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Forced to land again in Con Dau parish in Da Nang



Vietnam's communist government continued to commit acts of coercive land in Con Dau parish in Da Nang on last October 2, 2012 despite the protests and the legitimate aspirations of the people as well as do not need to attention to their lives will be like after authorities used coercive force, destroying the house they are in now that still has no plans to move and re-arrange the new place for people to be forced. Immoral actions mentioned above was really pushing the honest people in distress no place to live, no jobs and young children in the family sometimes even have to leave school because of where in any and life circumstances change for the worse.

The above wrongdoing of government at all levels has led to pressing domestic and international public opinion and outrage. Unscrupulous job today for his family Huynh Ngoc Chay and some new families here in Con Dau parish in Da Nang, Vietnam has reminded us of the tragic images of death Mr. Nguyen Thanh year due to police torture in the infamous coercive and inhumane in the said Con Dau parish in 2010 led many households then for fear of government reprisal and retaliation quickly find every way to escape from the home country to preserve the security of life for themselves and their families. Most people Con Dau parish in Da Nang seized by government oppression and the said land assets were lucky to escape to Thailand, Malaysia ..... to asylum and was then UN High Commissioner for Refugees issued regulations meant the indirect confirmation of the UN Human Rights about violations serious communist government of Vietnam.

Not only Con Dau parish in Da Nang is Vietnam's communist government forced appropriation of land assets the wrong way that most people live in different places in the country are also falling into the tragic and misery situation above. Great benefits related to land has really overshadowed even the little human moral conscience remains in the hearts of the leaders, a member of the Communist Party of Vietnam, to those who representing justice, law enforcement, preserve and protect the life of assets for people as well as to preserve social order and safety. But things are completely opposite and it was heartbreaking to those people, that power shall instead perform noble and sacred duty to the people and national, they themselves abuses of power and oppression of his compatriots, beaten and persecuted his people in many cruel tricks, deceptive and cunning in order to appropriate their land assets in a wrong and immoral. This is also the reason why the country appears everywhere the shadow of the petitioners to the streets to speak out against the government focus levels robbed of their land and property. If the communist state government continues to ignore all legal and legitimate aspirations of the people that continue to maintain ethical misconduct despite the above, convinced that the fate of this dictator communist regime will be collapsed and be hisself buried tomorrow by right their evil Corruption achievement.


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Forced to land again in Con Dau parish in Da Nang

Gia Minh, editor RFA
Latest forced land acquisition in Con Dau parish was held on October 2 this year.

Picture sent by listeners to the RFA.
Mobile police prevented funeral  and coffin robbing 
Mrs. Ho Nhu in Con Dau Da Nang on 4-5-2010.

Not adequately compensated

The house is the latest enforcement of family Huynh Ngoc Chay. He has a wife and two children, the oldest of this year in 8th grade and the younger one is in second grade.

According to the owner of the house said, the level of compensation that authority given to the family of 600 million. But the family said that amount is not enough to rebuild the house to stay in expensive price today. He Huynh Ngoc Chay said about it:

"Expectation of the family is asked to be satisfactory when the new district out of debt. My house is 180 square meters, the level of compensation is 600 million. Now that acquisition of land for 100 million, and the debt is too much ... They put paper quote. they to check finished say will end for a lot of, and compensation of 600 million. I see if receive will fall into recession, debt should apply more 'leaders' do not settle, they decided to land acquisition. "

His family still requires of contact considered for aspiration is to increase the level of compensation to be settled. Authorities refused that request and has a number of coercive command sent down, and to October 2, make the break rooms of the house.

Eight o'clock this morning and to reach more than 11 hours, they finished out. Coercive force of the police departments from the ward to the Cam Le district. They read their enforcement order is complete to remove the entire gate and used excavators, bulldozers down.

Previous two houses adjacent to the home of Mr. Huynh Ngoc Chay was coerced.

