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Semi-monthly magazine Editorial Freedom of Speech 156 (01-10-2012)




Dear to you, our Supporters, Our Readers
- Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No. 156 release dated 01-10-2012,
- The editorial of the semi-monthly magazine.
Thank you received and abetting common, especially popular back in the country for dear compatriots.
        The editorial board of the newspaper TDNL

Watch all is the joke! Trample underfoot all!!!
Semi-monthly magazine Editorial Freedom of Speech 156 (01-10-2012)

            In an interview June 25, 1946, Ho Chi Minh said to Socialist Party member Daniel Guérin's about the death of Ta Thu Thau (abolished by order of Ho), as follows: «It is a patriot and we cry ... But all those who do not follow the path I have outlined will be smashed destroy ».

            The path of the Ho Chi Minh and the Communist Party is the way totalitarian power, there is no collaboration, no opposition, no compromise. All must be in the hands of the party, to do stuff for the party, have paved the way for the party to win glory, to absolute supremacy, dominance and ever; whether it's country, whether it is people, Whether it is religion, whether it is law; signs to the lives of civilians and soldiers, even to waste talent, artists and intellectuals, even trampling international law and public law, although the moral right to cancel and culture, albeit subject to hatred and contempt of the people, even to cede islands land  to the invading ... Ie Communist Vietnam sees everything as a joke and is ready to trample all under the feet, to keep his throne consistent manner.

            The long history of the party from 1930 to date has proven that. To obtain summary of all land on their hand and destroy all external influences, parties, trampled on the lives of around half a million people in the North (of which most are skillful farmers and attended prestigious) through land reform. To obtain summary every human heart in his hand and destroy all their mind control, the party has conducted the Nhan Van Gia Pham group, thereby trampling thousands intellectual elite and destroy the indomitable spirit Ethnic elites. During the First Indochina War and the second, are ready to sell the islands of the country to get vital aid from the North giant comrade , the traditional enemy of the nation, the military has baked their soldiers by a tactical bluff of human tide, then millions of lives of soldiers and civilians like gambling is not afraid of the money, has destroyed countless villages and towns through the campaign 'scorched earth resistance' to achieve victory for the public is killed or buried alive thousands of innocent civilians and trampling sacred traditional New Year celebrated of people so that the party to be prestige.

            In 1975, the aggressive war ended, the party destroyed the economy steady and progressive business with many talented and hard-south through policy `industrial and commercial renovation, just like you People along for easy rule; party abandoned a wealth of talent and goodwill of millions of Republic of Vietnam military personnel, because of fear of power sharing or chipping. By 1982, despite signing two United Nations Convention on Human Rights, the party just as it is the international game blindfolded and ready to trample it mercilessly in domestic (see below). The 1946 Constitution is considered to be progressive (by then the national party) party was quickly replaced by the Constitution increasingly consolidating party dictatorship (1959, 1980, 1992) and more and more trample all the civil rights and human rights under the foot of the party.

            Trample all under the foot parallel to see everything as a joke.

 · Joke in the development of the agricultural economy, land as thorough confiscated all of the people and all the resources of the country into the hands of the party as those who manage and own incompetence and greed which still claims that is a necessary condition for «large production socialism», prosperous farmers to rich, growing enthusiasm ... In fact how about the fate of farmers, land status and economic efficiency, one can see clearly. Although now, the party makes demagogic policy by increasing the lease period from 20 to 50 years, that's just a joke, went nowhere.

 · Joke in education and training, as advocated exec ultimate dream of Uncle Ho »is` who also go to school, but red than expert teacher training, textbook compilation exclusive style false and full of sky-high tuition fees and surcharges countless caused hundreds of thousands of students drop out of school or students who pass the exam can not enter, forcing graduates to train from the beginning; policy design hundred years of planting of people but does plan to educate the fraud and the likelihood of violence, mind slaves replace the independent spirit, respect for serving the party as human moral and political leaders; advocates reach range high intellectual world but specified the title 'professor' does not need to know a foreign language, so pervasive scholar and by, even from universities, re-create the strict conditions that $ there are not many international patents (2010: 5 patents registered in the United States, 2011 is Zero).

· Joke of social security as impoverished people forcing young women to marry in the rich countries, young people have to go abroad to work, then almost become sex slaves or slave labor which hardly diplomatic intervention of the state to save. Victims of slave workers in Malaysia, Taiwan for a long time and recently in Russia (two companies Vinastar and Victoria) have shown that the party play game which take people and then drop them at the market, consider the fate of people like dirt foam.

