinion specialist review and critique of human rights violations around the world.

Vietnam is currently mobilizing the support of the countries in an effort to stand for election to the UNHRC Council. On the sidelines of the annual meeting the UN General Assembly on 28/9, Secretary of Southeast Asian countries voiced support for Hanoi.

However, after a series of arrests and trials of human rights activists in the country especially after the trial blogger Dieu Cay, objections of the international protection of human rights before Hanoi's intention to join UN Human Rights Council is increasingly rising.

Said Phil Robertson, deputy director in charge of Asia in the organization Human Rights Watch Human Rights Watch, said:

"They jailed over ten years for the implementation of the right to express their personal views as Dieu Cay or Ta Phong Tan. It's too cruel. This is in stark contrast with Hanoi's commitment to respect human rights and how to behave so completely unworthy to Vietnam sat in the chair of the UN Human Rights Council. "

"They jailed over ten years for the implementation of the right to express their personal views as Dieu Cay or Ta Phong Tan ... behavior so completely unworthy to Vietnam sat in the chair of the Council UN Human Rights "...
Phil Robertson, HRW.

Resolution established the United Nations Human Rights Council on 15/3/2006 outlining the Human Rights Council members to the highest standards in the promotion and protection of the fundamental rights of people.

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