I see if receive will fall into recession, debt should apply more 'leaders' do not settle, they decided to land acquisition.
Mr. Huynh Ngoc Chay

Local authorities do not conduct meetings with people like some time ago, but recently the unit involved working with individual families asking them to accept assignment of the land if not then be forced as in the case of his family Huynh Ngoc Chay on last October 2nd.

While no new homes should be forced to the plight of his family Huynh Ngoc Chay now become homeless as his presentation:
"State beats Okay, now do not have shelters."

Current Con Dau parish in Hoa Xuan ward, Cam Le district, Da Nang city formation 135 years. Can say it is a land of the whole Catholic Church. They cultivated fields and gardens, living around their parish church as a devout community in a peaceful setting.

Scattered village and parish

Dân biểu Frank Wolf và ảnh của nạn nhân anh Nguyễn Thành Năm, tại buổi điều trần của Ủy ban Nhân quyền Tom Lantos ở Quốc hội Hoa Kỳ, ngày 18 tháng 8. RFA PHOTO

Congressman Frank Wolf and the victim's 
photo Nguyen Thanh Nam, at the hearing 
of the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission 
in the United States Congress, August 18. 

Disturbance to the land of Con Dau parish located in the city of Da Nang administration decided to release 440 hectares of white to make eco-tourism, and this is ecological urban projects Hoa Xuan . Investors Group is a private sun. Although construction has not formed but the sale of the Group amount given on the network locals know about 30 times higher than the amount of compensation to the people.

Also the reason life is much more difficult to move to another place, people of Con Dau Parish wishes above all to live around their church a long time. However, expectations that have so far not been resolved.

Peak of Con Dau parish occurred in May 4, 2010 when they and their families to  bring the body of Ho Nhu grandmother, née Maria Dang Tan, buried at the cemetery of the parish. However, the police and local security forces have decided to block leading to clashes between the two sides.

After that incident, a number of Con Dau Parish residents arrested and beaten, including minors. Local authorities in Danang lay finally put 6 on trial on charges of disturbing order and combat duty. Law Office of Dr. Cu Huy Ha Vu get several families invited to defend their families, but the district court denied.

After the funeral of her stuff them as a member of the team two months of evidence support the Con Dau parish is Mr. Nguyen Thanh Year beaten to death. Authorities said he died of heart disease, but relatives denied this cause because he had no history of disease. In fact, the death of Mr. Nguyen Thanh happened after he was beaten.

Just after the funeral of Ho Nhu grandmother, as of now, there are more than 70 dozen parishioners Con Dau Parish to find the refugee fled to Thailand. So far 14 people have been the United States to settle.

A Thai land has to be recalled in tears moments beaten by local police as follows:

The suppression of the pain we are barbarians. The details I can not say that this is, as said, emotion rising. All our people are terrified.
A people of Con Dau refugees in Thailand

"The suppression of our Con Dau people is barbarians. The details I can not say that this is, as said, emotion rising. All our people are terrified. Those in prison and I do not dare to tell the truth because they are afraid. I, too, get me out of jail in the months before departure. "

On May last, VnExpress network announced Danang Party Committee Secretary Nguyen Ba Thanh met people of Con Dau parish. The newspaper quoted Nguyen Ba Thanh own that 'family because of clearance of poverty, please see me.'

The article quoted statistics of Cam Le District People's Committee showed that in Con Dau Parish 266 consoles profile, in which 68 households did not receive the money.

Through the presentation of insiders, those who may have been his Secretary Nguyen Ba Thanh and aspirations are satisfactorily resolved?

From a peaceful parish, after planning to conduct eco-tourism projects, some diaspora, some remain in a state of anxious and lost stable place as family Huynh Ngoc Chay coerced just this past October 2.

According to the time line:

. Add a Con Dau parishioner came to the U.S.
. 49 parishioners Con Dau were granted refugee status 
. Houston to help refugees of Con Dau 
.Con Dau stress again 
. Con Dau parish parishioners for help 
. Da Nang police beat to death a Con Dau parishioner
. Police attacked the hearse, robbing the coffin in Con Dau

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