 · Joke with people's lives: such conduct bauxite mining in the Central Highlands, despite the ethnic disturbed life, losing cultural, sludge bomb hung on the millions of people in the South Delta set, the Chinese communist troops in love graves of the country waiting for the opportunity to invade .... as the project Ninh Thuan nuclear power plant despite the lack of finances, not enough staff, no ethics, even if foreign partners reputation of corruption, irresponsibility and every fatal accident in their country, even though the world has gradually abandoned technique very dangerous and expensive ... such as the construction of hundreds of dams throughout the country, especially in the central region, creating drought to the land, flooding residential areas, people hanging on the top of the country the bombs do not know when they explosion. The Hydropower Song Tranh 2 was being made tens of thousands of people miserable, loss of appetite, restless sleep, such know dashed heritage and screwed his life time, yet the government still shouted solely poor people knowledge still reassure people that everything is safe, do not make any plans for people less afraid.

 · And most importantly, as a joke with the fate of the nation: knowing Peking Han dynasty never give up dreams takeover of Vietnam, and ongoing plans to invade and penetrate the increasingly blatant obvious, for military vessel disguised rampant on the East Coast, causing all sorts of conflict, so that the party still sought vassal relations style, standing pat hold on the needle round «16 golden letters, 4- good» , still celebrating gratitude invaders, still advocates' defense forces did not participate in conflict resolution »," to protect territorial sovereignty by peaceful means "and insisted hung« lodestar "National independence associated with socialism", and firmly defend the new socialist regime maintain the independence and sovereignty "(Nguyen Chi Vinh) and then suppressed without mercy all citizens who warning hazard of invasion of communist of China.
            · 24-09 day trial of three members of the Free Journalists Club in Saigon is a new action oppression policy, as well as one of the high peaks of the attitude as everything is joke and trampled underfoot all.

            Despite the recommendation of the government, warned of many international human rights organizations, opposition of a number of people and organizations that fight for democracy from around the world (with more than 24 thousand signatures) and in international internal, CS authorities proceed with the hearing 3 the patriotic people report after 3 time delay (which is a lie that required by law) and treated according to article 88 of the Criminal Code with Clauses 2 is the key crime. Despite claims of 'public trial' and is expected to last two days, the court conducted in secrecy. Relatives of the accused inherent rights and obligations attending the trial were not invited, contrary captivity when to where their relatives trial. Of witnesses, only 3 of l0, but all those who are to testify against Nguyen Van Hai. All five lawyers were limited to the defense, and the defendant often interrupted, even miniature sound to the international audit can not hear. Judge name Vu Phi Long accused that the defendants' put up internet posts by bad leaders, attacked the party and undermine the people's faith in the state », but not yet the evidence has persuasive. After all, lawyers tell lawyers, and court just sentenced by a pocket available: 12 years and 10 years for two indomitable patriot and four years for those who expressed `repent remorse. Everything takes place in about 4 hours. Until the news was broadcast on national television, people could only see faces and very courageous posture of the defendants, but did not hear any of them trenchant remarks (as in all the information of the other political cases).

            But outside the court, the result is an unprecedented unrest. Thousands of police blocked all roads to the building, phone jamming, blocking more than 100 friends of the accused, arrested some rumors imprisoned in cages, stripped shirt with the words of support, phone robbery and money , even brutally beat (blogger Nguyen Hoang Vi is an example). Pham Dinh Trong lucky writers entered the tennis court, but then refused to leave when police chased after it has been transported to the continuous interrogation station and escorted home as a crime. Climax of this comedy drama are the words of the officer dealing Ward 6 District 3 station, threatening to break the neck of his wife and son Dieu Cay and stayed on their face, a word thrown further go down in history as the message of party sent to the people and causes police colonel's name become typical bully and a symbol of the regime. Hearing this history has been given unprecedented words: a travesty of justice, revenge takes place, when the gun combined with ignorance and fear, the animal meat tie the tie, the ape wear jacket suits, those who have the brains and the large intestine the same function, a hounds buffalo horse face suppress patriotic civilians!!!

            Ba Dinh leaders thought play «treat everything as a joke, to trample all under foot» This will help them to last forever on a throne made of white bone and red blood paint???


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